Ariel Ronis, the Suicidal Non Racist, and Yigal Amir

I have just been informed that Ariel Ronis, the guy that committed suicide after being called a racist on Facebook, is the same Shabak agent who interrogated Yigal Amir. One of many I’m sure.

Needless to say, I am not a fan of Shabak and I think it’s a total myth that they protect anybody from anything. All they do is stir hornets nests and torture people, both Arabs and Jews.

I do not know if Ronis ever personally tortured anybody, but it wouldn’t surprise me. That kind of thing would lead to the emotional instability required to kill yourself over a Facebook post.

As for Yigal Amir and Yitzhak Rabin, I am completely against violence directed against the State for practical reasons, especially killing a Head of State. Let whatever justice is coming to them be handled by the Beis Din Shel Ma’alah as they say, and let man stay completely out of it.

That said, Rabin was a murderer of Holocaust survivors and I do not mourn his death. Among many other obvious sins, that was the worst one.

I was a kid when Yigal Amir pulled the trigger and I remember the whole blitz of statist propaganda that followed. How Jews should all love one another unconditionally, how killing the leader of a State was the worst thing to ever happen to the Jewish people since Hitler, but even worse because Hitler at least wasn’t a Jew. And how the State of Israel is basically god, and how Yigal Amir is the devil incarnate and Rabin is an angel with wings and a cigarette preaching peace and love and garbage.

Yeah, well, tell that to the Altalena Holocaust survivors who jumped off the ship after Ben Gurion bombed it, and then Rabin personally shot the helpless survivors as they were swimming to shore.

“דפקנו אותם על האוניה ודפקנו אותם שוחים במים”

“We shot them on the boat and we shot them while they were swimming in the water.”

Anyway, I don’t know what Ronis is guilty of, if anything, so who knows if this was coming to him or not.

Conclusion: Against violence, but I don’t mourn either Ronis’s death or Rabin’s. I do not support what Yigal Amir did, but I do not consider Yigal Amir evil because of what he did. Stupid, yes. Killing Rabin only served to strengthen the Rabin mythos and Oslo propaganda machine. In terms of value judgements though, I abstain.

Is that legal? I guess if it’s not, I’ll just say Rabin was awesome and Amir is evil, Kol Od BaLevav Pnima, Oslo Oslo Peace Peace Peace, and killing holocaust survivors was necessary because if Rabin hadn’t killed them while swimming on shore, there would be two armies now and we’d be in constant civil war all the time hell on Earth etc. thank God for the State monopoly on violence.


2 thoughts on “Ariel Ronis, the Suicidal Non Racist, and Yigal Amir

  1. I agree about Rabin’s value as a person and as a Jew.
    As about whether he was or was not killed by Igal Amir, there are more than one variation of thought.
    When investigated, Peres could not decide if Igal shot twice or three times. Upon Rabin’s arrival in hospital, there were reportedly three holes in his body (from two Igal’s shots?!). And is it not strange that none of the bullets wounded any one else in such a dense crowd?
    The event warrants closer investigation than it was done at the time.

  2. The whole racism problem leads me to the event some 2 years ago when a Catholic Cardinal from Africa, Arinze, calls the Pope’s humanism cheap and he himself not a real pope, after a discourse in which the pope said that EU must treat immigrants well, that is the right thing to do etc and Arinze said that encouraging immigration only destroys the home-nations where they’re coming from and what the pope said is evil and is he even a real pope?
    And I can’t decide if Arinze were passively-racist or not. At least he was free to think and decide, even against his religion (that demands obedience to the pope) what should be right.
    What is absurd is when, usually quite racist, Catholic Americans use this kind of event to show they get the hierarchy of the CC while the “black guy” doesn’t get it, he’s not even a good catholic (“what can black people do??”) just because the black guy thought for himself and did not confuse the pope’s words with the Holy Spirit.
    In Ariel’s death, the one who should be shocked now is that woman – that a man, any man – killed himself after she yelled her ideas into the abyss of the internet. She should be doubting herself a bit , only a bit if that’s not reaching for the moon. That woman is literally the only one who can learn something here. The only one.
    And if she’s walking away it will NOT be because her skin color is black.

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