Feiglin makes it on to the International Business Times

I wasn’t even specifically looking for this, but it came up while I was searching for news of the Supreme Court case on whether “Israel” should be written on passports for American babies born in Jerusalem. Then I found this article, which does not mention Moshe Feiglin by name in the body, but then I noticed a video on the bottom captioned “Far Right Israeli MP visits Jerusalem Al Aqsa Compound.” Obvious who that has to be.

The video is pretty schvach and annoying that they refer to it as the “Al Aqsa Compound”. But he’s in it, and he speaks, too. So that’s good. There’s some yippety Arab yenta at the end going on and on about how Feiglin “Raided the Al Aqsa Mosque” and “prevented her from praying there” somehow singlehandedly, unarmed, and without even approaching the stupid Mosque.

I have made clear before how the Arabs themselves are the ones blowing up Al Aqsa. We want nothing to do with it. We are interested in the Dome of the Rock, not the Mosque. The Arabs face their butts to the Dome of the Rock when they daven (see below), so clearly they aren’t interested in it either. So I really don’t know what we’re fighting about really. We don’t want what they want, they don’t want what we want.

Notice where their butts are facing.
Notice where their butts are facing.

So I suggest we all stop shooting each other over it. We’ll take the Dome, you take the Mosque, בסדר?



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