Will Germany Shoot Down the Greek Proposal And Force Grexit?

The thing that really annoys me about all this elitist bull where the media constantly reports about vague snippets about “proposals” and “negotiations” and “give and take” with absolutely no specifics about what is being negotiated is..well, just that. We have no idea what the politicos are really talking about behind closed doors, and nothing is clear.

Greece made a proposal. What’s in it? How is it different from past agreements? What are the hard numbers? What are the objections? What the hell is going on? Nobody can give a clear answer. Only talk in vague generalities about “concessions” and “compromise” but never about what!

So Greece made some kind of deal with Germany. What was it? The only place that tells you anything even meager is Zerohedge, and you never know when the guys over there are being totally crazy or they have real info. So, here’s what they’re reporting.

Greece is demanding that private residences in mortgage default be protected from foreclosure, which will of course clog and paralyze the banking system. Also a gradual raise of minimum wage, which will clog and paralyze the labor market. As well as restoration of collective bargaining rights for unions, which will constrict the labor supply and increase unemployment. As well as wage hikes for the bureaucrat sector. Which will increase the debt load that Germany is paying for.

And Germany, apparently, is going to say nein, according to Zerohedge, tonight.

Let’s see what happens.


3 thoughts on “Will Germany Shoot Down the Greek Proposal And Force Grexit?

  1. No way. Germany is NEVER going to say nein, the government have been promoting unity of the Euro Zone for so long that they can’t back out no matter what. I think this is beyond reason or logic now, it’s about sticking to what you said, even if you have the nagging feeling you might be terribly wrong.
    The Greeks, who are basically used to not paying their debts,having a balanced budget or sticking to any money-related agreement, did come up with a rather vague list of stuff they might do if they actually got around it and could be bothered to save some money, and got money in return. Yay.

    • You’re right it turns out, but I object to labeling the problem as that of “the Greeks”. It’s not “the Greeks”. It’s the Greek government. The people have nothing to do with the debt run up by government. You can say they voted, but voting means nothing.

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