Celebrate the Message of Purim by Bombing Iran without America’s Go Ahead

The reason I want Ron Paul to be president is that I want to be left alone to develop independently and for Israel to make her own sovereign decisions and accept the consequences. One of those decisions is to take out our own garbage and get rid of the Iranian nuclear threat on our own. Now…

The essential problem of Purim is that the situation didn’t really change from beginning to end. At the beginning, Haman drew lots to determine which date the Persians were going to kill the Jews. On the day he drew lots, there were x Persians and y Jews. 11 months later when the day actually happened, there were still x Persians and there were still y Jews, give or take a few. The Persians still had the numerical advantage to slaughter us. The only thing that changed during those 11 months was that the King of Persia, Xerxes, or Achashverosh, decided to give us the right to fight back.

But what were we going to do if he didn’t? Just sit there and die? We were only going to defend ourselves with his permission? Apparently so. This is why Purim is not a holiday of full redemption. This is why the Megillah ends on such a sad note, with Esther still stuck as a sexual prisoner in Achashverosh’s disgusting hedonistic drunken palace of debauchery. Because we had no self confidence that we could fight on our own.

Back in Persia, this is what got us in trouble in the first place. We joined in the drunken feasts and Haman came to wake us up not to rely on our hosts so much.

The present day is not much different. We have Haman in Persia threatening to annihilate us. We have Achashverosh in the White House pigging out on debt, and we’re waiting for his decree that we are allowed to fight back.

But just as nothing really changed in the Purim story except our self confidence, nothing is going to change here when America says “OK” except our self confidence.

It’s not America we need, but self confidence. So let’s, sit down, fast and pray, just like Esther did, and then get up and get rid of this stupid little Iranian threat already without waiting for Achashverosh to do something.


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