Here’s What the Russian Hacking Complainers Are Really Saying

I’m trying not to follow this but it seems so bizarrely stupid I just can’t help it. That people are portraying that they actually believe this just confirms that we are populated with adult babies.

So here’s how I understand this. The Hitlery Clintonites are complaining that the Russians hacked the DNC and John Podesta’s emails. And that this caused Americans to vote for Trump instead of Hitlery.

OK. Let’s assume that’s 100% true.

So what they are saying is that because Russia exposed corruption in the DNC and incredibly twisted satanic stuff in Podesta’s treasure chest of disturbia plus some of Hitlery’s explicit double-talk, it’s now Russia’s fault. Americans should not have known about any of this, and if they were kept in the dark as they should have been, Hitlery would be president and all would be well. Americans should not know about the corruption and sick behavior of the upper political class and because some of it was exposed, the election is invalid.

I’m confused. Shouldn’t the Hitlery Clinton people be mad at the DNC and Podesta for being what they are, instead of blaming Russia for exposing what they are? Nobody is claiming anything that Russia supposedly hacked is fake.


3 thoughts on “Here’s What the Russian Hacking Complainers Are Really Saying

  1. That’s always been their tactic: distraction from all the. Important stuff. And Baracka Hussein Abu Oumama is doing this until the last miserable day of his pathetically worthless presidency. Actually,this is a lesson for all the RINO’s to learn from this loser: to fight for a cause, and they really should have a worthy one to fight for, just lack the integrity to do so.

  2. You’d think the logic would be so obvious that the pro-Hillary people would be embarrassed to argue against it. Not so. I watched Tucker Carlson (a wormy Republican/conservative talking head) drill down on a Democratic Party operative to get him to admit that the evidence of corruption cannot be ignored. I thought the Democrat looked silly as he continually cited Russian hackers and illegally obtained e-mails as the real crime. Nevertheless, the Democrat remained steadfast in refusing to address the corruption in any way.
    There is no reasoning with these people.

    BTW, how’s the Atlas Shrugged reading going? Observations?

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