PATHETIC Bank of Greece Soliciting Donations, DO NOT Donate

Let’s do another Orwellian decoding today. “Public Debt” is the Orwellian term. What does it really mean?

A debt is something I’m responsible for because I borrowed money from somebody that I ultimately have to repay. I chose to borrow the money, therefore I repay it either in liquid cash or assets I must liquidate, or if I have nothing, slavery.

What is a “public debt”? When the government takes money away from me by force and threat of violence, and then goes into debt, the debt is only “public debt” because the government has the ability to threaten me to with violence to pay back the debt they incurred using my money, that I never consented to. But because they can kill me if I don’t pay, and the same with everyone else, the debt is considered “public.”

What is it really? It’s government debt. It’s not “public debt”. I have no moral responsibility for this debt because I never consented to it. I’m only responsible for it insofar as the government can force me to pay it. It’s like saying a school bully who steals lunch money from kids and then uses it to incur debt, then says that all the kids he stole money from are now responsible for that debt.

If the bully is unable to beat the money out of his victims, the bully’s creditors will go after the bully. Same case with Greece. If the bully is unable to pay the debt, the creditors go after the bully, not the people the bully stole from. It is in the interest of the victims for the debt to be defaulted on.

So anyway, the Bank of Greece is now publicly soliciting donations for the repayment of its “public debt”.

I cannot think of a worse place to put your ma’aser. DO NOT donate to this cause. It’s so pathetic it’s beyond description.

Here’s the account where you can make donations to the IMF, ECB, ESM, EFSF and all the other bailout funds because Christine Lagarde and Mario Draghi need your charity.

Pathetic. But here’s the info, if you want to participate in bailing out the Greek government.

IBAN: GR 04 010 0024 0000000026132462