Everyone Donate a Shekel to Sheli Yechimovich

Just came across this on Facebook. Apparently, Sheli Yechimovich, who in a past life was probably one of Joseph Stalin’s mistresses, though I have no proof of this in addition to the fact that I don’t believe in reincarnation, is apparently asking people to stop donating to her campaign because she has raised the legal maximum and every donation above that will have to be returned, which “involves a lot of bureaucratic headaches.”

So someone donated her a shekel just to piss her off.

I call on everyone to donate 1 shekel to the Bolshevik Bimbo.

One at a time, so she has to file nonsense for each one. Due to some campaign finance law she probably helped create.

A friend comments, “I asked Sheli Yechimovich to stop her political career because it’s causing me “a lot of bureaucratic headaches” and I didn’t even get a shekel.


3 thoughts on “Everyone Donate a Shekel to Sheli Yechimovich

  1. don’t poke the bear.

    not funny; sometimes the way libertarians write it seems it is they that have the greatest faith in the goodness of the politicians. why would you let them know who you are? where you live?

    stay safe.

    BTW, what’s wrong with reincarnation?

  2. At times, Shelly has been a defender of liberty when other voices were silent. She was basically the only journalist who protested the Likud government shutting down Arutz Sheva. She has also been one of the most vocal critics of the anti-Haredi movement over the last few years.

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