The Most Volatile Day in Stock Market History

What the hell was that?!

The Dow traded in a range of 7% today, in one single day. That’s wider than its trading range since December, nine whole months.

The Nasdaq was even worse, with a range of 9%. That has never, ever happened before.

The volatility was so extreme that the VIX couldn’t even open for the first 30 minutes of the day because the value of the options it’s based on couldn’t even be calculated. As soon as trading opened I covered my calls, but I was freaking out a bit at the open because it was literally frozen.

My broker’s servers crashed twice this morning while I was trying to cover it. But eventually I did. Everyone it seems was losing their minds.

Further, the Yen was trading like a penny stock against the Dollar today, up 2.65% in one day.

The S&P moved up 2.5% in the space of 12 minutes, and then rocketed back down at the close to below 1900.

Unbelievable. I wonder what happens tomorrow.


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