Feiglin and Likud – What NOT to Expect Tomorrow

I have written a post about what not to expect tomorrow regarding Moshe Feiglin’s next move. Feiglin will be announcing his plans tomorrow, January 5, at Binyanei Umah at 7:15pm in Jerusalem.

I am setting publication of that post for that exact time. In short, do not expect him to join any other party or to give any politician from any other party any special privilege for joining him.

Check back at 7:15pm Israel time here in case you can’t make the meeting.

BOOYAKASHA Netanyahu Disqualified and Feiglin Still Officially a Candidate

Shai Galili, apparently one of “our men” within the Likud, just disqualified Netanyahu from running in the race for Likud Chairman. Now, before we all get too excited or lament the fact that Moshe Feiglin already “dropped out”, check out this link, the list of official candidates for Likud Chairman. Moshe’s name is still on it.

The questions now are two. First, will this “disqualification” really stick? It would be a miracle. My mind doubts it, but it is the 8th night of Chanukah and the oil is still burning. Second, will Feiglin jump back in with only a week to go, considering he is still, according to Likud.org.il, officially a candidate?

This whole thing is really weird, to say the least. After all the bullshit that Netanyahu has pulled, he’s going to get disqualified for giving a political speech at Likud headquarters? Galili may have something else on him that he’s saving.

Here’s to hoping.


EUROZONE CRISIS 2.0 Greece Teetering Again…Surprised?

The global financial system is like a lake right before a limnic eruption. I just learned about this phenomenon from Scishow.

A limnic eruption is when a lake explodes. Carbon dioxide leaks into it for centuries from magma below, and if the lake is stagnant and the water doesn’t circulate much, any little thing can set it off. When it does, all the dissolved carbon dioxide below wells up to the surface and the whole lake blows up, together with a cloud of carbon dioxide that suffocates everything within a several mile long radius.

Anything can set off a chain reaction that will bring down the entire global sovereign bond market. I don’t know when it will happen, but the next thing in line as a candidate to light the fuse is, once again, Greece.

I just read a particularly horrendous article in The Guardian about this. The situation is like so. Two years ago or whatever it was, Greece agreed to a giant bailout in return for cutting its budget. Unemployment is above 25% in Greece and poverty is in the 40% range.

The point of cutting its budget is obviously to lower its debt, for the government to spend what it takes in only, and – a totally radical idea – run surpluses to actually pay some of it back, like normal people in debt do. Instead of Ponzi Scheming your way into “rolling over” the debt, meaning paying back old debt with new debt.

So here’s what the “Austerity” in Greece from “draconian” government budget cuts looks like since 2012.Greece Debt

Since “Austerity” began, the debt went up.

The problem now is that Greece is having trouble naming a president. There is one final round to do this on December 29, and if their politicians fail to name a head politician, a party called Syriza will likely come to power in snap elections (like the ones here in Israel on March 17). Syriza wants no more “Austerity”. Meaning, they want to spend more.

Well that’s nice, but more of what, exactly? Euros? You’re being cut off. Drachmas? Who the hell is going to trust that piece of paper when you can’t pay back a damn bond? Look for money, you ain’t got none. Comb the desert like they did in Spaceballs, and “We ain’t found S$*T.”

I will pick apart the worst parts of this guy Owen’s gross follies, but in a general sense, his problem is that throughout the whole piece of garbage, he equates prosperity with government spending. Because the government cut its budget, that’s why people are poor.

Prosperity is proportionate to economic freedom, not government spending. Greece has very little of the first, and a LOT of the second.

Real government austerity would be cutting the bureaucracy down to bare bones nothing. Let businesses start up with no papers, no permits, no nothing. Let people work with no documents, no restrictions, no rules except no slavery. Open up your borders to all imports, all exports, lower taxes to almost nothing except to keep courts and an army running. Default on all bonds and let the bondholders take the losses. Let money arise organically and stop printing it. That’s all you have to do. Greeks are not idiots. They know how to produce things. They have simply grown accustomed to government handouts and now that the pig trough has run dry, they want more but there is nothing left.

Here are some of the worst lines from the article:

What misery has been inflicted on Greece. One in four of its people are out of work; poverty has surged from 23% before the crash to 40.5%; and research has demonstrated how key services such as health have been hammered by cuts, even as demand has risen.

Owen doesn’t understand supply and demand and monopolies, while he probably opposes the latter in word, but not in deed. When a single entity is in charge of providing a service and others forbidden by government from competing, or if one single entity is heavily favored and subsidized by government over potential competitors, that is a monopoly. In a monopoly, supply and demand do not work because the price mechanism is broken. So the monopoly, like a health services monopoly, can cut services even when demand rises, and make the same amount of money because it can charge whatever it wants. There are no competitors. This is what happens in monopolies. The solution is to get rid of the monopoly, end government health services completely, and let anyone treat anyone however they choose.

This though, is the worst:

Syriza’s manifesto proposes that repayment of debt could come through economic growth, rather than from budget cuts. It wants a European new deal backed up by an investment bank; an all-out war against the tax avoidance endemic in Greek society; an emergency employment programme; a raised minimum wage; and the restoration of collective bargaining.

How in hell are you going to pay back 175% of your entire economy through “growth” while at the same time supporting a massive-sized government that got you bankrupt in the first place?! Even worse, if you’re complaining about 40% poverty, how is an “all-out war against tax avoidance” going to make anyone richer?! They’re in poverty as it is, and you want to end tax avoidance? Meaning that if these poor poverty-stricken people pay more taxes to YOU, Syriza, everyone will be richer?

An “emergency employment programme”. That sounds terrifying, especially when it comes just before “a raised minimum wage”. When 25% of the entire country is unemployed, you want to make it even harder for people to get a job?! Here’s my “emergency employment programme”. Zero taxes or regulations on starting a company. Zero restrictions or regulations on hiring people. That’s it. I have a better idea than increasing minimum wage. Make it a law that employers must keep hiring until unemployment reaches 0%, or else they go to jail. How about that?

Here’s just wacky psychobabble:

That’s why Greece desperately needs solidarity. Firstly, there’s a point of principle: to defend sovereignty and democracy from attack, whether from within or without. But a Syriza government could spur on other anti-austerity forces across the continent.

Can anyone extract any meaning from these sentences? Greece needs solidarity. OK. Sounds all nice and cheerleadery. “Defend sovereignty and democracy from attack from within or without” – do these words say ANYTHING? What do they mean? They mean nothing. It’s just meaningless pep talk from a sophist. “Anti-Austerity forces across the continent” – WHAT austerity? THIS?

Eurozone Government Spending

Austerity is when spending goes down, not stays the same.

Is it THIS?

Debt to GDP Eurozone

Isn’t debt supposed to go DOWN when you’re being “austere”? Isn’t that the DEFINITION of austerity?

So how could Greece be a limnic explosion? If Syriza is elected, they will try to increase government spending with money that does not exist, and get kicked out of the Euro for trying. Greek bonds will default, banks holding those bonds will need bailouts or crash, and the bonds of other weak Eurozone governments like Italy and Portugal will plummet, pushing yields up to the point where the Ponzi Scheme no longer works because there are no new suckers to buy the new bonds and roll over the debt.

From there, once a country the size of Italy goes down, that’s a LOT of bonds, and the whole global financial system could explode, suffocating all those who have not insulated themselves from the explosion.

Will this happen? Yes, eventually and soon. Will it necessarily happen this way? No. But we’ll see.


Adventures on the Temple Mount, Elul Edition

We’re circling. Even HaShtiya, the Foundation Stone, the Holy of Holies, the Kodesh HaKodashim is just a few feet in front of us. Huge heavy double doors are the only things standing in our way to the very center of the Jewish People’s soul. The doors must be extremely heavy, but a child could push them open on their hinges.

As we circumambulate the Dome of the Rock, we keep our faces towards it. It’s a building that only once you get close enough, you notice that it is completely covered not in Muslim crescents, but in Stars of David. All over the walls in blueish patterns, hexagons surrounded by triangles on every side, so many of them you don’t even know what to think.

Notice the Stars of David on the Sides
Notice the Stars of David on the Sides


But we’re not going in today. Something is keeping us out.

When I first started going to Har HaBayit (the Temple Mount) with Moshe Feiglin about two years ago, nobody thought of approaching the Dome of the Rock itself. We would do a lap around the Herodian extensions of the Temple Mount, stare in silent prayer at the building in the center, and then we’d leave.

Two years ago, few people knew about Feiglin or what he stood for. He was just some “right wing guy” from Likud that fought with Netanyahu in a comic perennial quest to unseat him as Likud Chair and in some wacky world, become Prime Minister. It was a fun political game that people could enjoy watching on TV every election cycle, but the Jewish People were not yet acquainted with him otherwise. And nobody went up to the Dome of the Rock back then. We all stayed back.

Then Moshe made it to Knesset, that dirty, disgusting place filled with all the scuzzy politicians that eat our money and run our lives, tell us how much and how little we are allowed to work for, in what industries, for how many hours, and how much we have to pay them for the privilege of barely earning a living that they so gracefully bestow on us.

But the Knesset, as gross as it may be, is the only place you can talk to the Nation as a whole and reach its soul.

Soon after he was elected, we went up to Har HaBayit again, but this time Feiglin, alone, approached the Dome itself. We did not follow him. He approached it under the Halachic purview of Din Kibbush, that one may enter even the Kodesh HaKodashim itself for the purpose of conquering it from a hostile enemy.

But conquering from whom?

He tried to enter the building itself that day, but he was stopped. Not by Arabs, but by the Jewish State, represented by the Jewish police force. The ones with the real weapons.

After trying to get past the police once, Feiglin was not allowed on Har Habayit for six months, until by some miracle he was able to cut a deal with the police, and we all started going up again with him. This time, however, the routine was changed. We would all go up and approach the Holy of Holies, the outside of Dome of the Rock, and so we did, m’Din Kibbush, conquering it…from something.

Month by month it began feeling like a real war, complete with an advance and retreat. Yes, the Arabs would scream every time, but the screams reached a peak and then died out as the months went by. They know they have no power to stop us. Only the Jewish police do. The ones with the guns, stopping us from going in.

We would advance up to the Dome, conquer the area we tread on, and then retreat when we could go no further according to the Officers of the Jewish State, the police.

Conquer it from whom? The Arabs? Not a chance. They are not stopping us. The proof is that during the discussion on Har Habayit in the Knessetthe ones threatening World War III if the Jews declared sovereignty were not the Arab Knesset members. They didn’t even show up to debate. Only the Jews threatened war. The Arabs MK’s said nothing.

We’re conquering Har HaBayit from ourselves, in a war with ourselves. It’s the Jews that are preventing us from going in, and it is the Jews threatening war if we do. In order to go in, we have to conquer the Jews, not the Arabs. The Arabs are just noise.

I began to notice a pattern. The Kodesh HaKodashim is the soul of the Jewish Nation. It always has been. And the closer Feiglin gets to the minds of the people, the more they understand what he stands for, the closer he gets to the Holy of Holies, physically.

Yesterday there were some Arabs screaming, but it was sheepish and pathetic. It was led by a shrieking woman covered in black. Shrill and angry, more pestering than threatening. The Arab men were mostly silent, just glaring. Yes, we are conquering Har HaBayit mi’Din Kibbush, but not from a few shrieking women. They’re not stopping us. We are conquering it away from Jewish self-denial. It’s the Jews that are stopping us from entering the building, not a few shrill Muslim women, hiding behind their burqas in shame, too scared to even show us their faces.

In order to conquer Har HaBayit physically, Feiglin has to conquer the minds of the Jewish people first. The closer he gets to that objective, the closer he gets to the Kodesh HaKodashim physically. And that is happening, and it’s happening fast now.

Here is a Facebook post being passed around, written by a secular leftist named Omry on September 15, 2014. I have kept the curse words intact for the sake of authenticity. They are not mine:

OK, I give up.

We now have a situation where the only human being saying anything logical in the Knesset is Feiglin. Fucking Moshe Feiglin. Do you understand what depths of insanity, immorality and stupidity Israeli politics has fallen?

Understand that this is no longer merely the level of “Oof, I can’t believe I’m giving him a like,” but that I’m actually considering voting for him. Me. A leftist. A Meretz Member. A former Peace Now (Shalom Achshav) activist.

I am considering voting for Feiglin.

What have we come to?

But the doors to the Foundation Stone are still closed. A few more advances are still required. Feiglin will only be allowed in M’Din Kibush, halachically and in reality, after he conquers the soul of the Jewish People and they are ready to elect him. Only then will he be allowed to enter. The screaming Arabs are just noise. A distraction. Shrieking women. Nothing more than that.

The ones stopping him from going in are the police. The Jews. They still own the soul of the people and they are keeping us out. But not much longer. We’re getting closer, both to the minds and to the place itself, circling it, advancing and retreating, like an ideological battering ram, powered with a full tank that does not get consumed.

Once we reach critical mass, once those Facebook posts like the one above start coming out of the woodwork, the police will not stop Feiglin. Once he steps through those huge doors, the Muslim women can scream as much as they want, it won’t matter. The war over the soul of the Jewish nation will be won.

But for now, we’re circling the Holy of Holies, Mi’Din Kibush, conquering it. Slowly at first. Faster now.



The Cup that will Change Your Life

Why have I never heard of the menstrual cup?

Even though there may be better options out there, companies are always trying to make a profit and will push those products that make them the most  money. The menstrual cup does not fit into the category of profitable relative to the pads and tampons to which we are accustomed. Therefore, it disappeared leaving us women with disposable products that we were forced to buy over and over.

Why has it reappeared today?

1) The internet has allowed all sorts of alternative products to be marketed worldwide very easily

2) People are starting to be “greener”

3) People are looking for ways to be more frugal in today’s economy

4) People recognize this product as superior and tell their friends

What is the Menstrual Cup?

It’s a reusable silicone cup that collects menstrual flow as opposed to absorbing it.

How is it used?

Watch and learn how to insert and remove:

After removal, wipe with toilet paper and insert again. After the final removal, sterilize with soap/water/alcohol. Store in included bag. Sterilize again before using at the onset of the next cycle.


Small: for younger girls and women who haven’t given birth vaginally

Large: older women over 30 and/or women who have given birth vaginally

Why the cup is superior to conventional products:

1) It’s cleaner. It keeps the mess to a minimum. No leaking if inserted properly since it is suctioned in.

2) More convenient. No need to shop for more products all the time. No need to look through your bag and remember to bring something into the bathroom and make sure that you keep it hidden. Plus it collects more so you  will need to change it less often (I drain it 2-3 times a day)

3) More comfortable. No one likes sitting in their own blood. You can’t even feel it if it is inserted properly.

4) It’s safer. No risk of TSS. It’s silicone. Also there are no chemicals and bleach involved which there are in conventional products.

5) It can be used before flow starts. I hated waiting for it to start and not knowing if there was a huge stain. For observant Jews, you become niddah whenever you see it, so if you have it in already and choose not to see it until right before shkia, it can save you a few hours if that matters to you.

6) It saves money and better for environment. What will you do with the money you save?

7) May even shorten the cycle by a day. The last day when barely anything comes out but it isn’t quite clean, this is when it is essentially over but the walls are not completely clean yet. The cup keeps the walls clean meaning you won’t need to wait that extra day. For observant Jews, this may mean sheva neki’im could start earlier. For observant Jews who are having trouble conceiving due to a shorter cycle (halachic infertility), the cup could be your answer if you are just missing ovulation by a day.

What are the disadvantages?

Please let me know if you find one. I really can’t think of any. OK, maybe if you lose it and need to buy another one. Maybe if you are so fertile or not fertile at all that you never get a period again. You also can’t use the cup for post-partum bleeding.

Otherwise, the only thing stopping you from using it is that you have never used one before and you are skeptical of the unknown. Just relax, try it out, and enjoy this simple product, the cup that will change your life.


World War II was the Flood; the Eurozone is the Tower of Babel

The picture to the left is an actual Eurozone ad campaign.

The parallels are uncanny. In the 1930’s, Europe, led by Germany, descended into violent chaos. Everyone killed everyone for every reason. A flood came, the biggest war ever fought on planet Earth. 60 million were killed – 2.5% of the global population at the time. Then things calmed down for a bit. Then Europe wanted to unite, to build a giant monetary Tower of Babel, to secularize and to expel God from the continent. The European Union and the Eurozone were born…

Eurenesis, Chapter 11

1) And the whole of Europe was of one union and one purpose. 2) And it came to pass, as they journeyed to Germany, that they found a valley in the land of Frankurt am Main; and they dwelt there. 3) And they said one to another: ‘Come, let us make money, and distribute it thoroughly.’ And they had paper for money, and tokens had they for coins. 4) And they said: ‘Come, let us build a European Central Bank, and a currency with its top in heaven, and let us give it the name Euro; lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole of Europe.’ 5) And the LORD came down to see the ECB and the Euro, which the children of Europe built.

6) And the LORD said: ‘Behold, they are one Union, and they have all one currency; and this is what they begin to do; and now nothing will be withheld from them, which they seek to do. 7) Come, let us go down, and there confound their Eurozone, that they may not understand one another’s currency.’ 8 ) So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all Europe; and they stopped using the Euro.

The sin of the Eurozone was that it was trying to control too much, to mold the world in its image and to expel God from the planet by replacing Him as Creator, to conquer the  economy through unity, just like the people of Babel did. But the project was too much for man to handle. Now Europe will fragment, and life will go on.

Why building Jewish homes in the Holy Land is an obligation

Israel does not exist by the grace of the United Nations; Israel exists by the Grace of God on the basis of an everlasting covenant. Who better to be the judge of the entitlement to the Promised land?

“He is the Lord our God;

His judgments are in all the earth.

He remembers His covenant forever,

the word He commanded, for a thousand generations,

the covenant He made with Abraham,

the oath He swore to Isaac.

He confirmed it to Jacob as a decree,

to Israel as an everlasting covenant:

“To you I will give the land of Canaan

As the portion you will inherit” (Psalm 105:7-11).


Our Mission

Our ultimate dream is not limited to simply building in the Jewish homeland by raising money to give to families in the West Bank. We intend to enrich the fabric of Jewish society by financing homes in Judea and Samaria- instead of taking a mortgage with a bank the couple will borrow the sum from Settlers of Samaria and pay the money forward to other charitable organizations in Israel. Every dollar received is, essentially, doubled by Settlers Of Samaria. We will not end our mission by simply building the houses, we are laying the foundations of a real Jewish state based on lending without interest.

“You shall not charge interest on loans to your brother”- Deuteronomy 23:19

We are three young working couples who are changing the way real estate is purchased in Israel by eliminating mortgages. We believe Israel, through the Jewish People – the oldest Nation on the face of the Earth – must lead the world in fixing this economic trap and setting an example in the Jewish State. How?
Settlers of Samaria is the only charity where your donation towards an interest free mortgage loan is paid forward by the recipient to other Jewish charities in Israel. When you give to us, you’re not only giving an interest free mortgage to a young couple. You are supporting OTHER organizations that help build a real Jewish State at the same time.

The basic concept is this: We intend to raise enough funds to buy houses in Israel for financially solvent young couples who then pay the principle which YOU donated, forward, through us, to other Israeli charities over time. What this creates is the following:

1) Mortgage payments through Settlers of Samaria stay constant every month until the entire loan is paid off, and are typically HALF the amount of a mortgage through an Israeli bank for the same house.
2) Young couples actually begin to be able to afford a home,
3) Instead of banks pocketing interest payments, everything goes to charity.

And most of all, YOU help us create a culture of an interest free Jewish real estate market, exactly how a Jewish State can and should function according to God’s plan for his people.

Every second people donate money to charities all around the world to people who use it, and then it’s gone. Settlers of Samaria is changing the way charity, tzedaka, is given. Filter charity money through the real estate market first. Then pay it forward.

Want to participate? Scroll up, look at the sidebar and click the donate button. Then just tell us which charity you want your donation to ultimately go to.

Welcome to the Settlers of Samaria!

Settlers of Samaria is a charitable organization dedicated to replanting Jewish roots in the ancestoral Jewish homeland by assisting families to build their future in Judea and Samaria.
Every Jewish house built is further cementing the Jewish people in this land which God promised us. God gave this land to the Jewish people and we are determined to build on Jewish soil and bring the land back to the nation.
The settlement of the West Bank is a fulfillment of biblical promises and Israel has a divine right to the land. We are asking you to join us on our mission by sponsoring a house, building in the homeland, fulfilling this wonderful promise and returning the Land of Israel to its rightful owners.
“I will bless you, and make your name great, so that
you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless
you, and him who curses you I will curse; and by
you all the families of the earth shall bless
themselves” (Genesis 12:2-3)
“…. On the same day the Lord made a covenant with
Abram, saying: ‘To your descendants I have given
this land…”‘ (Genesis 15:18)

Hitchhikers Guide to Samaria, Literally

Hitchhiking in Samaria. Easy as pie.

High gas prices, oil belonging to Arabs, environmental issues, traffic jams, parking fees – it’s better to just carpool. Not only do we carpool in Samaria, we have a culture of hitchhiking which we call tremping. In America, it’s not only dangerous, it’s also illegal. One would not dare stick out his thumb anymore.

Who knows where you’ll end up by getting into a stranger’s car or taking a stranger into your own car. Just think back to that scene in “There’s Something About Mary” with the 7 Minute Abs guy. Great movie.

Anyway, in Israel, we are all family trying to make our lives work. We all try to help each other out whenever possible. Every morning, Rafi, Baron, and Alix stick out their fingers to “tremp” to work, and they are not the only ones. Many Samarians rely on others to get them to university, work, the mall, the doctor, the bank, and other places when they don’t have a car.

Even though Rafi has a car, he would rather leave it home with Natasha and Tzivia in case of an emergency instead of spending the gas money and adding another to the morning traffic jam just to get himself, one person, to work. Rafi also bypasses the heavy Tel Aviv traffic by getting out and running through an agricultural field (with the added benefit of bringing home fresh fallen grapefruits). Alix “tremps” to the train station and bypasses the traffic on the highway by riding the train straight to work at the Azrieli towers in Tel Aviv.

On the other hand, when Natasha goes food shopping in town with the baby, she needs to bring the car for the baby and the groceries. On the way, she always tries to pick up those who are going her way. That’s how the system works. Everyone helps out when they can and is helped when they need. Sort of like communism, except without Stalin. (Rafi’s comment.)

Many people believe that God puts people in the right place at the right time so that everyone gets where they need to go at the right time. And everyone has at least one special “tremping” story worth noting to illustrate this point, so here is an example.

The Farber family had just arrived at Ben Gurion airport packed to full capacity after a trip to visit family in Miami. Five suitcases, two backpacks, a stroller, and a baby with no car seat and no way of getting home. At baggage claim, they realized that one bag was missing, leaving them with one less. This allowed the Farbers to be able to “schelp” all their belongings without any help, technically speaking.

They loaded everything onto the train at the airport after pushing everything from baggage claim, to customs, and to the train. Throughout the journey, strangers helped the wacky family with their massive amounts of luggage filled with goodies and gadgets from America. After one train switch in Tel Aviv (this involved pushing everything in and out of a couple of elevators), the family arrived at Rosh HaAyin train station, a 20 minute drive from home. A soldier on the train recognized the family and asked for a ride home in their car since he lived in the neighborhood (a common practice on the train), but alas, no car.

This confused the guy considering the four suitcases, two backpacks, stroller, and baby. Rafi explained to him that a bus was coming and that he planned to shove everything in the luggage compartment (except for the baby), though the bus stop was a 20 minute walk from the station. The soldier decided to help the family with the suitcases all the way to the bus stop. He then informed the couple that his father was passing by and would be glad to take some luggage with him, which is what indeed happened.

Some five minutes later, while waiting for the bus which was already late, a huge van pulled up to offer a ride. Explaining that it was impossible with the luggage and the baby, the driver showed them that everything fit in his van and he was equipped with a baby seat as well. They all got in, basically in shock. As they drove off, it started pouring rain. He dropped them off at their door with everything. They made it home with everything, except of course for the missing fifth suitcase from the airport. That was delivered to their door a few days later after arguing with the lost luggage driver guy who didn’t want to drive “all the way out there” and preferred to meet them in Tel Aviv.

They insisted. He came.

Everything had worked out, they were home, thanks to fellow Jews and thanks to God for putting them in the right places at the right times.