One sad thought around the Netanyahu speech to congress hype

Netanyahu is going to speak to a congress of baboons today. Or maybe tomorrow. Or maybe yesterday. I don’t even know. But one thing that strikes me as profoundly sad about this whole meaningless hype surrounding a total nonevent of nothingness is how excited everyone is about it, as if Netanyahu blathering to a bunch of panderers is going to change Jewish history as we know it.

The Jewish people have become so dependent and weak that we get excited about Netanyahu flexing his speaking skills? Talk talk talk. And everyone’s inspired by even the prospect of him bloviating with his signature faux emotional pauses. To a group of people who have collectively driven a people into $18 trillion of debt and counting.

It’s just sad. Here’s a status I shared on Facebook about this BS.

I’m so excited about Netanyahu speaking to Congress. It will change everything. Netanyahu will finally do the one thing he’s never, ever done before: Give a speech. Politician to fellow politicians. Historic.

His speech will be so moving that, immediately after the final rapturous pandering applause rally, there will be no more Iranian nuclear program, all Jews expelled by Netanyahu from Gush Katif will be returned, the Wye Accords will be reversed, Hevron will be back in Jewish hands, and Jews will be allowed to pray on Har Habayit.

Thank goodness for Chef Boyardee.