Iran should be on her knees thanking Israel for her existence

I got this from a friend of mine named Aviv who’s working with me on Moshe Feiglin’s campaign. I read it and I can’t believe I never thought of it before. Translated from Aviv’s Hebrew:

I had an interesting thought. The Iran-Iraq War began in 1980 and lasted for almost a decade. In 1981, one year into the Iran-Iraq War, Israel blew up the Iraqi nuclear reactor and was met with harsh condemnation from the entire world. It’s reasonable to assume that if not for Israel’s attack, Iraq would have had nuclear weapons that would have surely been used first and foremost against its bitter enemy – Iran. It follows, then, that without even intending to, Israel saved Iran from a nuclear holocaust at the hands of Sadaam Hussein. And what do we get in return? An Iranian nuclear program against us.

Why does no Israeli leader mention this fact? Instead of the poor little kid who doesn’t want to get beat up and tries to convince the world that the neighborhood bully is a dangerous threat and they need to take care of it approach – we have to come at Iran with an offensive approach with the tone of – What are you bitching about? Say thank you that you’re even breathing right now. We run this part of the world, and without us you’d have been vaporized by Sadaam’s nukes.

Imagine that after Ahmadinejad’s speech at the UN, our Prime Minister gets up and instead of repating the defensive mantra “We went through the holocaust, and there must not be a second one” – he looks at the Iranian midget in the eye and tells him – you little pisher – you’re embarrassing yourself. It’s only thanks to me that you’re even alive right now, and you dare threaten me? Sit down and be quiet. We are the masters of the Middle East, and if you dare raise your head, you’ll take a good beating.

May we soon merit bold and confident leadership – confident in itself and God.

In case any of you have any doubts, that leader is Moshe Feiglin. And you know what Ron Paul has to do with this?

NOTHING. Just like it should be.


One thought on “Iran should be on her knees thanking Israel for her existence

  1. just a comment, Iraq’s nukes, and weapons during said Iraqi- Iran war were given to them by the US – the same country that 20 years later would bring down the Iraqi dictator in the name of “democracy”. In fact the US who gave Israel weapons as well, also supplied Lebanon with their weapons during their civil war, the two then fought with US weapons against each other. (The soviets are responsible for the other Arab countries weapon’s arsenals – funny how they now known as Russia are providing Iran with the nuclear technology now.)
    Two-faced politics, lead nowhere, and it appears to be going in a vicious cycle, prompting more conflict.

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