Settlers of Samaria

Charitable giving has a serious flaw. If you give charity, it may be used to feeding the hungry, or donating to a fund that helps new immigrants, or a shelter for battered women, or supporting victims of Islamic terror.

We understand. We do that too. After all, we’re not poor and we are hard-working, able-bodied adults. We all give a tenth of our salaries to charity every month. But none of us can deny the fact that once we give our money to a worthy cause, that money is spent and gone the next day. We can only hope it had its effect, but that’s just it. We can only hope.

Were the hungry fed? Yes, but they are hungry the next day. Were the new immigrants helped? Yes, but they continue to struggle. Were the terror victims supported? Of course, but their lifelong nightmares rage on. And where is your money? It was used to buy much needed relief, and we thank you. But the effect is at most temporary.

Settlers of Samaria changes all that by changing the entire concept of charity at its base. We have learned that stable and long term charitable services are the way to do this.

Instead of giving money that will in the end be used up, we give you the chance to make your donation to Israel permanent and everlasting, forever a monument to your contribution to the Jewish State.

Giving money to Israel through us, allows us to physically build a house in Israel, avoiding all bank charges and interest rates on mortgages. The result being that a $200,000 home can be paid back in 15 years instead of 30 at the same rate.

But who are we paying the money back to? There’s no bank. The answer is we’re not paying it back. We’re paying it forward. All that money we didn’t have to pay to a bank, because of you, gets paid forward to the hungry, the terrorist victims, and the new immigrants.

The result? You’ve given your money to the causes you believe in. And you’ve also built a house, a permanent, practical, real monument to you, our partner in building the Land of Israel.


2 thoughts on “Settlers of Samaria

  1. Dear Tzadikim,

    I am thrilled about your idea. May I make one suggestion. If we need as many settlers as
    possible, perhaps some of the money coming back should be used again to buy another home.
    Perhaps the payments coming back in can be recycled to buy yet another home?

    Let me know what you think.

    Hatzlacha Rabba. At least put some money into having better fences and safety equipment if
    the government doesn’t do what it is supposed to do!

    • Breindy – thanks for the suggestion. We completely agree with it and offer it as an option for donors. The more interest-free houses, the better!

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