Look out Below! Asia Crashing!

Japan is down 3%. China is down 8%. Mideast markets are down 5 to 9%. Israel was down 6%. Europe wakes up in four hours. S&P futures are cutting through support at 1970, down 20 points. Gold steady.

I’m going to sleep now, and looking forward to waking up to some nice negative numbers at the open in 11 hours.


5 thoughts on “Look out Below! Asia Crashing!

  1. Smart move, did u buy some puts I hope? Hong Kong really nervous now hangseng down a thousand . Your four moons theory might prove to be correct.

    • The four moons are just an interesting coincidence to something I have believed would happen for years. I own puts on the Nikkei (Japanese market) and the Italian FTSEMIB, and I own calls on the VIX, which I’m most excited about.

      Phil – are you a follower of my column on CalvinAyre? I write a lot about Macau.

      • Wow I think you’re gonna make a lot of money my friend. I’m long vhsi. I will check out your articles about Macau because I live in Macau right now.

      • Rafifarber: I believe your four moons theory is correct. This month and next are socalled “ghost months” according to the Chinese lunar calendar which coincides with your four moons theory. During these two months, ghosts come out according to the old beliefs. That’s why chinese burn paper money to give to their ancestors. On the trading front, what on earth is going on with Dow down 1000 points? Your vix calls should be deep in the money now, congrats! Philip

      • Yup, I’m all covered now. It was a good day. This was the most insane day in terms of volatility in history. Interesting that Chinese burn paper money. I dream of doing that after I’m head of the Bank of Israel.

        The blood moons theory is not mine. It’s Hagee’s. I have a Jewish interpretation of it in an old post you’ve probably read already. But again, it really could be nothing. In the end paper money will die and gold will move to $5000 or so, the blood moons is only a possible timing for it.

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