Moshe Feiglin & Zehut Charidy Money Bomb Donate NOW – $400,000 Goal

Donate here until 6pm Israel time tomorrow, which is 11am EST.

Every donation will be matched 4x. Here is what Shmuel Sackett sent me. I donated $1,000, which is matched by donors to $4,000.

Go to this website right now at to donate!

Note: I sent the email below to 200 people. In order for this big event to work, we MUST get pre-pledges before the start of the telethon.

It is now time for me to start sending to our team, as well – and that means you… and me.

Just to let you know:
Moshe Feiglin pledged 1,000 shekel.

Shai Malka pledged 1,000 shekel.

Shmuel Sackett pledged 1,000 shekel – after they twisted and almost broke my arm… just kidding!

(With the current exchange rate, 1,000 shekel is around $270)

Anyway, we need your pledge as well.

Please read the email and REPLY to me with your pledge.




Things for ZEHUT are going very well, Baruch Hashem.

The Jerusalem Post ran an article about us last week and Moshe is interviewed 3-4 times/week on radio and tv.

Lapid is rising in the polls – which is good for us – because we are the “flip-side” of everything he says.

Lapid and Feiglin have succeeded in changing the narrative from right/left to Israeli/Jewish.

We now have 15 chapters around the country plus another 7 in universities and our office in Tel Aviv is bussing with volunteers.

A recent poll was taken by “Ma’agar Mochot” showing that 71% of our supporters identify themselves as either “secular” or “traditional”.

This proves that we are getting to the right people…


As you know, TOMORROW we are running a big “Charidy” crowd-funding event where all donations are matched 4-1.

Aish HaTorah ran a Charidy program and they raised $1,364,557.

Charidy has run 900 programs so far including for the Lakewood Yeshiva, dozens of Chabad organizations, Hatzola and even Mayanot where they raised $2,306,044!!

These guys are very good and extremely professional.

Actually, today starts their biggest campaign ever. Yeshiva University is looking to raise a whopping $5,000,000!!

Our goal is to raise a total of $400,000. (We are very humble guys…)

The way it works is that on the actual day of Charidy – which is tomorrow – Sept 21st – the 18th of Elul (the birthday of the Ba’al Shem Tov) – we try to raise $100,000.

Before that day, it has been my job to find “MATCHERS” which will commit to a total of $300,000.

They will ONLY give their money if we hit our goal of $100,000 on Wednesday.


I divided the $300,000 into 3 groups.

#1 – One matcher for $100,000. I am proud to say that I achieved this goal! Michael Farkas of Miami Beach, FL has pledged this entire amount. Baruch Hashem.

#2 – Several USA matchers that collectively pledged $100,000. Baruch Hashem I reached that goal with 14 different donors.

#3 – Several ISRAELI matchers that collectively pledged $100,000. Baruch Hashem, just yesterday we hit our goal with 13 donors who actually pledged a total of $102,900.

(Note: I will gladly send you the names and amount of all “matchers’, if you would like to see them. This is 100% real – nothing is “fudged”)


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