Whip Inflation Now: As Stupid Then as It Was When It Was Written

Found this on EPJ today. It’s Gerald Ford, blathering about literally nothing, using as many words as possible to convey the least amount of information he can manage.

The solution to inflation is very simple. It is to stop inflating. That means stop printing more money. That’s it. That’s the entire solution, and the only solution. There is nothing else to say. The end.

But here’s Gerald Ford on stopping inflation. Notice that he doesn’t actually ever say anything.

Bob also notes what Alan Greenspan said about the Whip Inflation Now campaign, which basically consisted of summits of politicians all over the country meeting and coming up with asinine suggestions like voluntary price freezes to stop inflation. And a bunch of buttons.

As it turns out, I actually own the book where Greenspan talks about this. He says it was “unbelievable stupidity” and almost had him running back to New York to get out of the White House. He should have run, but he became a central planner anyway and threw out his libertarian beliefs entirely.

I own the book, Greenspan’s memoirs called the Age of Turbulence. My brother suggested I buy it because it was interesting. (He’s not great on economics.) So I found it for $1.50 on Amazon or something and what-the-helled. I could never bring myself to read the trash though or touch the book fearing the evil would burn my skin, but I guess it does have nuggets of Greenspan’s long-ago neglected conscience in it.


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