Peter Schiff is Perfect on the Greek Fiasco

This is 100% correct, on all counts. It’s so nice to hear people make sense. They are few and far between. The best line, in my opinion was:

Austerity is not asking the people pulling the wagon to pull harder (AKA raising taxes). It’s about telling the people who are riding the wagon to get out and pull their own weight.”


5 thoughts on “Peter Schiff is Perfect on the Greek Fiasco

  1. Can you please find time some day to debunk the insane crypto-communism of Rabbi Y. L. Ashlag, influential author of the “Sulam”?

    • I’m unfamiliar with Ashlag. Is he who Berg claims is his Kabbalah teacher? If you can provide me an article that represents his views, I’ll review it, but I don’t have the time to read his books.

      • Yeah, it’s pretty bad. The first paragraph is fairly accurate. After that it gets really dark red, inaccuracies all over the place, but he’s certainly not unique in his mistakes. I’ll do a quick review bli neder tonight or tomorrow.

        It’s actually pretty funny though, because all you have to do is replace המוטיוציה והכח המניע של הכלכלה הזו, אינה צבירת רכוש, והגדלת האגו של האדם הפרטי, גם לא בניית חברה מוצלחת, אלא המוטיוציה היא – החיבור עם בורא העולם.

        With חיבור עם המדינה והממשל, and you have 100% fascism, word for word.

        It’s things like this that make it very difficult for me to take anything Rabbis say seriously, and really it’s amazing I’m still religious.

  2. This is what the European Media presented as “the lesson”(fires from sky!!)”to be learned” from the Chinese market problems: “The Chinese are new to capitalism and they make mistakes because they don’t know what to do. They let private”(this means physical)”people access the market. You don’t do that in capitalism. Only companies and specialists”(so what is communism then where the Chinese unlearned everything…). People begin to be insane here I swear.
    I think “austerity” is a bad word for the campaign presented to people (who are impressionable) to make them move in a certain direction (not like it). Guess who chose the word? Leaders. It could’ve been called “minimal”, “simplicity” (people like this word) but they called it “austerity” so everyone feels punished by it and votes against it. It’s “simplicity” not “austerity”. If it would’ve been said “a less complex economics to avoid unnecessary costs and help people be able to plan what they do with their money” it wouldn’t sounded different than “the market is crashing!!!! now we’ve gonna squeeze the pants!!!it’s time for austerity people!!!or else…”
    Or else?

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