Varoufakis Goes Full Retard

Never go full retard.

(I realize that this joke is insensitive, but I couldn’t resist. Forgive me.)

When you go politician, you go a little bit in, dabble your foot, play with words, deflect a question or two. But you never go full politician. ESPECIALLY when you state publicly that you will resign the minute you sense that you are turning into a politician.

Yanis Varoufakis has gone full politician, full retard, no holds barred (I don’t know what that means) all-in, I call your “Definition of Is” and raise you a “My twitter account was hacked and that’s not my penis!” and add another quadrillion.

Caught in a 2013 video giving the finger to Germany, Varoufakis replied:

“That video was doctored. I’ve never given the finger, I’ve never given the middle finger ever.”

Are you #$%^ing kidding me Yanis? Doctored? That’s what you’ve been reduced to? Taking Hedonism-Bot pictures of yourself living a life of luxury off of BAILOUT money?

Varoufakis Goes Full Retard
Varoufakis and his Trophy Wife, Living it Up on Bailout Money While Greece Burns
Yanis Varoufakis
Yanis Varoufakis’s Cartoon Doppleganger

And then THIS? Denying you gave the finger when you CLEARLY did, and even if it were, by some crazy conspiracy, actually doctored, you were CLEARLY TALKING ABOUT IT YOU IDIOT! (Finger at 1:50 mark)

What a disgrace you have become. NOT because you gave the middle finger to Germany. If you want to give the finger to Germany, give the finger to Germany! Just default and leave them holding the bag, see what happens! Just like you said!

But you know why he’s going full politician and has to calm the waters now by pathetic lying? Because if he really gives them the finger now, he’s kicked out of the Euro. Varoufakis never wanted to leave the Euro immediately. Why? Because his problem is that Greece has no Drachma to stuff its banks with and he thinks that the economy would have no money and revert to BARTER (such stupidity) for 8 months while they were busy printing them. He doesn’t understand that money would revert to gold and silver and copper and prices would adjust accordingly automatically. But that’s because he’s a Marxist idiot.

He also doesn’t want the Greeks to know he’s printing Drachma because then Euros would flee the country so as not to be converted to Drachma. So what he wants to do is SECRETLY print drachma, THEN default, THEN watch the value of the Euro tank to nothing, THEN tell the Greeks he has Drachma, THEN leave the Euro. He makes that sick evil scheme VERY CLEAR at the end of the video.

Result being that Greeks do not have the opportunity to ship whatever money they have left out of the country, everyone loses his savings while the government gets to start fresh, spending money, zero debt. That’s why he’s going full retard. Because he’s busy stealth printing Drachma, and when he defaults, he wants to convert Euros overnight to Drachma without warning his people. Screw him.

Greeks, get your money OUT of the country NOW and out of the Euro as well or you will all lose everything because of full retards like this clown. Varoufakis is going to sink the ship without warning you first. I’m warning you now.

Afra Lepumei, Yanis Varoufakis. What a joke. I’m ashamed I ever thought anything positive of you.


8 thoughts on “Varoufakis Goes Full Retard

  1. Could you point me to reliable sources about Greece printing Drachma? I haven’t found any yet and would be grateful! Thank you!

    • I have no sources. All I can say is judging by the content of that 6 minute clip of Varoufakis form 2013, stealth-printing drachma while pulling germany along seems to be his plan. He says it will take 8 months to fill the banks with Drachma, but Greece can’t leave the Euro before then because otherwise the economy turns to barter and starvation (nonsense) and if he tells greeks he’s printing drachma they ship their euros out of the country. So 2 and 2 and 2 together means he at least wants to secretly print drachma, then announce he’s leaving the Euro.

  2. Sometime after the Zimbabwean hyperinflation started, coins, which had long since become worthless as the currency dived, became quite valuable again. If you had lots of worthless coins, you suddenly had a nice little hoard. While notes continued to be printed to the bitter end, coin minting had long before ceased. No more coins were being minted. It didn’t matter how base or worthless the metal content either. They filled a need.

    In Greece, all the euro coins and notes will continue to be used. In fact, any reasonably popular currency’s notes and coins would be given a shake by the market, but most likely, people will resort to “barter” with one side always being euro cash, as banks will obviously not be functioning.

    • Greece benefits by being physically adjacent to the eurozone. The government would try to prevent this of course. Hence your speculation on a cause of delaying the inevitable (to prepare by printing lots of drachmas in advance – which does accurately capture how statists view the world). I hope their enforcement efforts fail.

  3. Can you make it clear to the simple-minded like me how gold will work as an emergency currency. I know I personally don’t own much gold. I would probably have to go to the bank to get some. Why would the bank sell me gold for worthless Euros? I would surely have to revert to barter, no?

    • Sure some guy,

      You may not own any gold/silver/copper, but you contribute something to the economy. Whatever your job is, you’d continue it (unless you get laid off and take a lower paying one) and the people who pay you would have to give you something hard, like copper coins or something that is readily available. Metals do exist in Greece, and they would be used as a medium of exchange. People would melt down their jewelry, kiddush cups, anything made of copper, especially state property since public sector workers would not be paid for lack of Euros, and demand would arise for someone to coin them. These coins would start circulating in the black market as a money. It would be a few weeks of chaos/barter until the market organizes around some sort of hard money that can be made from material available. Barter would be impossible long term and anything impossible does not happen.

      My guess is it would be mostly copper and silver.

  4. Mneah, they’re not retard – politicians like this – they’re just working for the gangs they belong to. Of course HE will leave a falling Greece with many million dollars in bank, shipped to the EuroParliament for being respectful enough to Frau Angela (though she’s a puppet herself, the leagues she represents never truly promote themselves through women in politics, they use women – see Marine LePen – to make their evilness “have a human face”; there is a name for women like that..;).. no.. not what you think, a real name – OverTheStormOracles). Maybe one Varoufakis too will receive a diploma of “overthestorm…”
    Retard? Let’s not offense the very nice mentally challenged shop assistant who works at my supermarket nearby and he always smiles in the end, helps with groceries in the bags, says all the phrases of goodbye, and never cheats on change ;-).

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