Hold On to Your Hats People – Feiglin’s New Party is Going GLOBAL!

I just got a call from a friend of mine on the inside, one of the Manhigut Yehudit inner circle. And one of the very very few who really understands the movement and understands Feiglin.

He pitched an idea to me that I personally believe is so awesome that it will totally revolutionize Israeli politics and likely bring back all the soured Manhigut people who have no idea what the next step is and are angry and feel betrayed, some of whom have been commenting here.

This idea has not been officially adopted yet, but I have word that Moshe knows about it and he loves the idea.

Remember how Moshe always said that Jews all over the world should have the right to vote in Israeli elections? Because the State of Israel is the state of the Jews, and not the State of the Israelis? Well, it’s about time he did something to that effect.

In all likelihood, once the idea is officially approved and adopted, Moshe Feiglin’s new party will be open to every single Jew on the planet. Any Jew will be able to sign up and vote in its primaries. Candidates will have to convince all Jews who are members to vote for them. Any Jew anywhere in the world can have a say in its Knesset list.

No longer will ANYONE be able to say the Moshe is a sectoral right winger that leads no one but extremist settlers. Everyone else – Likud, Labor, Bayit Yehudi, Meretz – they are the sectoral parties that only care about their own narrow membership. We are global, the Jewish Party.

מפלגה היהודית. That should be the name. That is my suggestion.

Of course, due to current Israeli law, only Israeli citizens will have a right to vote in the general elections. But as for primaries, the party will be a private voluntary organization, and whatever its own laws say goes.

Obviously, technical and legal questions abound. Who is a Jew is the biggest one. How to solve legal disputes is another. But these will all be resolved one way or another. This post is not about going into the technical details and logistics. Those will come soon enough.

This is the party that will run in the next elections after these. A global, Jewish party, open to every Jew on Earth.

Wow. I am totally psyched. Let’s do it!


7 thoughts on “Hold On to Your Hats People – Feiglin’s New Party is Going GLOBAL!

  1. This is something along the lines of your zero-state solution. Israel is misguided in chasing the purist democracy mirage. At least, democracy must operate in context of the Jewish national enterprise. (Notice I didn’t say ‘Jewish State’). In my mind, Israel is primarily a global reservation for an endangered sociopolitical species, the Jews, and the natural habitat of the Jewish nation. And democratic within that. Feiglin sorts it out nicely. Humans in Israel are entitled to human rights. Citizens to civil rights. And the Jewish nation alone to national rights. Citizenship requirements for that nation is a wheel that needs no reinvention.

    So that Jews everywhere and anywhere are citizens of the Jewish nation and by extension of Eretz Yisrael. Medinat Yisrael is nothing but paperwork. The way to transcend this logjam is not wait in line to become Prime Minister, but to be acting Prime Minister of a government in exile. Because we are in exile, though we tend to forget it except on Tish’a B’Av. Ironic that the nuts think the Jews are a global power over the world; we are a global power over Israel alone. The riddle of Islam is that they think about the whole planet the way we think about only Israel.

  2. A great idea. Also, signup and payment should be as easy as possible. 100% online, and Paypal and credit cards should be available options.

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