Greeks Partying Hard as the Ship Sinks

This is not about the negotiations. It’s actually a dry news story about an actual event that happened and is happening and can be documented, rather than rumors of a report of possible private conversations with intonations and predilections and intimations of something maybe blah blah behind closed doors deal thingee between Greece, and its creditors the CIA, IMF FBI KGB, KKK, ECB, and CBS.

So the Greek public broadcasting station ERT is being reopened. Davka now. Wow. 1,500 state employees hired to spew bullshit about what all the Greek politicians are doing, saying, not doing and not saying so everyone can know. All the time.

I wonder what the hell they’re going to pay the 1,500 bullshit workers with.

Once described as a “haven of waste”, Greece’s public broadcaster relaunched on Thursday evening with a live concert by famous local musicians in central Athens…

“Today ERT is back, once again tasked with providing a service to Greek society of prompt and impartial information. The stakes are high; to show that a public organisation can serve the public interest,” said Tsipras.

It’s thought around 1,500 staff are being gradually rehired as programming progressively resumes.

Reporting from the reopening, Nikoleta Drougka, our correspondent in Athens said: “Here at the ERT headquarters, the mood is celebratory.”

Live it up you wacknuts. Party hard. You don’t have much time to enjoy it, so may as well go out screaming.

It reminds me of that snippet from Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah) where God tells him to redeem a field while the Babylonians are busy burning Yehuda and killing everyone. Yirmiyahu asks what’s the point. God says that fields will still be redeemed in My land, no matter what’s happening.

In Yirmiyahu it’s a sad but beautiful note of ultimate continuity in the face of catastrophe. The meaning is, ultimately, we’ll be back. And we are.

But with his reopening of some stupid public broadcaster, it’s like an dark universe version of that same message. We screwed up. So at least let’s screw up some more before the bell tolls. Have a party. Woo hoo.