INSANE Health Ministry Mafia Forbids Homeopathics to Kids Under 6

The Misrad HaBriut health mafia has decided that homeopathics, which don’t actually contain anything, are dangerous for toddlers, so they issued a decree banning them for kids under 6. No government entity ever decides to ALLOW anything. They only FORBID.

For those new to homeopathics, they are somewhere between physical and spiritual medicine. The concept is to take part of the disease causing agent, mix it with filler, and then dilute a bunch of times until there’s basically nothing but filler left and no active ingredient with the theory that a tiny, immeasurable amount of active ingredient will somehow trigger an immune response or something.

Maybe I got that partially wrong, but that’s because I think homeopathics are stupid. But I also think that if a parent wants to give their kid a tiny sugar pill with essentially nothing in it, the parent should be allowed to give the kid the damn sugar pill.

The health mafia has resorted to serious fearmongering language over these inert sugar pills which they say are a menace to society so something “must be done” to save our lives and the lives of our children.

From Ynet:

בשנים האחרונות הפכו התכשירים ההומיאופתים לנפוצים בקרב הורים לילדים ותינוקות לטיפול בצינון, שיעול ואפילו גזים. כעת מתברר: מדובר בתכשירים שלא נבדקו, שמכילים רמות גבוהות של אלכוהול ושעלולים לגרום לתופעות לוואי קשות, ביניהן חנק. בעקבות זאת אוסר משרד הבריאות על מתן התכשירים לילדים מתחת לגיל 6

In the last few years, homeopathic remedies have become popular among parents of young children and infants for treating colds, coughs, and even gas. It turns out: These remedies that have not been regulated or checked, have a high amount of alcohol in them that could cause serious side effects, including choking. Due to this, the Health Ministry has put a ban on giving these remedies to children under 6 years of age.

Got that? A tiny sugar pill half the size of a grain of rice now contains enough alcohol to cause serious side effects including choking. Did they cite any cases where toddlers or infants got in drunken brawls after being intoxicated on tiny sugar pellets? Have they found any cases where anyone on the planet, assuming his esophagus is wider than a grain of rice, choked one one of these things? No. Has anyone ever seen a headline that reads “TODDLER DIES AFTER INGESTING A HOMEOPATHIC SUGAR PILL”?

Speaking of sugar pills, the Misrad HaBriut DOES encourage mafia day cares to hand out much bigger sugar gummies flavored with flavored sugar, and coated with sugar, fortified with vitamins because “it’s healthy”. They tried to give one of these to my daughter every day last year until we stopped them, explaining to the teacher that sugar based sugar coated sugar flavored “vitamins” are not healthy. She didn’t understand, because after all, it is a “vitamin”.

Leave it to government bureaucrats to conclude that if you put a drop of vitamin into concentrated glucose syrup flavored with sugar and coated with sugar, it’s now “healthy”.

But a grain of rice sized homeopathic placebo is dangerous. You know why? Because it’s not manufactured by one of the companies under the protection of the health mafia. That’s why. The sugar-coated sugar-flavored sugar based vitamins are.