According to Shai Galili, Moshe Feiglin is Still Running for Likud Chairman

Again from News1, Galili responding to some other lawyer’s claim that Netanyahu did nothing wrong:

“טענתך זו לא ניתן לקבל. תחילה, משום שבין אם מותר היה לעובדים השכירים האמורים לסייע לפעילות פנים מפלגתית של יושב-ראש המפלגה בבחירות המקדימות ובין אם לאו, אין הדבר רלוונטי לעובדה כי מדובר “בתרומה אסורה” מהמפלגה למר נתניהו בכובעו כ”מועמד”. באשר, מועמדים אחרים שעדיין (עד היום) רשומים ככאלו, כגון מר משה פייגלין, מר יואב
קיש ומר דני דנון, לא זכו לעובדים שכירים מטעם המפלגה, שיעמדו לרשותם במסגרת הבחירות המקדימות בהיקף זהה או בכלל – ולפיכך, בהתאם להגדרות שבחוק המפלגות, המדובר “בתרומה אסורה” מתאגיד, לכל דבר ועניין”, קבע.

Your claim is unacceptable. First, because even if it was permitted for party workers to help with a Chairman’s primary campaign or not, it is irrelevant to the fact that it is “forbidden help” from the party to Mr. Netanyahu insofar as he is a “candidate”. Whereas, other candidates that are still (until today) officially listed as candidates, like Mr. Moshe Feiglin, Mr. Yoav Kish, and Mr. Danny Danon, were not able to hire party workers for this purpose that would help them with their primary campaigns equally or at all, and therefore, according to the Parties Law, this is considered “forbidden help” for all intents and purposes.

Grab another bowl of popcorn folks, because here is Galili’s words on sending Netanyahu to prison:

Shai Galili threatens to send Netanyahu to prison

Because of this, and without any choice given the current circumstances, I must exercise my authority according to section 28 of the Political Parties Law, and advise the disqualification of your client’s candidacy (Mr. Netanyahu) in the upcoming primaries on December 31.

Only due to “Do not place a stumbling block before the blind” (Leviticus 19:14) I will point out that my decision is being given from my statutory and official authority from the Political Parties Law. That said, I ask you to turn your client’s attention to the fact that ignoring my order could be considered a violation of section 287 of the Punitive Code of 1977:

He who defies a lawful order given by a court or bureaucrat or a person acting in an official manner under proper authority is subject to a 2 year prison sentence. 

I would appreciate confirmation of your receipt of this letter.


Shai Galili, Esq.

Likud Comptroller

What a world, eh?


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