Charlie Hebdo and the French Kosher Market Massacre

When a bunch of heads of state March in solidarity for anything, it’s time to be afraid. This is what happened today when a bunch of Prime Ministers and Presidents and Premiers and Chancellors and Godfathers and Dons and whatever other gang names there are for these…things, decided to March in solidarity with people, including Jews, who were killed by angry Muslims.

This is a great way for Heads of State to get some support from their slaves at home and then pass a bunch of bills in their respective legislatures to increase their own power at your expense. That is exactly what will happen. They will increase surveillance, attack any liberties you may have that haven’t died yet, and generally raise taxes even faster to support “security measures”. And everyone will cheer it on because, hey, they did the little March in France, so it’s kosher.

Feiglin wrote in his status today one of the more annoying things I don’t like about his way of looking at the world. I will explain in a second why it nevertheless doesn’t bother me so much and does not detract from my support for him.

He wrote about the need to identify the enemy as “extremist Islam” or “radical Islam” or whatever you call it these days, instead of “terrorism”. Well, OK, but how do you fight “radical Islam”? Bomb Mecca? Forbid people from being Muslim? I mean what the hell are you supposed to do? The only way to fight “radical Islam” by the State is to increase surveillance, more patriot acts, spying, bombing more Muslim countries, which the West is doing PLENTY of anyway. So I say that branding the enemy as “Radical Islam” is as meaningless as saying the enemy is “terrorism”.

In order to get people to stop killing you, it is best to stop killing them. All you have to do to get Muslims, radical murderous ones there are, to stop wanting to kill you, is for every Head of State, instead of doing a stupid little march in Paris, to simply get up and announce the following:

Every single soldier and every single military base occupying any Muslim country or near it will be hereby removed forever amen. The bombing of any Muslim country will stop immediately. Every dollar spent to support every Western puppet government in any Muslim country will be cut off forever. Any state official, be it of a government-privileged oil company to a military advisor to any bureaucrat employed by any Western State will be removed from all Muslim countries period, and all Western embassies removed from all muslim countries never to return. All embargoes and sanctions against and economic warfare against any Muslim country will stop immediately with open and free trade for everybody.

That’s it. That’s all you need to do. Call me naive, but for some reason I believe Muslims, the Radical ones, don’t like the West because the West is doing all this bad stuff, listed above, to Muslims. So if they’d just stop doing it there would be no Radical Islam. That’s how you defeat Radical Islam. You just leave it the hell alone.

As for Israel, once we pay all the Muslims to leave voluntarily, most of them will. Everyone else can stay and live wherever they want, end the occupation, get rid of all check points, and then no more Muslims attacking Kosher Markets in France.

As for Charlie Hebdo and their obscene scrawls of Mohammed engaging in pornography and gay sex, well, if you get shot by Muslims for doing that, don’t be surprised. Not that they deserved to be killed, but marching for someone’s right to publish religious pornography doesn’t really get my Liberty Libido going too much. Am I really supposed to stand up for gay religious pornography? I don’t want to. Call me callous.

May the murdered Charlie Hebdo writers rest in peace, but it’s not a good idea to take up their torch out of principle and have Mohamed pose in his next gay film shoot. Just a stupid idea.

In Robert Wenzel’s words:

Most governments are a lot more dangerous then extremist Muslims, but there isn’t a damn one of you reading this post, who is going to fight, today, to death, to protect me against any damn outrageous government regulation.  Not going to happen.

Get over it. Most of the time you deal with violence by staying away from it and not provoking it. A government call for fighting “hate,” is simply a call for growing the ultimate evil organization, government itself.

As for the Jews murdered, there’s nothing I can say but it’s horrible and I hope the West leaves Muslims alone ASAP so the Muslims stop wanting to kill Jews.

Since I know that Feiglin would implement Israel’s part of the Leave Muslims Alone plan – stop taking American money, pay Muslims to leave voluntarily, end the occupation, and give the rest resident status here, I don’t much care that he says “Radical Islam” is the enemy, because I know this is his plan. It would make me much more nervous if I thought he would go on a Muslim bombing spree if elected, which I know he won’t.

Marijuana prohibition kills many, many more people than Islamic terrorism. The FDA kills even more than that. Government has killed so many more people than Radical Islam it’s a joke. What, 200 million people killed by governments since the turn of the 20th century? And how many has “Radical Islam” killed? Tens of thousands at most? No contest.



13 thoughts on “Charlie Hebdo and the French Kosher Market Massacre

  1. Doesn’t Moshe support the immediate invasion of the PA and Gaza and declaring sovereignty? And doesn’t he also aspire to strip the vast majority of Arab citizens (even those who don’t assert a national right to the land) of their citizenship and/or voting rights? I assume Muslims will get angry from these policies. And doesn’t he intend to bomb Iran and its leaders (admittedly this last case is a far cry from Western foreign policy, although it does technically qualify as a “bombing spree”).

    PS I do so wish these avatar pictures would stop revealing my identity when I want to remain anonymous.

    • Moshe has made the sensible argument that Iran, a nation of millions, and who have a history of fairly decent relations with the Jewish people, is not the problem. The problem is the leaders. Specifically, when leaders talk trash about Israel, it is a Chillul Hashem to allow them to do so with no repercussions. So, target the leaders, and keep doing so, until they stop. At least, this is my understanding from the English translations of his writings.

      • I can certainly see the logic behind Moshe’s policy with Iran (which is mainly about the link between delegitimization and security, I’m not sure chillul Hashem comes into play at all in his reasoning). I can also see the logic behind doing whatever we can to annex the liberated territories, including the Feiglin plan (I assume he will wait for the other side to escalate things before he actually invades Arab-controlled territory, although I don’t think he has ever said so conclusively). But I think Rafi might be misled in his belief that Feiglin will pacify the Arabs by leaving them alone. Perhaps he will pacify them, but he certainly doesn’t plan to leave them alone! IM YIRTZEH HASHEM, “they will hear that Feiglin is PM, and they will stop fighting” – partly for fear of his response, and partly for acknowledgement that their claim is inferior to ours. Then Moshe will disenfranchise the 1.7 million Arab citizens of Israel, perhaps renaturalizing some of them after they prove their loyalty, and somehow achieve a situation where Israel controls all the land between the Jordan and the sea. Neither of which can be classified as “leaving them alone”.
        IM LO YIRTZEH HASHEM, the Arabs will continue to be stubborn, and Moshe will resort to a level of violence not seen since the War of Independence. I do not think the wider Arab world will be happy.

      • That’s a more bellicose interpretation of his plan but I suppose you can piece that together from his statements. I’m confident violence will not be necessary.

  2. Regarding RW’s quote, although not disingenuous, it does not capture the entire picture.

    Governments are indeed more MURDEROUS than “Muslim extremists” (his term), but that doesn’t make them, or Muslims in general, not dangerous for non-Muslim society. Israelis who have had their peace shattered by the massive influx of Sudani and Eritrean infiltrators running amok are neither happy nor amused by their presence. They are a menace, and their presence is purely corrosive to the community. It is to their credit that they haven’t taken matters into their own hands.

    The Arabs who have been here for generations are one thing, but there is no reason to tolerate the presence of these invaders at all.

    Anti-social behavior, especially by outsiders, is a big problem with potentially serious long-term consequences.

    Of course, this just shows again the government is not there to help us or keep us safe. They didn’t even do anything about the influx until one of their own was affected by the lack of response.

  3. I can understand why you bristle at Moshe’s terminology, although it’s not so different from what he’s been saying all along. We act like the masters of the land and assert our ownership, and most Muslims living here, and who want to remain here, will make peace with that. But he was also on record that Arabs who waged war against us have no right to remain and will not be permitted to stay. They will be sent packing, presumably with financial assistance, like those who opt to leave voluntarily, as long as they lay down their arms.

    There is no doubt the west stirred up the hornet’s nest of expansionist Islam, and completely withdrawing from their domain will actually do much to quell the violence. Going to Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. has angered and inflamed them, and the west compounded the problem by bringing refugees and immigrants in massive numbers to their countries.

    Even in 2006, around 40% of UK Muslims supported Sharia as the law of the land. It is probably higher today, and clearly Muslims in all western countries concur in similar numbers. Islam sees the world as either Dar al Islam or Dar al Harb. If you are not part of the House of Islam, you are part of the House of War. Individual Muslims notwithstanding.

    Withdrawing from Muslim lands is not sufficient on its own to pacify them, though I agree it is necessary. Since the genie has already been let out of the bottle, the west really has no choice but to embark on Reconquista 2.0. Expansionist Islam was pushed back from Europe two times already (Spain, which took over 700 years, as well when the Turks arrived at the gates of Vienna).

    Mostly, I think (and hope) that we Jews in Israel can sit this one out as the Europeans revert to their vicious and genocidal tendencies and address the problem they created. If they do, our job will be relatively easy here. Maybe it won’t take much to get them to leave, but leave they must. But if they don’t, we’ll have a much bigger problem to deal with.

    • I get most of what you’re saying, it’s also what I’m thinking. But tachlis I’m confused. Getting out of their lands will quell the violence, but Reconquista 2.0 is necessary? Which one is it? Yes, I also feel this is their problem and we can sit mostly out of it, provided, of course, we act like Jews, by which I mean Moshe is PM, or whatever title he will have at that point.

      • There are millions of Muslims in western lands. They are not going change just because the west pulls out of their lands.

      • I believe you’re comparing apples and oranges. The Muslims in western lands are not government officials or part of an empire or occupation. They are private citizens. The westerners in Muslim lands are almost always occupiers, agents of empires, government officials or otherwise privileged government cronies.

        If the West pulls all its agents of empire out of Muslim lands, the private muslim citizens in Western lands will be quelled.

    • First, I just want to say, this is purely an intellectual exercise, as the west is not withdrawing. The US even recently increased its presence.

      Your position is extremely idealistic and completely ignores history. Further, it only focuses on the Islamic side of the equation and ignore the European side.

      Even if they are pacified, a huge if, the genie of European nationalism is out of the bottle. Dark forces have been unleashed. B”H we are not the target this time, although Jews remaining in Europe will (have indeed already) get caught in the crossfire.

      I only learned yesterday that while only ~10K Jews made aliyah from France in 2013-4, around 100K left. Whether that’s 20% or 15% of French Jewry, it’s an astonishing number, and a far better indicator than a million man march of a much bigger conflict brewing. A similar number will likely leave in a lot less than two years. Hopefully more will come to Israel, as the others (mostly going to UK I think) are just delaying the inevitable.

      The French waged nearly two decades of vicious imperialist war against (first) Indochina and (then) Algeria. Plus it has been involved in numerous smaller conflicts since. Despite all the humorous talk about cheese-eating surrender monkeys, French nationalism and will to fight and savagery are not to be taken lightly.

      If they decide they’ve had enough of the Muslims, then they’re gone. Hopefully peacefully, but they will be gone.

      I suggest more study of history.

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