The meaning of “Devaluing a Currency” – Gold Versus the Euro

Stream of consciousness ahead…

The world right now is a disturbingly long and intricate wall of dominoes. The Greek domino is teetering.

Thinking about the structure of the whole Eurozone project. 13 countries in Europe come together to share a single currency. A single fiat, unbacked, paper currency. It sounds all wonderful and Kumbaya, no? Europe, which for hundreds of years did nothing but slaughter itself in war after war after war, is now coming together to share a currency. It must be heaven on Earth, or that’s what they thought when they set the thing up.

Thinking about this just now, a gold light went off in my head. As often happens in this head of mine. If a shared currency is such an idyll, and indeed there are economic advantages, then bloody hell why not gold, or silver, or something real? We all know what would happen at such a suggestion. The MSM and the econometricians will all bark like wild dogs about how insane the idea is, the barbarous relic etc., the evils of gold and the dangers of hard money blah blah blah.

But why can’t I sound left wing freedomy and enlightened when I agree that I want one world currency, I just want it to be a commodity for God’s sake? Why does that have to sound as if I’m insane, backward, twisted, mangled, outdated and whatever else? A paper union is all wonderful and enlightened and beautiful, but a gold union is disgusting outdated and crazy? Why?

Evil in this world has gotten really sophisticated. A level beyond what most of us imagine. As Murray Rothbard said, it is the intellectuals, the PhD’s, the professors, that mold the thinking of the average guy on the street who doesn’t have time to think for a living. They team up with the State to dumb us down, everyone from our high school teachers who tell us to “rock the vote” to that prick Jonathan Gruber who is the absolute perfect example of a professional state sponsored piece of garbage faux intellectual, who teams up with the State to “advise” it in its next operation of massive theft in exchange for millions upon millions of dollars. How much money did Gruber rack up “advising” the Feds about how to glue Obamacare together with a wad of phlegm? Millions…upon millions of dollars.

They dish out the total bullshit. We eat it. They get millions. We get robbed. That is how it works. And one out of a thousand people – if that much – are able to see it, while the rest of us drool on about how we have to vote and it’s our holy obligation to do so.

And so it is with the grand Eurozone scheme. The European Jonathan Grubers all lubed up with their government sponsored PhD’s and the rest of their reeking intellectual trash all go out of the huddle and totally brainwash the populace into singing Kumbaya as a unified paper currency union is set up. Explain to us why the paper union is so great and wonderful and other vomit, and why the gold bugs are all insane crazy armageddonist preppers who should be committed.

So why demonize the gold people? Call them “bugs”? Because, when it’s a paper union, somebody has to control it. Somebody has to have the power – the absolutely exclusive power – to print it. And here’s the key my friends: Whoever has the power to print it, has the most powerful resource on the continent. And who is that?

It’s Germany.

But gold, if you have a gold currency, nobody nobody nobody can print it. You can either mine it, produce it, or trade for it, in honest to goodness economic activity. Nobody has a power-given advantage over anybody. People have to trade their advantages with each other in what is called import and export. There is no competitive devaluation. There is no devaluation at all! Ever! If you go bankrupt you go bankrupt!

Because what is devaluing a currency? That phrase we hear so often out of the mouths of those elitist PhD thugs clothed in such elegant language?

It’s when a government goes bankrupt, and instead of going out of business like any other bankrupt company, they print the paper money to death, “devalue it”, pay back their debts in nothing but in name only, and all the citizens end up with worthless paper, everything stolen from them.

Can you imagine the ludicrous suggestion of a private company, say Apple, going bankrupt, and then in order to pay back its debts, printing dollars? Wow would that start a riot at Apple headquarters. Apple suggesting the dollar be devalued so it can pay back its debts in worthless paper. Screwing every other dollar holder while it gets away from its creditors. The idea is crazy. But for the government, whenever they go bankrupt, they just literally, steal everything from everybody by destroying the currency everyone was forced by law to use. And the intellectual rats all say something sophisticated and complicated and meaningless about the necessity and elegance and beauty and classical music about “devaluing the currency” – everybody stay calm as you are raped, we are just “devaluing the currency,” no need to panic. It’s just “devaluation” that’s all. A beautiful wonderful thing too complicated for you to understand. I have a PhD.

And here’s my bill for $10 million in new currency for advising you on the best way to “devalue the currency”.

So let’s cut the Orwellian crap. “Devaluing a currency” is just an economic elitist phrase for “steal everything from the people you rule by inflating the money that you forced everyone to accept, to death, so nobody has anything left, empty out everything, take it, and to hell with everyone else.” That’s what it means.

So why is an artificial, central-bank-controlled paper union a Utopia, a “Grand Project” while a natural, voluntary gold union among anyone who wants to trade gold is insane crockery? So say the elitist intellectual establishment vermin? Because governments cannot devalue gold. Not unless they steal the entire supply from everybody like FDR yemach shmo and then arbitrarily declare a new price for it.

It’s not about European Unity. It never was. If it was, there would be no currency by force. There would only be what people want to voluntarily use as currency. That has always, always been gold and silver. Give people a choice they choose that.

The Eurozone is about control, slavery, devaluation. Control by the German government over everything. It’s always about control. Power.



3 thoughts on “The meaning of “Devaluing a Currency” – Gold Versus the Euro

  1. >>i f a shared currency is such an idyll, and indeed there are economic advantages, then bloody hell why not gold, or silver,

    Because gold is not money. Money is whatever nobody has a problem “selling” and everybody is willing to take.

    And that’s Dollars or Euros, these days, and not gold or silver. Try persuading anybody to sell you something for gold or silver. If you can do this at all, expect to pay a premium.

    even in the dfas when people used gold and silver, it was coins, not the gold or silver, that people used after countries stared minting money. People used to chip off tiny amounts and pass the rest on. It was rarely weighed. Countries used to prosecute and even execute people for doing this. This was a job for Isaac Newton when he was master of the mint. At other times it was the government itself that debased the coinage.

    Coins were money – gold and silver was not.

    By the way gains in terms of U.S. dollars are taxable, and gains made from foreign currency conversions from personal transactions are not taxable if less than $200 , and after that only what’s above $200. This $200 is per transaction, or per trip.

    Gold and silver also do not have a fixed value. The value gyrates up and down, usually, like stocks, climbing slowly for long periods, and dropping in value fast.

    >> Can you imagine the ludicrous suggestion of a private company, say Apple, going bankrupt, and then in order to pay back its debts, printing dollars?

    This goes on all the time in Israel. They are printed by hand, even, using ink. They are known as postdated checks.

    • I know gold and silver is not money now. That’s because taxes are only accepted in fiat. Once you take away that artificial advantage, gold and silver will be money and paper will hyperinflate to nothing. Your diyuk between coins and gold is a teirutz. Regarding volatility, gold is only volatile as a speculative investment hedge against fiat inflation. It is not volatile as a money. If it were, it would never have become money.

  2. it possible about washing something through that dream coin? And making certain assets – like gold, the one in Europe – protected from any other involvement, because now it is needed to stay where it is, or the world economy will crash. Euro can’t laundry itself out, because it is paper, if it cleans something else it must be something solid like gold. As for making the gold owners (other than the ^^divine^^ governments of Europe) look like evil, well that is NO news, is it? I have one unanswered question – why was UK not pressed into the eurozone while other weaker countries were emotionally bullied through campaigns until the people agreed to come there (and they disagreed once; in the beginning the greatest objection to euro came from the farmers who were losing money over fixed mediated prices between countries who have different agricultural capacities – Italy, Spain, France all took a fist in the mouth in their key element of economy – agriculture, God given on a good soil, a honest buck, maybe not progressive but honest I think). If euro was a honest idea the one-coin unity would have happened only AFTER UK would have come in, to ponder the weight with its power, and if not wait. Why hurry? This is big economy, those European bankers aren’t dumb, I don’t think they make ^^mistakes^^, they make intentional ^^mistakes^^. Anyway, probably UK will vote itself out at their upcoming referendum, or they will join the euro but only on a special level of privilege. The other scam is the migrating work force, which only helps the companies make more money and convince the workers in their home-countries to lower their financial expectations in order to compete with the cheaper and more eager workers from the poorer countries; and this is being labeled as “equality and humanism”. But I will not lose myself in tears here because if the euroscam succeeded it is because it was founded on a series of human flaws if not even sins, that the majority of population in Europe decided to let themselves float into. I want to share this old video from the days of propaganda of the entire european community (pompous, epic, emotional, musical and so beautiful):

    The Godfather himself would not be able to be grander when he speaks to “la famiglia” in his home back in Napoli…
    How can you say Euro is not from above? Listen to Toto!

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