Back to the Four Blood Moons, an Election Prediction

Let’s get bold. Go big or go home. And let’s keep in mind that this is just a game, and I could be wrong. (In other words, let’s hedge some bets.)

I wrote a little ditty about the four blood moons a while back and it’s been getting a lot of traffic. People are interested in it apparently. Disclaimer, I find it interesting and possibly credible, but I’m not holding my breath and I reserve the doubt that it could be nothing. So in the spirit of the four blood moons, here’s my prediction for the upcoming elections.

According to Jewish blood moon theory, a term I have just coined, something big is supposed to happen around Sukkot. That’s about 9 months away. Elections are on March 17, which is 6 months away from Sukkot. The minimum space between general elections has to be at least 3 months.

Therefore, if the big change does mean that Feiglin will be elected by Sukkot, that means this time he will get very close to winning the upcoming Likud primaries, but Netanyahu will eek out a victory. Since Israelis are so freaking tired of Netanyahu, Likud will not do too well in the generals. Netanyahu will either cobble together a hodge-podge government, barely, or he will not be prime minister at all. If he cobbles together a coalition, it will fall within 3 months. If he doesn’t, and he is not prime minister, he will resign just as┬ámany other would-be prime ministers have from the heads of their respective parties, and once again there will be primaries for Likud chairman.

Feiglin will win those easily, or else he will win the ones that happen after Netanyahu’s 3-month government falls sometime around summer 2015.

In either case, we will have Moshe as head of Likud before the last blood moon appears on Sukkot. This time it’ll be a good run, but not yet.

Let’s see what happens.