I ask that Netanyahu do NOTHING to protect us; just let us protect ourselves

2 people killed today. More stabbing attacks in Ra’anana and Jerusalem. I am not joining in on calling for the Israeli government to “do something”. I do not want the government to “do something”. I do not want to impose closures, or bomb Gaza, or invade Arab cities or homes or anything. I want the government to do NOTHING. Not just any nothing, a very particular kind of nothing. Here is a list of six things of NOTHING that I want the government to do in response to this wave of murder:

  1. I want the Israeli government to do NOTHING when they see me carrying a knife. I want them to leave me alone and let me protect myself. In Israel it is illegal to carry a knife under threat of 5 years in a government cage. People are lining up at Ricochet (a camping chain) to buy knives but since they are illegal to carry, Ricochet cannot sell them.
  2. I want the government to do NOTHING when the see someone carrying a gun without a license. People should be able to buy a handgun immediately, today, right now, without a waiting period, without registering with the government (registering with the store is fine if they require it privately), and without a government issued license (private license is fine).
  3. I want the government to do NOTHING when they see a group of Jews pummeling and knifing an attacker to death.
  4. I want the government to do NOTHING to return the body to where it came from.
  5. I want Netanyahu to get on TV and tell everyone he will do NOTHING. Not a thing, except allow all of us to protect ourselves however we see fit.
  6. I want all Knesset Members and Ministers to take a permanent vacation to the Caribbean to do NOTHING which I would personally fund raise for just to get them out of here so they don’t start another war for fun.


Why Despair is Appropriate when Jews are Murdered in Israel

Two Jews were murdered on a government road by Itamar last night. There are two basic responses. One is anger and hope. Anger against Arabs and hope that the government will punish them and “deal justice” to the murderers. The other is despair.

Anger and hope are misplaced. Well, not so much the anger. Mostly the hope and trust that the government will somehow remedy the situation for the future. Politicians love this hope and trust. Every time Jews are murdered, they grow stronger. They give their mindless idiotic soundbites about how we must not stop in the face of terror, or the dead will not have died in vain, or the State of Israel will do everything in its power to blah blah blah, and all the angry and hopeful people cheer and fall in love with Netanyahu once again. And the beaten wife that is the people of Israel go running back to their abuser politician leaders to be smashed in the face for the umpteenth time.

They love their Netanyahu for saying angry sounding things and shaking his fists to the point that his combover gets slightly shifted in the hot air of his own self-righteous breath.

The government will not do anything about this that matters. They will find the gunman and stick him in free housing until the next prisoner exchange, where you and I will pay to have him clothed and fed and watch TV.

The truth is I’d rather he not get caught. It’s a waste of resources. The two Jews died in vain and their kids are orphans for nothing. We should all accept that and move on.

From there, we need to join those, including myself, who respond the second way. With despair and hatred, not against Arabs, but against the State of Israel. It is their road that this happened on, on which they have monopolized security but have not provided it. They will not lose money from this, or control of the road.

They have a monopoly on justice in the whole country but will not provide it by killing this murderer, so therefore we cannot expect justice to be done.

I don’t know how this will ever happen, but if eventually enough people become disgusted with the government who is responsible for this, they can be overthrown nonviolently.

For now, it is important to understand that nothing will change, because the government grows stronger when Jews die. People support it more. It becomes “unpatriotic” to yell at Netanyahu when his slaves are murdered. People say “it’s not the time.”

It’s exactly the time. This is the State’s fault. And they should lose their monopoly on security, justice, and roads, because they cannot deal out justice and they cannot secure their roads. The road should be privatized and the job of finding, trying, and killing the murderer should be in the hands of the private insurance company of the road.

But since that will not happen, the more people realize that these people died for nothing, the better. The more people that realize it, the more that can direct their wrath against those responsible. Not Arabs. The State.

The Fascism of Rabbi Yehudah Leib HaLevi Ashlag, “ZaTzaL”

A commenter pointed me to this recently. Kabbalah is possibly my area of least interest because I don’t understand a word of it and I don’t take much meaning from mysticism. Ashlag is some sort of Kabbalist (I don’t even know what that technically means) who wrote a book called the Ladder. I assume it refers to Jacob’s ladder in VaYetzeh.

The only thing I know about Ashlag (does his name mean Rabbi Potassium?) is that he is the father of the teacher of Yehuda Berg of the Kabbalah Center. Kabbalah Center is like the Scientology wing of Judaism. Really creepy and whacked out. I’ve got no problem with it and won’t raise a din about it, but wouldn’t go near it my self, and would warn others to stay away lest they become persuaded to hand over large amounts of money to Berg.

But anyway, I went through this article of Ashlag’s, and the best pasuk I can find to paraphrase it is “אפס, כי עז העם” – that pivot the 10 spies made to freak everyone out of settling Israel. They began with the good news about the land, and then turned. A little bit of truth, and then a pumped-up story to pull the fear strings.

Ashlag’s economic vision, which is really a totalitarian vision, begins the same way. The first paragraph talks about the division of labor, how everyone tries to make profits, and how an economy works through exchange. Fine. True.

And then he starts to turn, just like all power hungry fearmongers do. He sticks with truth, but slowly adds bad words into it. Turns you off to it. Makes it sound bad. Competition can lead to theft. If everyone is looking out for himself, people can fight. It can get very bad.

Well, yes, this is true. Some people steal. OK. Therefore what? Then he gets into the plain lies and falsehoods, interspersing the lies between true sentences. (Lies in bold.)

מכיון שהבסיס הוא סיפוק עצמי, נמצא שהאדם היחיד נתון בתוך חברה שלימה, של מליוני אנשים, שכל אחד משקיע במסלול כלכלי מסוים, עמ”נ לצבור רווחים. הדבר דומה לאדם שנמצא בתוך ג’ונגל של חיות רעות, שכל אחת מעונינת לטרוף למען סיפוק עצמי, כך גם במישור הכלכלי, האדם נמצא בלחץ חברתי גדול, מטעם הנ”ל, ובדאגה מתמדת לשלום עסקיו, מטעם האיום החברתי הסובב, המאיים לבלעו, באשר אין רחמים וסנטימנטים בג’ונגל החיים האכזר, אשר בו כל אחד נאבק למען השרדות, ובצורה הטובה ביותר.

ד) מכיון שכל המניע הוא צבירת רכוש וסיפוק עצמי, לכן היותר מוכשרים בחברה, היותר פעילים ואקטיביים, היותר מהמרים, הם אשר מקימים מפעלים גדולים וכדומה, ומעסיקים פועלים רבים בשכר מינימום, מנצלים את כוחותיהם מעל ומעבר לסביר, עמ”נ לצבור רוחי ענק, בעוד שהפועל הקטן, מחמת חוסר כשרון ומעוף, אינו מסוגל להתמודד מול החיים עם משכורת המינימום שלו. נמצא אשר המוכשרים מנצלים בכל יכולתם את החלשים.

The basis of economics, he says, is self satisfaction. Therefore, the individual finds himself amongst an entire society of millions of people where everyone invests in a different path in order to earn profits. It’s similar to a man in a jungle of wild animals, where everyone wants to tear apart the other for personal gain. So too in the economic realm…the surrounding social threat of everyone that threatens to swallow him, there is no mercy, with everyone fighting for survival in the best way possible.

Because the only motive is building wealth and self satisfaction, the more talented people, the more active ones, the risktakers will build factories and the like and hire lots of people at minimum wage, take advantage of them to make profits to the point where the average worker dies of exhaustion. We see that the powerful take advantage of the weak as much as possible.

This is right out of the damn Communist Manifesto. It’s so unoriginal it’s practically plagiarism.

The first outright lie is his comparison of a human economy with a jungle of wild animals. ארץ אוכלת יושביה היא. An economy is based on trade. Trade is mutually beneficial for both parties. Two people agree, and they trade. Both win. Both want what the other has. They trade, and the economy grows through cooperation.

In a jungle, there is no trade. There is only conquering. The strongest animal kills challengers and threatens the rest, and takes the females. This is not an economy. This is totalitarianism by brute strength. In an economy, people don’t threaten one another as a rule of thumb. When that happens, we’re talking about crime. In an economy, they try to trade with one another, see who can benefit from what they have in exchange. It requires communication and working together. It is constructive rather than destructive.

An animal society in the jungle is destructive inherently. Nature keeps things in balance by killing off numbers if they become too big, meaning if the herd consumes too much. Since they cannot grow more food than is there and construct things, they will die when resources run out, allowing the resources to regrow on their own and the cycle begins again. Nothing but bare subsistence.

Humans can build things, and grow things, and develop nature. It happens through trade, not through taking advantage. And that takes us to his second paragraph full of lies. The talented people in society will be the entrepreneurs. They will take the most risks to build. But they will not hire a bunch of people at minimum wage until they all die of exhaustion.

He will offer money to workers who want it. He will have to compete with other entrepreneurs who also want these workers. The workers will go to whoever offers them the best conditions, not the worst ones. Or, they don’t have to take jobs at all. It’s entirely their choice. Before the entrepreneurs came, they did not have salaried jobs. Now they can take them if they want them, or they can go back to do whatever it was they were doing before. Picking fruit or whatever. Who knows.

The workers will get the market rate for whatever it is they do. The more capital equipment the entrepreneurs build, the higher their real wages will be, meaning regardless of the number of money units they get, they will be able to buy more stuff with it, because capital increase productivity.

So what’s Ashlag’s solution to his make believe problem? Well, he doesn’t like the idea of people stealing, so he’s just going to head all of society and tell everyone what to do on pain of punishment. He just Judaizes the idea of Stalinist totalitarian evil with a few psukim:

והנה רבינו בעה”ס החל לרקום תכנית להקמת סוג חדש של כלכלה, והיא כלכלה אשר תהיה מיוסדת בחברה, שאנשיה מקבלים על עצמם את העקרון של צורת חיים המבוססת על “ואהבת לרעך כמוך”. המוטיוציה והכח המניע של הכלכלה הזו, אינה צבירת רכוש, והגדלת האגו של האדם הפרטי, גם לא בניית חברה מוצלחת, אלא המוטיוציה היא – החיבור עם בורא העולם. כי ע”י חיים בדרך “ואהבת לרעך כמוך” מתחבר האדם עם בורא העולם, באשר זוהי תכונת האופי של הבורא – אהבת זולתו.

Our Rabbi then puts together a program for a new kind of economy, one that will be founded in a society where people accept the principle of “Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself”. The motivation behind this economy will not be personal gain and growing the ego, and not even building a successful civilization, but only connecting with the creator (his bold) because through “Love Thy Neighbor” man connects with his Creator, since this is the characteristic of the Creator.

WOW! You want to see something cool? Watch this:

Our Comrade then puts together a program for a new kind of economy, one that will be founded in a society where people accept the principle of “From Each According to His Ability, To Each According To His Need”. The motivation behind this economy will not be personal gain and growing the ego, and not even building a successful civilization, but only connecting with the love of his State and Country because through “From Each According to His Ability” man connects with his Country, since this is the characteristic of his Sublime Government.

This sounds like it was written by a 5 year old.

Ashlag then goes into how all goods would be given away, no money would exist, “society” would educate everyone, and blah blah blah.

If Ashlag had his way, the division of labor would break down, there would be mass death and starvation in the streets, purges, and “Love They Neighbor” police patrolling down your neighborhood block.

He’s worse than Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz, and that says a lot.

So according to Ashlag some people steal. Therefore, his ultimate solution is “Put me in charge, and I’ll tell everyone what to do, and if they disobey my commands I’ll kill them and take their stuff and give it to someone else.”

Do I really think that if Ashlag or people that think like him were in charge they would engage in mass murder? Yes, I really do think that. Because mass murder is the only way to keep a society going where mutually beneficial exchange is illegal.

The guy who forwarded this to me says it is “crypto communism”. I don’t see anything crypto about it.


Libertarian Ambivalence on Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel Independence Day

Last year I wrote this post on Times of Israel entitled “Why I do not celebrate the birth of the State of Israel”, though I do celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel Independence day. I went through all the reasons I hate the institution of the State, and ended with this:

I do not celebrate the birth of the State of Israel because I despise it. There is nothing it does or provides that free independent Jews couldn’t provide better and more efficiently. I wish the State would go away and let private Jews protect themselves and organize their lives based on voluntary agreements. All the politics about whose money goes which way would vanish and we could stop all the infighting. Life would finally be peaceful.

So what, then, am I celebrating? I am celebrating Yom HaAtzmaut. Independence Day. Today is not Yom Medinat Yisrael. Today is Yom HaAtzmaut. I am celebrating the fact that I am free from the British State which harassed Jews much more. This is indeed something to celebrate. I am not yet free, however, from the Jewish State. But God willing, soon, I will be.

This year it’s still harder to celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut. I suspect it will get harder and harder as the State gets bigger and bigger. It’s hard because while I know that I celebrate Jewish independence from Britain, I also know that everyone else is indeed celebrating the institution of the State itself. So it feels really awkward to be celebrating together with people who are celebrating something I hate.

Not that I’m the only one who’s ambivalent. Everyone else is, too, because when it comes down to it, they all hate the State as well. They just don’t want to come out and say it as honestly as I do, because they don’t want to sound like “anarchists” or some other scary word.

Last night it was especially evident. I’m in Zichron Ya’akov now visiting my brother and his family, who just moved back to Israel after 15 years. We ended up going to a house of a bunch of hippieish modernistic Jews, like the kind I used to hang out with in America. The Dvar Torah at the end of the service was, essentially, in so many words, something along the lines of “Even though we all hate the State and the people in charge are disgusting, we still have to celebrate it because Rav Nachman says everything will be good eventually.”

No, he did not say it that way exactly, but that was the message. It was more diplomatic of course, like “Even though there is a lot to fix in the State, it will all be better at some point.” The point is it started off conceding that there are a lot of problems. Generally, Jewish holidays don’t start off on that kind of negative.

Like, take Chanukah. The geulah, redemption, was not complete, but we only say that at the end. And Purim. Same thing, but we only say that the redemption was not complete at the end. Even Pesach, very happy, but we remind ourselves at the end that 80% of the Israelites did not make it out of Egypt alive. Footnote. But Yom HaAtzmaut, everyone knows there’s something seriously wrong here, right out in the open, and it feels disgusting for everyone to celebrate a political institution, and that awkward feeling everyone has needs to be addressed immediately. It has to be said at the beginning, because nobody feels completely right about this.

With other Jewish holidays, the celebration is obvious, we just have to remind ourselves that it’s not completely happy yet. With Yom HaAtzmaut, we have to remind ourselves that things aren’t completely horrible, and there is still something to celebrate about this.

Which is essentially what I say, but without dressing it up in qualifiers and watered-down language.

I was sitting next to my brother in the back who, it is publicly known so it’s not loshon harah, does not believe in the narrative of the Exodus as historical. So the ultimate irony hit me. Here’s what I told him.

“So, you don’t believe in the Biblical God and I don’t believe in the State, and here we are thanking God for the State.”

And we both cracked up.

On Yom HaAtzmaut, I say Hallel, with a bracha, but I can no longer do it in a minyan, because they say Hallel for the State, and I say it in spite of the State. So from now on, I daven alone on Yom HaAtzmaut.

If there are any Jewish libertarians out there anywhere in the world, male or female, who celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut but not the State of Israel, then let’s make a minyan (egalitarian even, if we can’t scrape up the male numbers) and do Hallel, through Skype, through whatever.

Somebody’s Mad I Didn’t Say the Prayer for the State of Israel

I have a hard time praying for something I don’t want. I have an even harder time praying for something I think is objectively a bad thing. I think that to ask God to protect and watch over something I don’t want and that I think is bad, makes a mockery of what prayer is.

In my shul they  say the prayer for the welfare of the State of Israel and its leaders and advisers. I know that to try to change that minhag and convert everyone in the shul to libertarianism is futile, so I just ignore it. My personal policy is that I don’t stand during the prayer, but I do stand during the prayer for Tzahal. I will pray for the safety of the slaves, but never the masters.

There’s very little that I dislike about the prayer for the Welfare of the State of Israel, except for the first line. If ברך את מדינת ישראל were replaced with ברך את עם ישראל היושב בציון then I would gladly stand for the whole thing and even say it. But I know that the intent of the prayer is for the government, that group of people that takes money and labor by force, just like any other form of slavery. That is something I cannot and will not pray for, especially given the Torah reading, smack in the middle of the exodus from Egypt.

The fact that most people in my shul also hate the government of Israel and its prime minister, more or less, makes the prayer for the state and the prime minister’s welfare even more dissonant. Not that I don’t understand it. I do. The State is “holy” to them, so no matter how much evil it does, how many people it kills, how many homes it tears down, and how many people it expels and how much money it steals, it’s still “holy” so you pray for it. And its leader, even though you’re sick of him.

Well, last week I was called to daven from the amud, (lead the prayers), I did not volunteer but was asked, and I was supposed to say the prayer for the welfare of the State of Israel. I refused, and said to the gabbai that if he wanted it said, someone else would have to do it. So someone else came up and said it, and I stood on the side. I wasn’t going to outright skip it and go on because I knew that would cause a riot or something close to it.

This has happened before, but in a smaller minyan. This time it was in the main minyan.

One week passed, and yesterday after shul, I stopped at a kiddush with my two daughters at someone’s house who was celebrating the birth of a grandchild. On my way out, someone stops me and asks “Why didn’t you say the תפילה לשלום המדינה last week?”

“Because I don’t believe in the מדינה,” I answered.

“You are a disgrace, a disgrace to the shul,” he says.

“I didn’t ask to daven,” I say, “I was asked to.”

“Well I’m going to do everything I can so that you can never daven from the amud again, you’re an embarrassment,” he says.

“So do it,” I say, and I leave with my 4 and 2 year old.

It is especially…I won’t say “strange” because I understand the State Worship Avoda Zara thing…but I will say ironic, that it was davka this person to call me a disgrace for not saying the prayer for a gang of thieves writ large, because I remember this person. On the night that Ariel Sharon finally died, I was walking past this same person. I don’t recall exactly if he said it or someone else said it first, but somebody said “Sharon died!”

And he said, this same person that thinks I’m a disgrace for not saying the stupid prayer for the State and Prime Minister, and I quote exactly, “Good fucking riddance! It’s about fucking time!”

And I said to him, “Well I wouldn’t go that far.”

I, the anarcho-capitalist, who hates government and everything it stands for, wouldn’t go that far. I don’t celebrate death. But he, the guy who thinks I’m a disgrace for not praying for the State, says good fucking riddance to one of its leaders.

It’s interesting. I was at a meeting of Shomron activists last night with Feiglin, and he spoke about people calling him the “Israeli libertarian.” He said, not so surprisingly but it still hurt a bit, “But I’m not at all coming from that direction. I believe the State is holy, but it’s not holy above everything, and I know it’s very dangerous. The first commandment is ‘I am God,’ not ‘I am the State.'”

He also described how hard it was, even for him, to vote against the budget to prevent the release of terrorists. It’s like voting to tear down the government, he explained, and only he was able to do it, with difficulty, not even Orit Struck of Bayit Yehudi was able to. Because voting against the budget as part of the ruling coalition is voting against the State. Voting to tear it down. Even for Feiglin, who believes in the legitimacy, even the holiness, of the State, that’s hard to do.

But he was able to do it because despite believing the State is “holy”, he understands that it is not holy in and of itself. It is only holy as a tool, if it does the right thing. Nevermind the fact that it can never do the right thing, in his mind it theoretically can. So OK, it’s theoretically conceivable even if practically impossible. Even so, he can still vote against the State because it is not inherently holy for him.

For Orit Struck though, who is the perfect example of the State’s beaten wife who keeps returning to her abusive husband, the State is holy in and of itself. No matter what it does, she is incapable of voting against it. She is a survivor of the Yamit expulsion and lives in Hevron, the most hard core of hard core settlements.

I clearly remember hearing her speak that night that Jewish sovereignty on Har Habayit was being discussed in the Knesset for the first time in history. I was in the audience, and she comes up to speak. I don’t remember exactly what she said, but I remember the introduction. She said something like this, “Every day I get up and I’m in awe of this State, its institutions, its symbols, the Knesset. I love it so much and it thrills me that I’m a part of it and that God gave us this gift…” etc. Sycophantic praise of the Ruling Class from A to Z. State worship. As a thing in itself. She then went on to blather about how much it hurts her that the Holy State she loves so much is preventing Jews from praying on Har Habayit. Like the perfectly obedient beaten wife.

Again, not that I don’t understand that. You go through 2000 years of exile being enslaved to goyim who systematically kill you and it can be a thrill to finally at least be only systematically enslaved, expelled, and robbed by your own people who at least won’t try to systematically kill you. So I get it. But it doesn’t make it any less State Idol Worship.

That’s why Orit Struck could not, I mean could not, vote against that budget, even if it meant saving lives and stopping a terrorist release. Because to her, the State is holy in and of itself. She loves it like a god. She worships it. It is her intermediary to God. Nothing less than that.

It’s the same with this guy who thinks I’m a disgrace. As much as he hates what the State does, and can wish “good fucking riddance” to Ariel Sharon, the State of Israel is a demigod to him. I can break Shabbos, stop keeping kosher, steal lie cheat and spread gossip and I wouldn’t be a disgrace to the shul as long as I say the prayer. But if I dare not pray for the State in public, I have disgraced God himself, ah…then I am a disgrace, because I have voted against the budget. I am an insult to the Father and His Son, The State of Israel.

The Jewish People do not need a State. The State is not holy. It is nothing more than a gang of thieves that conspire to rob you and hire intellectuals to convince you that your slavery is necessary. To see why no State is needed, read my Zero State Solution.

Hold On to Your Hats People – Feiglin’s New Party is Going GLOBAL!

I just got a call from a friend of mine on the inside, one of the Manhigut Yehudit inner circle. And one of the very very few who really understands the movement and understands Feiglin.

He pitched an idea to me that I personally believe is so awesome that it will totally revolutionize Israeli politics and likely bring back all the soured Manhigut people who have no idea what the next step is and are angry and feel betrayed, some of whom have been commenting here.

This idea has not been officially adopted yet, but I have word that Moshe knows about it and he loves the idea.

Remember how Moshe always said that Jews all over the world should have the right to vote in Israeli elections? Because the State of Israel is the state of the Jews, and not the State of the Israelis? Well, it’s about time he did something to that effect.

In all likelihood, once the idea is officially approved and adopted, Moshe Feiglin’s new party will be open to every single Jew on the planet. Any Jew will be able to sign up and vote in its primaries. Candidates will have to convince all Jews who are members to vote for them. Any Jew anywhere in the world can have a say in its Knesset list.

No longer will ANYONE be able to say the Moshe is a sectoral right winger that leads no one but extremist settlers. Everyone else – Likud, Labor, Bayit Yehudi, Meretz – they are the sectoral parties that only care about their own narrow membership. We are global, the Jewish Party.

מפלגה היהודית. That should be the name. That is my suggestion.

Of course, due to current Israeli law, only Israeli citizens will have a right to vote in the general elections. But as for primaries, the party will be a private voluntary organization, and whatever its own laws say goes.

Obviously, technical and legal questions abound. Who is a Jew is the biggest one. How to solve legal disputes is another. But these will all be resolved one way or another. This post is not about going into the technical details and logistics. Those will come soon enough.

This is the party that will run in the next elections after these. A global, Jewish party, open to every Jew on Earth.

Wow. I am totally psyched. Let’s do it!

FREE MARKET AT WORK Private Police Force Forms in Jerusalem

Ynet is out with an article this morning about how 300 people have volunteered to be a part of a neighborhood watch group in order to spot lone wolf would-be murderers trying to plow into groups of people or hack at them with pickaxes or shoot them.

The most common objection to anarcho-capitalism is that the free market cannot produce a single, unified police force, and competing police forces would be at war with one another. But 300 people mobilizing to protect private property of their own free will is the same exact thing as a police force. The only difference is they’re not being paid. Are they going to spontaneously start shooting each other because they are not all the same police company?

Sure, sounds totally plausible, in an insane asylum.

But why shouldn’t they be paid? Why can’t a group of private businesses in Jerusalem pool their resources together to hire a few hundred people – maybe even poor homeless people who could use some money, train them in the basics of shooting a gun, and have them patrol the streets?

Why is this such a crazy idea? It’s perfectly sound and doable, much cheaper than supporting a police force, and puts money in the pockets of the poor.

Jerusalem does not need one single cop. All it needs is a cooperative populace to organize around the price system and hire some people to walk around, armed, and secure the whole city. The best guards will get raises. The worst ones will get fired. Eventually, you’d have a pretty damn good citizen’s police force protecting everyone and earning some income.

No taxes required.