Why Adele is Just as Awesome as Amy Lee

A few months ago I wrote a post about Amy Lee, praising her for her music but most of all for being a normal person.

Adele fits that category too. I’ve known about her for years but her latest single Hello got me interested in researching her a bit. Apparently, she’s pretty freakin’ normal too. She’s engaged with a kid at 25 (she had a kid at 25, she’s older now), she’s plus size and not a perfect music star body type, but she has lost significant weight since whenever it was she came out with Rolling in the Deep. So it’s not like she’s let herself go or anything like that. Her soon to be husband looks like a fun character goofball type.

You can tell her hair is usually crazy and requires a lot of taming for the stage. Everyone in my family has crazy hair, except me because I cut it off and my son doesn’t have any hair.

When she gets on stage she just sings. She doesn’t womp around on stage, and she wears very nice dresses. She’s a talented enough singer that she doesn’t have to distract you with dance moves. It’s rare that a singer just sings these days. Her performance is almost entirely in her face. The entertainment is to just listen to her and watch how her own music affects her and let it affect you. She feels like a throwback to the 20’s or 30’s with a modern twist. Just beautiful music.

Most importantly, she’s considered a recluse among the famous people community. She doesn’t want anything to do with that and would much rather just live a normal life.

This quote, for example, is gold:

“I think it has a lot to do with becoming a parent,” she added. “When I was turned 25 I was quite shocked. I didn’t think I was old or anything like that, I just couldn’t remember where the last five years had gone. I think it’s the same that happened with every area of my life: My real life, my career, obviously becoming a mom, and stuff like that. It was not remembering very much of it because so much happened and it frightened me.”

The 27-year-old singer also shot down claims that she was a “recluse,” instead revealing that she just won’t give into the Hollywood spotlight.

“I’m not blinded by the persuasion of fame,” she said. “Fame is not real, so how am I suppose to write a real record for anyone to enjoy if I’m living a very fake life?”

Wow is that relatable or what? Also a wysiwyg woman, which is obvious from her stage name, just Adele. She was discovered after she put a demo on Myspace in 2006. (What the heck is Myspace? Hehe…)

I’m more into the louder rock/metal music but I recognize her songs are great. So I searched around for metal covers and I found this TOTALLY AWESOME GUY from Norway. His facial expressions are so nuts it’s great! Cracks me up…


2 thoughts on “Why Adele is Just as Awesome as Amy Lee

  1. Adele is A Voice. If she would go to Hollywood I doubt this would affect her talent or her voice. But why would she go there? Hollywood is stupid. Some of the movies are cool, but the system in itself is very stupid. Many record companies use Youtube and Myspace to research for real musicians probably because what the managers promote are just copycats of certain stereotypes that work in success.
    I was just thinking about rock recently, how a “new Metallica” hasn’t happened in a while or so. (I like rock, I’m not an expert, but even I get why Metallica – music and lyrics – is like Beethoven or something in rock music and will remain like so forever – I can hear the 8 million times something like “Nothing Else Matters” and not get bored from the guitar solo to the very weird lyrics). I think rock is more difficult than soul music, what Adele sings (is that the genre) because in rock you really need a very talented guitarist to make things epic. Metallica gave in to fame, got drug problems and all, but they were still talented. I don’t think Hollywood ruins talents but it’s great when people refrain from it because I do think it ruins people.
    When Adele first came out, I thought it was a new Amy Winehouse song, then I found outt she was someone else, and after Amy passed away I seriously feared there was something destructive in this type of music which I love and all the singers just crumble, because it’s too sad. But luckily Adele hangs on, she represents to me embracing the sadness and living with it – the acceptance (dumb reporters did ask Adele why are all the songs so sad/depressive etc? about breakups and etc? what about a happy love relationship? I don’t remember what she replied, probably something more diplomatic than the truth).

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