Interview/Debate with Ryan Dawson This Week

So there’s this guy Ryan Dawson. I was introduced to him through Bob Wenzel’s Targetliberty/ blogs which I read every day. I enjoy his commentary, one of those low-tech simple Youtube channels where it’s just a guy talking frankly.

Dawson is intensely anti Israel. I mean he really hates the State of Israel a la Rothbard. He generally focuses on the more superficial insanities of post modern society like mixed gender bathrooms by force, which really is one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever fathomed, but every so often he uploads a video of some anti Israel protest.

I contacted the guy and I will be talking with him over Skype. Unlike 99.9% of Israeli Jews, or other Pro Israel diaspora Jews, I have a very muted emotional reaction to his anti Israel propaganda. It’s why I can talk to these people. I’m only mildly perturbed, and I think I can talk to him and convince him of the justness of being a “settler”. I I can’t whatever. The term settler really just means you live in a territory that is not in official control by a State, which is great by me. But in reality it is, because I still have to pay taxes to Israel when I live here, so the whole thing is bull.

His anti-Israel stuff is a mix of falsehood and misinterpretation, but it’s all based on truth, sadly. We are the occupiers and the aggressors. He takes media reports such as Jews burning arabs in Duma (it was Arabs burning each other) and he exploits them, which is fine and doesn’t really annoy me so much.

It may go on YouTube, it may not, I don’t know. If it does I’ll post it here.