WOW! Marco Rubio Is a TEXTBOOK Asinine Cartoon Politician

The man repeats himself, word for word in a nearly 30 second talking point, three times in a row. As if he is an actual robot.

This is why I love democracy. And voting. Because it gives you, the voter, the opportunity to decide which mindless robot will have the power to control your life.

And that is beautiful.

You’ll also notice that there are indeed very simple answers to these questions, but that neither of their positions or logic makes any sense. It’s all about which one sounds better at spewing BS. Rubio is obviously stupid enough to the point that he can’t even act human or off the cuff anymore. Christie at least is better at spewing nonsense in a more human sounding way. He’s the better AI.

It’s a broken record personified. It mamash sounds like a cartoon. In fact: