The Tormented Conscience of a Libertarian

It’s been a very hard last few days. I’ve been attacked and supported. Some attacks were stupid. Some were more sensible and really made me think. Some have been from people very close to me that I rejected out of hand, because I don’t agree at all with their positions. Some attacks have been respectful, from past teachers who I really do respect myself, who have challenged me for my tone, but in the end I still think I am right in how I handled this. Some have attacked my social skills, which are and always have been my weakest point. Those attacks really hurt, for a short while, but I’m over it now. I am who I am. And I always will be who I am.

The support has been equally uplifting.I’m thankful to everyone who has lent a hand while I go out, rabid almost, yelling at an organ donor. I write that now even cringing at myself. But I still maintain I did the right thing. I’ve struggled with whether my method of spreading liberty is the right way or not. I haven’t eaten as much as I usually do, because I’ve been on fire for three days. Everyone who has contacted me expressing support, thank you. It really helps. Every word.

My Rebbe in libertarianism, the real current Gadol Hador, more than any Rabbi alive, Dr. Walter Block, has given me strength and continues to give me strength. He is more my teacher than any Rabbi ever was or probably ever will be. May Walter live till 120 and teach forever. And that’s not just a throwaway blessing. I really want him to live that long, and longer. Walter is one of the only a handful of academics who have not succumbed to State Avoda Zara (idol worship).

I started thinking. I’m not the only libertarian that expresses hot anger. We are often grouped together as wacko crazy emotionally unstable lunatics. Why is that?

Because our premise is so simple and we can’t understand why people don’t see it. There’s no pilpul to it. There’s nothing complicated about it. It’s simply that nobody has the right to inflict force on any innocent person. We take that to its logical conclusion. That’s it. There’s nothing else to it. But everyone always disagrees. Innocent people need to be violated for the public good. If you don’t believe in exceptions to no violence against innocents, you’re insane.

What happens is the academics come in, those that form our cultural opinions, and they confuse the hell out of us. They write these longwinded arguments that are self-righteous and incomprehensible. They use big words designed to make you feel stupid. They dodge logic, they squeeze out of black holes and come around and trap you, but nothing they say makes any sense. My father-in-law likes to say, they “Baffle you with Bullshit.” And that’s all they do. Even most of the halacha preachers. Jewish academia. Not all. Most.

I presented this logic to one dissenter:

A) You support a rich person selling a kidney at a discount to a poor person, say $100. Chessed. Lovingkindness.

B) You support a poor person donating to a rich person for free as an act of lovingkindness as well.

C) You are against a poor person selling to the same rich person for $500, saying that is taking advantage.

Ergo, you are against poor people gaining $500. If you were against poor people giving to rich people on principle because you don’t like the idea of the rich feeding off the body parts of the poor, you would not allow them to even donate. But you do. You even think the poor donating to rich is great, wonderful. But not selling. God forbid poor people should get money. So therefore you must hate poor people and don’t want them to have money.

Now, I KNOW the guy doesn’t “hate” poor people. Those who justify their rejection of a free market in organs don’t actually hate poor people emotionally, in their conscious minds at least. But in practice, they do hate them, because they do not even consider them people enough to be able to make their own decisions. They are merely tools of public policy, dictated by People On High Horses (always politicians aided by academics) with complicated ideas that make no sense, concocted in the laboratory of their minds that was constructed through years of State education.

These “Policy Makers” the Academics, they are up there on their high horses dictating what they think about “public policy” in their academic heads, when they probably don’t know a single destitute poor person desperate for money, or a single person desperate for a kidney.

You know how this guy got out of that logical trap? He sent me a 5 paragraph essay about differential equations. I had absolutely no clue what the hell he was talking about. Nobody else did either I bet. But I’m sure they thought he was a genius. It was all used to justify why poor people should not be allowed to decide for themselves, as if they were animals in the lab of his magnificent public policy academy.

And that’s what drives me mad. The pilpul. The insanity. Am I crazy? Am I the only one who sees it? What the hell is going on?

Two people. They’re going to die. One needs money. The other needs an organ. They want to trade. YOU go tell them to die. YOU do it personally. Can you? No. So you dodge the question. You say it’s “systemic”. You say “taking advantage”. You say “public policy.” NO. Tell me. Do you let them trade, or do you make them die? Tell me. They won’t answer. It’s public policy. Dodge dodge dodge. My God it can drive you mad.

But would you, personally, if you needed a kidney, would you buy one on the black market? Would you rather there be a free market if you needed one? Would you rather die? No answer. “I’m a human being and I’d rip someone’s heart out to survive. What does that prove?” Well then. What can I say.

Every Statist wants to dictate “public policy” while he has two healthy kidneys. Nobody wants that public policy applied to them when they need that kidney. Hypocrisy. I can’t stand it. We, libertarians, can’t stand it. Is everyone crazy? Or is injustice the way the world is supposed to be? Maybe we’re crazy for demanding justice. Maybe the world is supposed to be insane and we just don’t fit in.

Libertarians come back to one thing, all the time. Non aggression. That’s all we want. That’s ALL we want. And then the academics answer us with differential equations as to why we must aggress and we’re wrong. And for a second we all think we’re stupid and we should reprogram ourselves with whatever calculus the other people are doing in their heads to prevent poor people from selling organs to rich people. Because it’s taking advantage. But donating isn’t. Huh?

And then, after all that self doubt (it lasts about 2 minutes), we libertarians come back to our senses. We are NOT crazy. Everyone else is. And we are not alone. Thanks to Godsends like Ron Paul, we are growing in numbers. We will not be stamped out. We will scream justice until we die and God takes back our souls. Nothing will stop us. We will win. Despite all the insanity and academia and differential equations.

Freedom must rule. Non aggression must be king. Otherwise there is no point to this world. There is no point to living. Humans are above animals because we can trade. All humans are equal in the fact that all innocent human beings must not be forced to do, or not do, things against their will. Nobody must be forced not to exchange a kidney for $100. Everyone decides for himself. Because everyone is equal in that sense.

Humans are the only creatures on the planet that can mutually benefit through trade. That’s what an economy is, literally. Animals only take what they find and survive. We humans trade and grow. If you advocate stopping that, you are advocating shutting down the human spirit.

And we libertarians, tormented for two minutes of self-doubt from the establishment’s differential equations, we will not let you. We are the human spirit. The FULL human spirit. And you cannot stomp us out.


2 thoughts on “The Tormented Conscience of a Libertarian

  1. You might be right, you might be wrong. I don’t know. The public debate on organ donation is extremely complex.

    But to attack someone who is trying to fix the problem, (while he was barely 5 minutes off the operating table) who went to great lengths, and risked his own life to actually save a life?

    Yes, you disagree with him, that more donations is the best solution. Maybe you are right, it doesn’t matter. Your articles went over the top, and had awful timing. He’s a hypocrite for donating his kidney while he holds a personal belief against the black market sales of organs? I mean, come on. He hasn’t been on a crusade against the black market sales. He had one quote in one article against it, not a symposium on the issue. And we all know he donated his kidney for the sole purpose of saving this young man (and the future generations of this young man) and to help others in need. Is he getting more publicity? Yes. Will he use that publicity for what he thinks is a good cause, to save more lives? Yes.

    Disagreeing with him is fine, but there is a time and a place for everything.

    In my opinion, you should get over your dislike and disdain for him and retract your statements and issue an apology.

    And then you can take on the kidney donation/free market debate separately.

    • Thank you for your suggestion Manny. I wish him a complete recovery and many more years of health. He did a great thing and he will be rewarded for it. I hope he does many more great things. God will judge the balance in the end. That’s all I will say, because that’s all I know.

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