From Israel: Vote Ron Paul and Let My People Go!

Lately I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I sit here in my living room in Karnei Shomron, Israel, on the 8th night of Chanukah, wondering what other miracles lay in store on January 3rd and in the months ahead. The name Ron Paul is constantly at my fingertips. I’ve typed it in so many times the past month it’s insane. I’m experiencing an excitement I’ve rarely ever felt, and I don’t even live in America anymore. During the last Republican debate I woke myself up at 3am Israel time to watch an 8pm EST live stream on YouTube, with no fatigue whatsoever. I’m on overdrive, and I can’t calm myself.

I’ve only recently figured out what this excitement actually is.

I first got interested in the whole freedom movement when I heard that Ron Paul wanted to end all foreign aid, including to my country, Israel. This seemed like a spectacular idea to me. I hate the idea of taking American tax payer money I don’t need. The only reason we take it, by the way, is not because we need it. It’s that we don’t want to feel alone, and Jews always feel a deep existential isolation and loneliness. “As I see them from the mountain tops, gaze on them from the heights, this is a people that dwells alone, not counted among the Nations,” says Balaam of the People of Israel in Numbers 23:9. We still feel that loneliness. So we take the money. It’s shameful, it’s theft, it’s destructive, it’s morally wrong, and it makes people hate us for tying them into a conflict they have no business trying to solve. I wanted it to end and didn’t trust any Israeli leader to give it up on his own, so I looked up more about Ron Paul.

What I found was fascinating. On the forums, I learned of people who, back in ’08, literally gave their lives short of death to this man. Some poured money into his campaign they could not afford to give, and some even lost their marriages because of their single-minded insane dedication. This shocked me. I couldn’t yet understand it, but after a few days of listening to him, it began to click.

What is it about Ron Paul that inspires such extremes? Such maddening support on the one hand, and such fear and loathing on the other? I can give the answer in one word: Soul.

The essential soul of a human being is by definition free. The idea that men are free as determined by God is a concept that is foreign to most men. This is because most men want to control others, to take away their freedom. This is usually referred to as the drive for power. The drive for power is antithetical to freedom because power means the ability to control others. There is only one legitimate thing that power can and should be used for, whether it be military, legislative, or executive power. That is, to legalize freedom.

Ron Paul doesn’t want to be President to “give” me freedom. He doesn’t own my freedom and he didn’t give it to me. The only reason Ron Paul wants to be President is to stop punishing people for using their freedom that is rightfully theirs. He wants no power. This is clear to anyone who listens to him speak.

There are two kinds of human beings. Those who want power, and those who want freedom. You can tell which one’s which very easily. Those who want freedom are straight-edged. They are consistent, principled, and you can feel their human soul when they speak to you. There’s a continuum out there of human souls somewhere in spiritual cyberspace, and when you come into contact with one of these souls, you know immediately, because souls are by definition free. You sense sincerity, realness, consistency, a free human being. If you’re a man who seeks freedom and you come into contact with a real human soul, you become instantly addicted and you swallow up anything you can get your hands on. You want to unite immediately, no matter what you disagree on. There are people in the freedom movement that don’t exactly like Israel, especially me being a “settler” and I don’t care. If they want freedom, I sense it and my human drive for individualism suddenly turns into an intense desire to unite into a collective – but a collective of free individuals. It’s a beautiful dialectic, and it doesn’t matter what we agree or disagree on, as long as we agree on freedom.

You get hooked on Ron Paul and you desperately seek more and more, any video you can find from the past, any speeches you missed, anything he said that you haven’t heard yet, even though you’ve heard it a thousand times already in different words. You can’t help yourself. The voracious hunger to be able to use your God-given freedom takes you over entirely. It’s like you suddenly realize you’re human and the Divine Image with which God created you comes alive and catches fire.

But something else happens to you. Once you get hooked on Ron Paul, you can no longer bear to listen to a man who wants power, and you become instantly disgusted when they begin to speak. Before, they were just boring. Now they’re revolting. Listening to Romney or Gingrich or Bush or Obama makes you sick and you don’t know how Ron Paul gets through those debates without getting nauseous. You see a political veneer in these politicians that’s so transparent it’s like a ghost flapping its ethereal tongue at you. You can’t bear it.

What’s so maddening about hearing Romney or Gingrich talk is that there’s someone standing there saying things, but there’s no soul in it. These are not free men. These are power men. Not that Romney or Gingrich don’t have souls. They do. They are men just like you and I. But they have practically forfeited their souls to try and attain power, to control others with spin and talking points and contradictory statements like “I want to cut the budget and expand the military!” and they’ll say it with a polished tone and a straight face, just like a soulless recording. Their humanity is so buried under the mountain of lies they have told themselves, that neither they themselves nor you can even sense their souls in the human continuum. The scene of a human body speaking but no soul communicating can drive a free man mad.

The reason that Ron Paul never goes down in the polls is that he’s not “convincing” people in the everyday sense that he’s right on whatever issue. He’s activating human souls, lighting spiritual fires one by one speaking about freedom. Once a soul gets activated, and the man realizes that he IS free no matter what people do to him or tell him, there is no turning back. The other candidates are trying to turn heads with snappy one-liners that sound cool. Slaves follow these one-liners like mobs, and follow each other from candidate to candidate. Slowly but surely, Ron Paul activates a few of the individual souls in the mob as they bob from snappy comeback to snappy comeback and he goes up in the polls.

Yet, we cannot expect every man woman and child to understand or get excited about the message of liberty. In fact, most just can’t handle it. Being truly free is as terrifying as it is electrifying. The Bible tells us this very clearly in the story of the Exodus from Egypt. When Moses finally accepts the role of deliverer from God, he was assigned to say the following to my great-grandparents the Israelites:

“Therefore say to the Israelites: I am God. I will free you from the labors of the Egyptians and deliver you from their bondage. I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with amazing signs. And I will take you to be My people and I will be your God, and you will know that I am the Lord who freed you from the labors of the Egyptians.” (Ex. 6:6-7)

And what was my grandparents’ response?

“And Moses told this to the people, but they didn’t listen due to lack of spirit and cruel bondage.” (6:9)

Not everyone can handle the message of freedom. It’s too frightening for some people, and some are just too enslaved. Those are the people that despise Ron Paul, the same types who rebelled against Moses in the desert and attempted to go back to Egypt. Freedom is too much for them and they can’t handle the Divine gift. They want and need someone to control them. Their souls have been too battered by slavery, taxation, and wars.

But nonetheless, God forced my stiff-necked great grandparents to leave Egypt, and as a result I’m here today, preaching freedom once again, fighting not only for America’s freedom, but for my own from America’s influence in my own region.

Vote Ron Paul and let my people go! Stop meddling here and stop trying to buy influence by giving me money. Stop trying to be the all powerful Peace Maker and let us work out the problems here on our own! If we think Iran is a threat, we can handle it and we’ll take the consequences. It’s not America’s problem and you can’t afford another war.

Now I understand why people will give everything to this man. Whenever he’s asked the question, “Would you legalize heroin?” Ron Paul answers, “I want to legalize freedom!” Little do these people understand that freedom is a thousand times more addictive than heroin.

American Jews! Wake up! Set your brothers in Israel free! We were the first nation ever to be set free by God, and we brought the concept of liberty to the world when we left Egypt over 3000 years ago. It’s about time we set the example we were chosen to set.

The writer, Rafi Farber, is a member of Jews for Ron Paul and manages the website World of Judaica. Email him at


257 thoughts on “From Israel: Vote Ron Paul and Let My People Go!

  1. The difference between freedom and liberty. Liberty – from libertus (Latin) which means liberated slave. Freedom – from free will – “how am I not myself?” (I liked when you quoted movies, this is from one of my own favorite ones “I Heart Huckabees”). Faith in goodness starts when one realizes that the human will is only free when it’s not harmful. To have faith in someone it means that they are actually free. I do believe the Jewish people were free and this is what G-d helped them, He did not do it because of certain rite or the other. Just because they were free, they had avoided doing many things which would have led to their liberty and thus G-d saw and recognized their labor to the labor of goodness, and those who were children of Cain have proven that they can resist killing their own brother and those who were children of Abel have proven that they have learned to consider all living beings, even the smaller ones to be G-d’s creation, and those who were daughters of Eve were given wisdom, health and more knowledge for turning their men away from misusing what was stolen which had led to Cain judging Abel and G-d and thus committing a sin that was a consequence of the initial lack of trust of Adam into G-d. I do believe these things I cannot prove, you can call me insane or revealed. But not all people come from the Jewish people and so I do not know about the others.

  2. Like Ron Paul said, we each have our own reasons for wanting freedom, but our common enemy is oppression by whatever gang that takes over, whether by brute gang force or by infiltration and psychological warfare and deceiving the gullible.

    The UN is no friend of Jews nor Israel nor is it a friend of Arabs nor Muslims. Much less Christians. It makes some of the lips moving thing with some of the sounds we have learned to like, but its acts are brutally oppressive. Honduras pushed back against this hostile takeover in 2009 without complete understanding of it, and was condemned by the UN and all the hangers-on (many of the NGO’s) helping to push the coming global dictatorship prophesied in both Daniel and Revelation (and elsewhere in the Bible).

    The Bible has been about increasing respect for freedom world-wide. When the Israelites demanded a king, God said “Ye have rejected ME!” Proclaim liberty, Golden Rule Government.

  3. I want to add also Rafi, thank you! It is so amazing to hear from a person living in Israel, I hope you understand how many Americans need to hear this! There is a fear of not supporting Israel, we do not ever want to be seen as anti semitic! Also, thank you for clarifying the G-d issue, I was a tad curious about that, and I never knew the word God came from the word Good, but that is exactly what God is, and is to me:) (though I do not believe in a religion, after trying on many for size, none fit. I will never doubt there is a God!)

    Keep up the good work, you are amazing, and the world needs you and others like you:)

  4. God help us all.

    The reason why Ron Paul is so loved by his supporters is Truth. It resonates. It purifies the soul. The truth is, America has no right to kill innocent people. I am sickened, absolutely heart sick from the brutality of our government. I have literally cried myself to sleep, in horrific pain, from thinking of those poor people in the Middle East. America, wake up! You have blood on your hands. The statue of Liberty at this point should be holding a bomb, with a drown for a crown, because that is exactly what we represent to the world. How dare us! How have we allowed this? It did not begin on 9/11. Far from it. Prior to that, we murdered over 500 thousand innocent children by starvation. That was just with sanctions. If that is a sanction, can you imagine what war really is over there? You know it’s terrible when even our troops are coming back saying we are not over there for any reason having to do with freedom. We are there to steal, kill, and destroy. (sound familiar Christians?) WE are the terrorists.
    If I could have any wish come true, it would be that we left the world alone. We’ve done enough. We need humanity now. I believe in the spirit of America, and I don’t want to blame the people, but we do have accountability. We bought the lies. We pay for the killing. We vote in the murderers. As a nation, we are prejudiced against Muslims. This looks to me like a Muslim holocaust. The United States of America is called a Christian nation. Prove it! Where is the Christianity? Where is the love? I myself hold no religion, but I do believe in goodness, and evil. We have let evil triumph, and sacrificed our own souls in the process. No more! Freedom, from those who seek to destroy us from the inside, must be fought for. It is never given freely. Recognize who your enemy is America, look in the mirror. We must unite, the whole world must join in this struggle for justice, and liberty for all. And I do mean ALL, all Muslims, all Christians, all Jewish people, all Atheists, all villages, cities, states, and nations rise. Take this challenge. Stop the slaughtering!
    I do love Ron Paul, and I weep in joy watching him liberate our minds from the oppressive propoganda of our media and government, but it is up to us. The world will not survive a WW3 or a fourth reich.
    God help us all.

    Jackie Kayne Sherar

    • Jackie – Thanks for your comment. Though Christianity has never been peaceful. The more Christian someone is, the more violent usually. Christianity was founded in violence, spread through violence, and now that they’ve conquered everything, they calmed down for a few years, but now that Ishmael is threatening you guys again, you’re bombing everything.

      Meanwhile, the Jews are stuck in the middle, as always. The reason Ron Paul is not violent is that his Christianity is private, his real religion is the Constitution and liberty.

      • You are right, sadly:(

        Brilliant example by Barnslayer right below me;

        “Ron Paul says America is to blame for arab terror attacks but ignores the history of islam. Since the 7th century the moslems have been violent and intolerant of all non-moslem cultures. This pre-dates the existence of the modern state of Israel and America.”

        That is a Christian American ^^^ Sense the hostility towards Muslims? It’s ok to occupy their land and take their lives because they have had many issues? Goodness, this reminds me of people saying that Native Americans were always killing each other anyway, or it was the black mans fault we enslaved them because their people sold them to us. Sometimes I think America deserves whatever destruction she has coming to her. The history of Islam has NOTHING to do with what we are doing. I see this as yet another example of justifying the wars.

      • I view fights between Christians and Moslems as none of my business. To me they are both equally violent, they just go through cycles of who kills Jews faster. There is no difference between Christianity and Islam. They’re both seeking an easy way out to salvation by creed. Until the Jews – the father of both Islam and Christianity – come into their own and tell both you guys how to behave, you’ll keep killing each other.

      • I do wish for an open mind when i say this. Christianity has been bastardized on many different levels. Many of those who present themselves as Christians are in reality anti Christians. “Salvation” is only granted two different ways. Perfect Righteousness, or the blood of Christ.

        “The law of Moses was unable to save us because of the weakness of our sinful nature. So God did what the law could not do. He sent his own Son in a body like the bodies we sinners have. And in that body God declared an end to sin’s control over us by giving his Son as a sacrifice for our sins. He did this so that the just requirement of the law would be fully satisfied for us, who no longer follow our sinful nature but instead follow the Spirit.” Romans 8:3-4

        Gods purpose from the beginning was to allow man to discover that no matter how hard he tries he will always fall short of gods righteous standard. Even on our best day we are unworthy of the kingdom of heaven. The reason salvation is not earned is because if it was earned then we would have something to boast about. Their for Salvation is a gift from God through our savior Jesus Christ.

        ” For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only son, so that every one who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.” John 3:16&17

        “Obviously, the law applies to those to whom it was given, for its purpose is to keep people from having excuses, and to show that the entire world is guilty before God. For no one can ever be made right with God by doing what the law commands. The law simply shows us how sinful we are” Romans 3:19&20

        To be a christian is to be a servant of Christ. And as a servant of Christ we are commissioned to make disciples of Christ in all nations. notice we are not commissioned to “Save” others as some Christians would like to believe. for only god can save us. But what i can do in Christ is refuse to let sin control me, be kind to others and serve others as if i where serving god. I am not trying to say that i do not sin, because i do that a lot. but i do not let myself be slave to sin but instead serve Christ.

        So what i was trying to get at is their are many people & “religions” who claim they are christian, but if they do not understand what salvation is and where it comes from then they are simply falsely classifying themselves.

      • Christianity was peaceful, prior to Rome claiming it and making their version of it the official state religion, thanks to Emperor Constantine. Christians went to their deaths, burned like candles, fed to lions, beheaded, etc. peacefully as their Savior did…peacefully, without anger but instead begging G-d to forgive their persecutors. However, once Rome used it as a tool to bring the pagans together in to one “church” it was forced on people the way Muslims force thier beliefs on people today; convert or die. Jews died for not worshipping on the pagan Sunday sabbath. Early Christians too, for the same reason. It’s been Sunday sabbath ever since, except for Jews and some Christian churches, such as the Seventh Day Adventists and Church of God. So, to say Christianity has “always” been peaceful, Rafi, you are incorrect. It was peaceful in it’s humble beginnings. Rome is to blame for the murders ever since. The Catholic church is stained with the blood of many saints.

    • Jackie you are a true patriot and I am delighted to read your post I hope we are friends on facebook .

  5. I’m American, Christian, and very pro-Israel. Israel should not ask permission from the US or anyone else on how to defend herself. We should not be funding arab (moslem) nations. Yet I don’t understand the rationale of this or the other pro Ron Paul threads on this site. Ron Paul says America is to blame for arab terror attacks but ignores the history of islam. Since the 7th century the moslems have been violent and intolerant of all non-moslem cultures. This pre-dates the existence of the modern state of Israel and America. Lots of mosques in New York City. How many synagogues or churches in Mecca?

    • Yes you are right, Ron Paul is the lowest of the Christian faith. So disappointed a Jewish man, with knowledge greater than those of a Christian it’s true, since they were and still are the chosen people, would fall for the words of a cheap preacher man, and a doctor. Religion? Ethics? Ron Paul fails at both. It fits since Christianity has opposed the Islam from the beginning. But these are words what hurts is that people have gone so low as to accuse America for the atheist horrible world we live in. Did they forget? It started in Europe. America never judged Europe when they came. They helped it be re-built. Do they know of any other country in history of mankind that has helped the peace effort of someone else once they had troops stationed there?

      • Barnslayer ~

        You need to understand the difference between Jews and Zionists. You also need to get your facts straight about Dr. Paul. He is the ONLY candidate to have served in the military and the ONLY candidate who NEVER broke his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. If you have a problem with integrity and are satisfied to get your talking points from Cable TV, you will continue in ignorance and remain a tool to spread disinformation. He is quite aware of Islam, but believes in the Just War Theory of Christianity, which does not include pre-emptive war. We have 900 bases around the world in 130 countries (only about 80 more to go). Our national debt is the greatest threat to our national security with us spread thinly everywhere. Hitler lost because of a two-front war. How many wars are enough? We just borrowed money from the Chinese to put troops in Australia to support Taiwan against Chinese aggression… huh?! You don’t see where this has been going? Many Christians see the United States is on a course to usher in the end of Revelations.

        Listen to the positions and reasoning from the candidates’ speeches directly, not a manipulated summary offered by talking heads. Just look at the behavior of the Big Three candidates, the half-truth messages against one another, the warmongering… Matt. 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.


        A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

      • DrDawn
        WHAT do you mean the difference between Jews and Zionists? Why is self-determination a key note that would make Zionists not Jews? Oh I get it some people are liked as long as they keep on losing – no one would sever a bowed head.. as immoral as this may be, as a basis of friendship it’s no longer a promise for the future. Some people sever bowed heads and straight heads, and friends, and enemies, and family, and even the object of worship and need I point out from which religion’s dooms theory is this? Christians are the Conquistadors and they’ve won control of the planet and when they try to play the victim it doesn’t work, it only makes the entire one big pool of mud where you can only lose your face. Own up to your success and stop trying to play the meek so you can dream of inheriting the Earth so you can sleep well at night. Even the Chinese are converting, you cannot fool anyone you actually have enemies everyone’s too afraid of your twisted Inquisitorial thinking and the pain you bring with it to both body and soul! But have you really succeeded in commanding the entire universe to your will? Oh well, Time will tell.

    • By your words one can see that you are of the same cloth as Rick Santorum. You are ignorant , uneducated, fanatical, zealot who has no idea what you are talking about. Your grasp of history is lacking. You must be one that is afraid of freedom as you need to be told how to think and what to do. Yes there are those like you who fear the freedom this letter talks about. You would be lost. I pity you and the rest of your hateful kind who call themselves Christian. I would like to hear your rational on why you are pro Israel. I bet you would come off as a new age Archie Bunker or a Niedermeyer.

  6. I don’t know about your country. But America’s story is a story of Love. Bring to me the weak, the tired,…
    A mother’s love know no limits. And no expectations. I really do believe that this country that may not be God’s, still was the most accurate to the Goddess’s plea for her human children – if one could put family and goodness first, great things would be accomplished. But yes She guides and protects, no mother would send her own children into the unknown.
    But the others always despised this country. the others always seen it as “the great unwashed” who got lucky. Now they are still lost into the maze that European empires created all over this planet. Violence from the south at the door, silence from the north, envy from the east, and cruelty and despise from the west.
    I shall return to the sea and never stop the others accusing it for all bad things that have happened in between. My waters no longer fast enough but still deep enough for any false heart that dares sail it. Eternal ice to those!!!!!!!!!

  7. simply loved it 🙂
    very deep feelings set to “paper” with great rhetoric.

    i just want to say “thank you”.

    and i understand your opening on that – i never lived in the usa.. i have no relatives there or anything else (except 10 years of playing american football ;D ) that connects me with the united states..
    but i can´t stop looking up everything about the whole ron paul thing. so you favored me twice. the first time with your essey, the second time by showing me, that im not the only foreign madman watching every movie/video, reading many articles and trying my best to be up to date 😀

    greeting from germany.

  8. That is the best summary of why people rally around Ron Paul that I have ever heard or read… and I read A LOT. Congratulations for being able to put into words what millions already feel but cannot convey to others who have not been “awakened” to the campaign for liberty.

  9. If Ron Paul touches the spirit of other humans where you say he does then this says it all. That place is not for human hands to touch. Like you said, these are not free people. In the face of the Paradox, also know as the heart of Isis, the Truthsaying Lion, one must have Faith. Angels still cry after they have seen the truth, Devils laugh, Sirens sing, Goddesses and God are mad. Love stands alone seeing humanity each day as if for the first time ever. And every day, She is blind as to them and still believes all their lies and promises but the light never changes color. Lime light.

      • “Because you love me you will do as I say.” I was once enslaved by a powerful witch who knew all paradoxes of Love. I was however not enslaved by her because I loved her truly – as a human she lay weak and frail in front of God just like all the rest, despite her knowledge. I felt sorry for her truly, but when I tried to unleash her from her illusions that she actually cast a spell on me and not abused my Love for her, I became a slave of pain so great I never believed existed.
        Without magic humans have invented seductive words and general statements that protestant Christian preachers like Ron Paul are very good at manipulating. This is how I know I can convince God to forgive the witch for hurting me but I cannot forgive her for making a school and teaching others her knowledge and skill.
        You don’t owe Americans money. They don’t owe you money. They don’t owe you your liberty. They don’t owe you anything and neither do you to them. This is why you should vote as an American for what is good and useful for them without fear of making a mistake.
        Indulge yourself in guiding them into this new world without borders that they and their Mother British Empire has began building, and where education is the only thing that can get you a higher position than just an army, or a market or a producers. Most powerful country in the world needs to be more than a muscle with a shining wheel of radiant Constitution.
        I believed them that they tried to change and made something better – they failed at that but hey, they are only human. I have no regrets of working for them, of guiding them even if at the end they just want to behave like pirates still.
        No regrets. I loved them as British pirates and I slapped them as indifferent fools when they were. Now they need to try again in another direction and stopped selling me ignorance as goodness and stupidity as holiness.
        They will never stop sending troops all across the planet if the Army is the only way out of poverty for most.

  10. “WOW!” is all i know to say!
    this was one of the BEST blogs i have come across regarding RP. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I swim forever now, it’s true. Am I free, am I enslaved by my natural need to be ever patient, ever loving? In these I do not know. Under the birches I weep no more. That’s all I know. I know what to do when God is mad, but when He is sad – about this I do not know.

  12. Dear Rafi (“God Has Healed”)

    My Spirit is quickened by your noble words. I stand with you, meeshpacha (family) in Khofesh(Freedom) and in Kherut(Liberty). You have entered and claimed the Promised Land.

    Birkat Kohanim:

    The Lord bless you and protect you!
    The Lord deal kindly and graciously with you!
    The Lord bestow His favor upon you and grant you peace!


  13. Thank you so much for beautifully capturing the essence and soul of Ron Paul supporters. You’ve eloquently put into words what we’re all always desperately trying to communicate. Thank you!

  14. Enlightened is all I can say.

    You too give me hope with your honesty and clarity that this world might be come less embroiled in constant war, turmoil and debt.

  15. Thank you Rafi for your inspiring article and allowing the video to be made using your words of wisdom. I have sent it far and wide. I have learned to love and admire Dr. Ron Paul, and I could never vote for any of the other candidates. We, the American people, have had enough war and empire building, thank you very much! It is time to bring our troops home from around the world and cut the strings that accompany the unconstitutional foreign aid stolen from our hard-working taxpayers. We must seek God and repent, and He will again bless the United States of America and our friends in Israel.

  16. This article is a work of art – by far the best piece I have ever seen written on Ron Paul. You deliver his message in a wonderful fashion and break it down well for people who don’t take the time to reasearch him. Please keep up the great work! We need authors like you to keep spreading the message of freedom and liberty. Together we can remove these corrupt people from power and RESTORE AMERICA NOW!

    RON PAUL 2012!

  17. I am speechless. What a fantastic piece. You have absolutely nailed it. My poor wife thinks I’m mad with Ron Paul disease. The posters, stickers and mad devotion simply scare her. One thing I must point out, Israel represents freedom and as such Israel has my undying respect. I think Ron Paul has made it clear Israel has its own right to self determination. If Israel ever finds itself in trouble it can reach out to the United States, a large trading partner, and friend in commerce. As a self respecting lover of freedom we must allow Israel to be her own beacon of freedom. Israel is capable, strong and powerful with a people who spread the sacred rights of freedom to every corner of the globe. Israel should be respected not propped up by would be power mongers in the United States under the guise of protection simply to arm the endless war machine. To do so is an insult to a powerful and wonderful nation that brings light to a region waking up to freedom. It is not the job of the United States to determine the free and moral compass of the Israeli people. The Israeli citizens have chosen freedom and we must respect it and leave it alone. Should Israel face the threat of dictatorship from outside forces, the forces of freedom (myself included) will pick up arms to defend her freedom. Until that day, let Israel determine its fate and the fate of its people. That issue aside I applaud you for standing up for freedom – I’m Catholic and you are Jewish but we are brothers united by freedom and that is something no one can take from either of us.

  18. Rafi, reading this text of yours is a true mirror for me. Although I don’t live in Israel and I don’t feel the same issues about the American money going in my country, we share the same feeling when we’ve discovered Ron Paul. I don’t know as well how many times I’ve typed his name, just to know a update news, a new video, a debate, a policy, a fact or simply his voice. I’ve been fooled but now I see, all our lives, from us all who experience this excitement for freedom, this hope for a better world and the sound of truth coming out of a human voice… Keeps me with faith and will, to work and look for a better world – not just to me, but also to who will come after me, for you, for them and all the ones who can breath and enjoy liberty.

    Humanly and unconditionally, you have explained well the common need for freedom in our life. For that, we should praise you very much for this great text.


  19. You Ron Paulies are so funny! How many thousand years ago was it that they set your ancestors free???

    PULeezzzz Do not make up these kinds of things. They ruin the credibility of the person you are trying to support.

    All of the sentiments were good. The video was excellent but this article exposes the fact that you all got together in your dorm room and dreamed up a story! Guys and gals — you are exposed to the wind and the rain. It really bugs me that you guys have so much savvy and you use it to create fantasies and phantoms.

    But, there is absolutely no denying the video is good. The true message was good. The package was torn and not fit for company. Go get some good clothes on! 🙂

  20. Absolutely amazing post, Rafi! Thanks for so perfectly putting into words what so many people around the world have experienced and are currently experiencing once exposed to Ron Paul’s message of Liberty.

  21. Very touching article – thank you for writing it.

    “Freedom brings people together” – Dr. Ron Paul.

  22. I too am addicted to Ron Paul’s soul. Thank you so much for putting it into words. I hope and pray we can give you a gift of President Ron Paul in Nov. 2012.

  23. Simply amazing!

    In such few concise words, you have, with incredible eloquence, capsulized the very spark that nature has endowed all human beings with. As with nature itself, once “lit”, it will result in an excited perpetual burning rage unless and until extinguished through some nefarious means. You have correctly illustrated, this is both the sheer enormity and simplicity of the Honorable Ron Paul.

    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words of wisdom. We Americans need all the prodding and encouragement we can possibly receive, as we continue to arouse from our apathetic national slumber of the past several generations. Thank goodness, we are not a stupid people. I will respectfully admit though, we have been extremely dumb! We’ve allowed our “muscles of freedom” to atrophy from neglect and non-use. As with any other physical rehab, our process will be painful but ultimately successful!

    Likewise to you in your struggles. May divine providence continue to provide you wisdom and guidance, as you toil to achieve all your wishes and dreams for your homeland!

  24. Outstanding piece….I’ve been a firm believer that the reason Ron Paul’s support continues an upward trend simply because once people hear his message, they don’t (can’t?) switch back or switch to any other candidate. After reading this piece, I have to agree with the author…Dr. Paul awakens something deep inside of people that most (myself anyway) weren’t really aware was there & once that happens, it’s something you just can’t deny. I’ve talked to many, many friends and family about Ron Paul and while I got a lot of static and regurgitated points that are so common on the entertainment news networks regarding Dr. Paul. Slowly but surely, especially these past couple years, many of them have come back to me to thank me for introducing them to Ron Paul’s message and to tell me they support him now…usually followed by a litany of questions about how helpless they feel given how he’s marginalized by the powers that be. Some find this “awakening” of sorts to be so profound they become like me where they will vote for Ron Paul whether he’s on the ballot or not. Some love the message, love freedom & liberty and everything else but “don’t want to waste their vote”. My reply them is always the same….how can a vote for freedom be a wasted vote?

    Thank you, Rafi….truly.

  25. There is nothing else I can say but thank you. Thank you for explaining those that are ‘afraid’ of freedom. I have family that absolutely despise Dr. Paul. But now I understand why. But when you want freedom and liberty, really want it, every other politician on the stage is nothing but in this man’s shadow.

    “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” – John Quincy Adams

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