A Constructive Idea For Promoting a Free Organ Market: Ask the Patients

I’m not attacking anyone anymore. I’m done. Everyone gets my point. I may be unhinged sometimes, but I can rehinge myself. Now I’m back on the hinge, so here we go.

Here’s a constructive idea. How about someone from the Halachic Organ Donor Society or any other philanthropist interested in promoting a free market in organs, do the following:

How about we go around and ask every single patient in need of a kidney that we can find, in the United States, in Israel, in Europe, in the entire world, just ask them, would they want to buy a kidney on the free market from a willing seller?

My conservative guess is the poll would be, approximately, 100% to 0% in favor of Yes.

Let’s ask them what they think. If we really care about those in need of a kidney, we should commission a global poll. And let’s see how close my estimate is to reality.

People are accusing me of being on a high horse. Fine. I accept. But I dare say all of us debating this issue from a public policy standpoint are on a bit of a high horse too, putting forth academic reasons for support or rejection of a free market in organs, when we all have working kidneys and do not need one. We are all a bit unqualified to submit an opinion. We have to ask the patients what they want.

Now who wants to sponsor that poll?



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