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I helped set up this interview with Robert Wenzel of EconomicPolicyJournal. It’s good that American libertarians should start getting familiar with his name before he gets in power. I’m sure that many EPJ listeners will consider some of Moshe’s views scary, but the fact that he wants America out of the picture and left alone should make them pretty happy.

All in all, Wenzel was pretty courteous to Moshe throughout the interview, and though I suspect he thinks Moshe is a “warmonger”, the two can get along as they both respect the other’s space. That’s the beauty of noninterventionism and national independence where nobody funds anybody else’s issues. At the end he said he wanted Feiglin back on to discuss monetary policy. Very nice.



3 thoughts on “Moshe Feiglin interview posted on

  1. Hey Rafi, seeing as how you set this interview up in the first place, may i suggest you recontact wenzel about having the (promised?) part two on economics and monetary policy (etc.).

    This would likely be educational for feiglin who, it seems, has only a smattering of knowledge on these all-important topics. Manhigut barely focusses on these issues, and it’s high time a good libertarian scholar gave them an appetite to understand their own talking points more deeply.

    As you constantly iterate, feiglin (and his successors) desparately need a firmer grounding in austrian economics. Please start the ball rolling on this one, and all our grandchildren will thank you!

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