Debating Jeremy Hammond on Israel on the Tom Woods Show

I’ll  be debating Jeremy Hammond on the Tom Woods show next week, on the legitimacy of the State of Israel. I will be arguing from a minarchist perspective even though I am an anarcho-capitalist. It will be published on the Tom Woods YouTube channel and I will of course post it here when it’s up.

I don’t think Tom or Jeremy know what they’re in for. I will make arguments that every libertarian has heard before, but never in the context of Israel.

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Debating Jeremy Hammond on Israel on the Tom Woods Show

  1. Am listening to Rafi’s opening statement. Totally unimpressed by such a juvenile approach.
    First place: no definitions. What is a JEW? What is a non-JEW. Is Judaism a religion or is it a racial characteristic or both? You did not really present any history of land ownership. Was land owned by individuals or tribes or both? Very poor preparation. Go back and think it through.

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