The Western Financial System will Collapse in September as Palestine is Declared – How to Prepare

This is what we'll see in September on Wall Street.

In this post I make certain specific predictions that I do think will come true, but if they don’t, keep in mind that I am not a prophet. I’m just a guy trying to be intellectually honest with how I see things. Yes, I could be wrong, but hear me out.

If you’ve been following the blog so far, you get the pattern. I take one piece of news and interpret it through a Nationalist Jewish faith-based lens. Today was such a flurry of activity that I can’t possibly analyze it all, but we’ll take one story and I’ll build a prediction around it.

I caught this in Ma’ariv, which is the newspaper I prefer to read since they pubish Moshe Feiglin and I figure they deserve my traffic at least. That and I like their layout. And most of all they’re in deep debt and are about to go bankrupt along with the rest of the Israeli media, so I give them a pity read.

Here’s a link to the story in Hebrew for those who want to read it. The basic gist of it is that the Likud playmakers got together and told Netanyahu to annex Judea and Samaria if the Arabs next door declare a State.

I’m in favor of this not for tactical reasons. Tactically it will fail because no one on the globe would recognize such an annexation, as they don’t even recognize the annexation of the Golan or of Jerusalem. So it won’t accomplish the goal of taking back the momentum in the international arena. The only thing that would do that is speaking in the name of God to the world from the Temple Mount and broadcasting a massive Jewish prayer rally on the Mount live, telling the rest of the West that their founders, the Jews, are back and ready to take the lead. But that won’t happen yet.

The importance of this story is rather the flickering flame it represents, the whisperings of Jewishness that are left in the nation devoid of true Jewish leadership. The voices are there, and while powerless, we should draw strength from them and know that all they need is the right leader to give them power.

What I heard today on the radio, 95.5, Reshet Bet, live broadcast from the Knesset of Netanyahu’s speech and opposition leader Livni’s “rebuttal,” made me laugh and cry simultaneously. We have a clueless leader who has no idea what is about to happen, repeating the same exact nonsense about “true peace,” with a “partner” that everyone’s been talking about since 1991. Rebutted by a clueless opposition leader that represents absolutely nothing different whatsoever, complaining about how Netanyahu has no vision when she doesn’t either. We’re like a bunch of blinded Samsons armed with a huge army feeling around for the pillars of the building. We just need a Philistinian to show us the way.

Livni quoted Herzl about Zionism, who said that Zionism needs the support of the world to succeed. Blind Livni was yelling at blind Netanyahu that he’s losing the support of the world and Zionism is dying. She’s right. It’s dying and it’s gonna go out with a blaze in September to be replaced by something more in tune with reality: A Zionism that doesn’t need “the world,” but rather needs God. We tend to call this Judaism.

Anyway, back in the Knesset full of blind Samsons, both sides were arguing about how to win the world back, because we need the world, because we have to survive as a people. A people of what? Panderers to the world whining about our need to survive? Nowhere in that literally Godforsaken Knesset did anyone mention a word about God. Only how much we need the world. God’s people yelling at each other about how we’re going to win the world back on our side and survive, while the world looks at us and laughs.

I always say that we will not win the world over until we lead them. Right now we’re leading them whether we want to or not. They are paying attention to everything we do because we lead them. And right now we’re leading them, unbeknownst to them, to oblivion, because the West is about to commit a crime no one in the history of the world has ever committed.

The West is about to forcibly give God’s land to someone other than the Jewish people. Something tells me He (The Big He) won’t stand for it, since He promised us that no nation would ever have a political foothold in Israel except for us, ever, and so it has been throughout history since Moses left us and Joshua conquered this place. That’s not about to change any time soon. Just an educated guess from a man who really believes in the God of the Bible.

As we all know, the Palestinians are going to declare a “State” through the UN in 4 months. Call me gutsy, but this, as far as I can tell, banking on the fact that God doesn’t break his promises to the Jewish People ever, is what is going to happen immediately following:

A few days after the UN vote and declaration, the Western financial system will suddenly collapse. First the EU, triggered by Greece, Spain, Ireland, and Portugal, all falling, dragging the rest of Europe with them. The next few days will see the rest of the West refusing to buy up American debt because they have no money, and the bond markets will collapse.

The New York Stock exchange will be in complete disarray, the United States government will have to default, and the DJIA will go down to about 5,000 in a matter of a few weeks.

While all this is happening, the Arabs will be crowding Israel’s border as we thrash around, alone, the Western World suddenly not giving a tweet about what’s going on in Israel because they’re busy catching falling traders from the roofs of buildings on Wall Street.

Some may see this as a “dark” prediction. But what it really is, is the beginning of a new world. A better one I believe.

So we’ll have to figure out what to do over here while the Old World leaves us and the new one takes form, with us as the only surviving “Western” country on the planet with any money whatsoever. We have 4 months to prepare. I’ll start by buying inverse financial ETF’s and put my money where my mouth is.



5 thoughts on “The Western Financial System will Collapse in September as Palestine is Declared – How to Prepare

  1. This is great news. But only for us that know that more millionaires were created out of the last depression than any other time in history. Yes, almost everyone went through hard times. That’s because they were not educated about economy, money creation, and wealth cycles. Lucky for a few there is a website called that I learned from. If you are standing in line at a soup kitchen a few years from now, it’s your fault, not the government, not the politicians, not the president. It’s your fault for simply being to lazy to educate yourself on how to turn economic crisis into opportunity.

  2. Thanks, Rafi – Sorry for the confusion. It helps to understand the passing age as a construct with four 500 year parts which consist of sequentially, Orthodox, Islam, Catholic, Protestant. They might be understood as the four “personality types” of C.G. Jung or as “four elements” in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life – they are one and the same. Israel is the tree itself, the four elements external manifestations of the internal world. The rise of Protestantism 500 years ago represents “power” or the “thinking principle” isolated from feeling and intuition. Golem in the world starting in the 1600s represents this “shadow” and the true patriarch must flee back to Israel – it is the beginning of “the return.” The source of the four is Jerusalem – identified as an egg in this mystic picture linked below of William Blake. In the East the egg is Brahma the whole of rising and receding karma; time in all directions. In our world the egg is internal time/cosmic time/all time found at Temple Mount. For the UN to territorialize Jerusalem brings the end of time.

  3. Yes – excellent. The history of the “western” world can be seen as an archetypal or cosmic manifestation of the two sons of Abraham, Isaac and Ismael, manifest in external time as Jesus and Mohammud and forming the 2000 year platonic month known as aeon Pisces. The determining myth of the past 500 years – the rise of capital and Protestantism – is Rabbi Loeb’s dream of Golem in Prague in the 1600s. Until then European Jews lived among themselves but manifested outward creating Europe out of barbarism through the Jerusalem-based churches. Jews were forbidden by torah to engage with gentiles in their external activities as they were narrow and profane. Rabbi Loeb’s myth brought a fork in the path: Jews began to enter in with gentiles on the path of Golem – the practice of capital and external and material expansion – and others entered on the path of God back to Israel. NY can be seen in this as the “shadow” path or the path of Golem (Golem’s final external destination in aeon Pisces), the reawakening of Israel as the opening of God-consciousness to be fulfilled by the restoration of Temple Mount and the “return of the King” – these myths might be symbolized in Tolkien’s “Rings” stories: death of golem/return of king (the symbol of Aragorn’s chest as “king” is a menorah). For the UN (NY’s global agency), whose ideology and purpose is purely material and whose vision has become totalitarian to declare a secular state in Jerusalem would fulfill William Butler Yeat’s vision of a “rough beast” (golem) coming to Jerusalem (“Slouching toward Bethlehem”), indicating the end of the world.

    • Bernie –

      You are definitely one of the most interesting people I have ever come across. My background is more in Maimonidean rationalism than mystical zodiacs and the MaHaRaL’s golems, but if anyone wants to try to decode what you wrote here, I give them the opportunity. I suspect Maimonides himself though, would understand what you’re saying better than me. We’re headed for interesting times. At least we won’t be caught off guard.


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