With Sanders Leading in Iowa, the Script for the Destruction of American Jewry Gets Completely Predictable

Bernie Sanders is a communist Jew. Like Marx or Trotsky, same thing. He’s leading in the Democratic primaries. He loved the USSR.

The Federal Reserve has printed about $5.5 trillion dollars since September 17th when the overnight repo markets blew up and interest rates skyrocketed to 10%. This is not an exaggeration. The details are available at the New York Fed’s website. Just do a historical search since September 17, download the excel, use the addition function on the last column. It’s between $75-100B a day now, without stopping.

This bubble is in its final stages.

If Sanders wins the primary, and is elected on the eve of the collapse of the biggest bubble in human history, with Alan Greenspan, Ben Shalom Bernanke, and Janet Yellen all pumping it for 30 years, and Jared Kushner playing war chess with Yishmael, and Bernie Sanders as president, what do you think happens to the Jews when the tzoah hits the fan?

I’m going to America in June with my family. It is very likely that this will be the very last time I ever set foot there.

Jews, gather your stuff, and get ready to get out of there on a moment’s notice. If Sanders is elected, get out. You’ll have from November to January 20. We are in the home stretch here.


3 thoughts on “With Sanders Leading in Iowa, the Script for the Destruction of American Jewry Gets Completely Predictable

  1. Hi Rafi
    What do you think I can do to prepare, as a non tribal member?
    I’m looking at South America, maybe Chili, but not sure.
    Just curious what in your opinion is the root cause of antisemitism?
    Sure would like you to do an article on it.

  2. I’ve read a fair amount about the rise of anti-Semitism in the past couple of years, but, frankly, I’m not seeing it. Or hearing it. No snide remarks, no snickers or off-color jokes. Nothing. Our Jewish friends have not experienced any abuse or mistreatment (though they believe they are discriminated against, or will someday be). Where I live Jews are a small minority, so perhaps it is just not a target-rich environment for anti-Semites. Don’t know.

    I don’t know of anyone in my circle who understands the role the Federal Reserve plays in the business cycle. To the extent that they think about it at all, they believe the more money the better. I think they would cheer the idea of the Fed back-stopping the financial system and do whatever was necessary to keep the party going. It’s possible they will turn to blaming Jews once the music stops and the party is over, but I think it more likely that the Chinese or Arabs will be the scapegoats of choice. I think who gets blamed will depend on the trigger that causes the chain reaction collapse regardless of the origins of the boom/bust.

    I hope your concerns are overblown. Not being Jewish, I can’t fathom the sense of ‘otherness’ that must come with being a tiny minority in a potentially hostile community, just as I can’t fully appreciate being a Black, Muslim, or Hispanic in my community. I’m essentially unconscious of being white, nominally Christian, European in a White Christian European society. It’s too bad we still think in such tribal terms.

    • Appreciate the comment Ron, thanks. I will always think in tribal terms for myself, since I am part of a tribe. But I also recognize we are all individuals and equal in that sense. It’s a dialectic. In any case I understand your point most people have no idea what the Fed does. But people understand what the president does. If Bernie Sanders is the president, America as you know it will be completely destroyed. It will anyway. Bernie will just ensure it happens 100% under his watch, no doubt whatsoever in my mind about that. Then Americans will turn on the Jews on a dime. It always, always happens.

      The libertarians won’t help. There are a lot of libertarians who are anti semites. I don’t mind it too much but it is the truth. Most will look the other way as we are persecuted. It is way too obvious. We’ve seen this so many times before. It’s coming.

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