Rooting for the Blacks, as long as they only go after police, not private property

I am against all violence against innocent private people as a matter of morality. I am also against all active violence against the State or its officials, which includes violence against police. Totally against, not from a moral perspective, but a utilitarian one. Attacking a policeman or burning State property doesn’t accomplish anything. There is no point to it, so it should not be done. Morally I have no problem with it, and would not consider someone who attacks a policeman necessarily as a bad person. Stupid, maybe.

The only exception is if the State is actively moving on a vast population in mass destruction of property, in which case I would say it is both moral and practically effective to start destroying State property in self defense, as in slashing tires of the busses that are coming to expel you from your home in Gush Katif. But still, violence against  the actual people is still a pretty bad idea.

The best way to protest police is to do it passively, by sitting down on a road, or by police headquarters, the way the blacks protested the State in the 1960’s. That was perfect. I would have loved to be part of that.

So when I came across this piece of news, that the Baltimore riots are now spreading to Jerusalem with Ethiopians clashing with police, I was happy. Though I think this is stupid and would not myself join them, I’m still rooting for the Ethiopians, as long as they ONLY target police or state property, NEVER private property.

To be more effective, they need to stage nonviolent sit-ins, overcrowd police stations, the way Gandhi did it with the British.

The solution, of course, is to cut off welfare, end the minimum wage, get rid of child labor laws, and end all drug laws. Let the Ethiopians work for whatever salary they can get on the market in whatever industry needs them. Unemployment will fall to zero, and there will be less idle Ethiopians on welfare and shut out of the labor markets by the minimum wage to clash with police, and these riots wouldn’t erupt.

So, good luck, and give the pigs a run for their money. Meaning our money. But you don’t have anyone’s support if you just go torching private property.