Israel, the West, and Islam

Israel, Islam, and the West - Spiritual vs Physical Threats

Once piece of news: Obama says something about the 67 borders, and everyone freaks out as if something new just happened. Why is everyone freaking out? Why is this a surprise?

We’re not surprised. We’re afraid.

We’re starting to feel the isolation and the Zionist dream of the world’s support for Israel is fading. But a new dream is taking form. It’s the Jewish dream.

After seeing the Nir Barkat interview with Neil Cavuto, I became a little depressed. How is Israel going to get herself to recognize her Jewish identity, that she’s here for a purpose, and that purpose is not to be just another transplanted Western country? That her purpose is in fact to lead the West as its founder and inspiration?

How can the Jewish People stand up and lead the world if they continually feel that they need the world’s political support to survive?

What we have here is a mentality known as Dor HaMidbar, or in English, slave mentality. We believe we are the slaves of the West. The Arabs we don’t really care about because we are not trying to emulate them. But the West we feel we are helpless without. We are imprisoned with living day to day trying to convince the West that we are just like them, and it works less and less every day. And it’s starting to scare us. And our leaders don’t know what to do. And they yell at one another in the Knesset blaming each other for losing the world’s support.

The Jewish people have generally always had two enemies. Those that are a real threat to our spirit, and those who are a threat to our bodies. The Persians, for example, were a threat to our spirit. We tried to assimilate, and then a threat to our bodies materialized in Haman, and we got our act together with the Jewish leadership of Mordecai and Esther and we were saved. People like the Philistines, on the other hand, were only threats to our bodies. They were never more than pests. It’s the same with the Philistines of today, the Palestinians. They are no spiritual threat. We don’t identify with them, we don’t want to be like them, we don’t like their society and we have nothing in common with them. They just kill us every so often and drive us up the wall.

Egypt, on the other hand, was a threat to both body and spirit. They were killing our babies just as the Palestinians do, but when we were in Egypt, the Rabbis say we were on the “49th level of impurity”. I don’t know exactly what that means, but it’s something like we were very hopeless, disconnected, disparaged, and we couldn’t even pray anymore. We were spiritually in danger, just as we are now, just as we see no spiritual way out of this mess, no way that we’ll all suddenly understand what we’re doing here.

Right now our enemies are clearly lined up. We have the Muslim world, which is no spiritual threat at all, but they sure do threaten our bodies. Then there is the Western world, which doesn’t want to actively kill us, nor do they directly threaten the Jewish people. But the West is the real spiritual threat to the Jews, not the Muslims.

This is not the West’s fault. They’re not trying to be enemies. But they are a spiritual threat because we think we’re supposed to be them. We are enslaved to them. We feel we need them. When we lose their support we become scared. The Muslim World smells the fear and they pounce.

So how is our spiritual enslavement to the West going to end? The answer can’t be God’s abandonment. He tried that in the Holocaust and it just backfired. We won’t listen. It won’t be effective. It will have to be just how we got out of Egypt. By God’s hand alone. God struck our spiritual threat, the Egyptians, until they let us go. When we got out, we wanted to go back because we couldn’t see life without them. That’s how it will be this time.

Our spiritual threat, the West, will lose its power. When it does, we will want to go back to them. We will moan about how life was so much better when America was in charge of the world. But we’ll be alone in the desert with God guiding the way.

At some point we’ll hit a body of water and get totally stuck. Then someone will jump in. Then the sea will split.

We’ll get out of it when we are totally cornered, with the Muslim world coming at us at full speed, while the Western World is too busy restructuring itself to turn our way.

As a nation, we are in spiritual trouble, but we are not short of many amazing individuals who are ready to jump into the sea before it splits. When there is literally nowhere to go and no one to save us, we’ll figure out why we’re here and what we have to do.

On that day no one will give a crap about what Obama says about anything at all.