Politician-Dense Capital Cities Have the Most Ashley Madison Accounts Per Capita

Enough World War II revisionism for one day. Let’s move on to more fun politician bashing. Ashley Madison, the site that sets up married people to have discreet affairs was of course hacked a few weeks ago. I’m not sure what I think about that morally. On the one hand, affairs are not necessarily immoral provided there is mutual agreement for an open marriage. But in most cases they are immoral by breach of contract.

Preliminarily, I would say Ashley Madison is a legitimate site provided that it has a disclaimer that anyone who uses it does not legally breach their marriage contracts, whatever they may say. But I haven’t completely thought it through yet, so I am open to other opinions. Besides, I doubt the site had such a disclaimer.

In any case, I discovered today that the 4 cities with the most Ashley Madison accounts per capita, besides Ottawa where 1 in 5 residents has an account, are:

  1. Athens,
  2. Oslo,
  3. Berlin,
  4. And good old Washington D.C.

All capital cities where the highest densities of politicians and government workers hang out. To surf porn and plan affairs and regulate our lives ad infinitum. I can’t think of 4 cities I dislike more for their politicians, perhaps even in that very order.

It just goes to show, once again, that democracy puts the worst of the worst in charge, and whoever has political ambitions is a morally challenged human being until proven otherwise.