Yakov Litzman Calls to Boycott McDonald’s Because Food “Unhealthy”

The bottom of the barrel just keeps getting deeper and stupider. Litzman is the Haredi equivalent of semi-educated hillbilly who is the “Health Minister”. But since he knows nothing about health, he basically goes into hospitals and makes sure they’re Shomer Shabbos.

He says, according to the AP, that, get this:

“There is no need to eat junk food. Not in our country.”

HA! What a zinger! I wonder how much garbage he eats every day. I’ve seen supermarkets in haredi shops full of sugar this and sugar that, sugar topped with sugar and coated with three layers of sugar with different forms of sugar on it. Sugar includes pasta, bread, crackers, actual sugar, pretzels, actual candy, noodles, flour, and anything you say בורא מיני מזונות on.

I smell a law coming on banning McDonald’s. Or passing a special McDonald’s tax so Litzman can give himself a junk food raise.

I used to live next door to Bnei Brak and watch all the dough-boy looking Haredi men and women pale as ghosts whose medical bills I have to pay because they eat nothing but junk.

At least at McDonald’s you can get some actual protein and salads.

Does he have any idea how often my kids are given candy by people they don’t know? In their gans, out of their gans, by real estate salesmen (seriously), how we avoid the government lunches because they’re always, basically, just sugar?

In this country, as well as all western countries, we keep feeding sugar to people until their pancreases explode in diabetes. Then our prescription for them, instead of stop eating sugar (which includes everything you say mezonos on) is to keep eating sugar but to shoot yourself up with insulin so you can keep eating it. And this is already after your pancreas has stopped working because you’ve been on a high sugar diet your whole life while all the doctors tell you to stay away from actual food, like meat and animal fat and even high fat fruits like avocados and coconuts.

Basically, this country tells people to avoid any food that will actually fill you up and stop you from eating garbage, and instead just keep eating the garbage. And when your body parts die because you’ve eaten too much garbage, to shoot yourself up with drugs so you can keep eating garbage.

And he’s telling me to boycott McDonald’s because it’s garbage.

If he wanted to rid the country of junk food, he’d have to clear nearly every single shelf of every single supermarket, and just keep the fruits vegetables and meat aisles.

The name “McDonald’s” is such a cheap shot. It’s embarrassing that creatures like Litzman exist.


16 thoughts on “Yakov Litzman Calls to Boycott McDonald’s Because Food “Unhealthy”

    • In what way does anything I wrote sound like an SJW?

      Do you have anything to add to this conversation other than random insults?

      • “What’s your evidence that water fluoridation is not beneficial?”

        SJWs never bother to do their own research. And when evidence, even strong evidence, is presented in an honest effort at dialog with one, it is ignored.

        Tell me, did Rafi’s link to Rothbard’s detailed arguments and citations against fluoridation have any affect on you?

      • “SJWs never bother to do their own research.”

        …such as the link that I provided. Unless you mean that you have learned sufficient biology, chemistry, and dentistry to run your own scientific analysis of the potential benefits and hazards of fluoridation, and publish the results? If so, please send your study — I’ll be happy to read it.

        “And when evidence, even strong evidence, is presented in an honest effort at dialog with one, it is ignored.”

        I read Rafi’s link, which may have some scientific merit. However, it is tainted by outright bias, freely stated in the opening sentence. It also stands in direct opposition of many other studies, which I hope you’ve read in your research.

        Rafi’s further assertion that his food is grown with fluoridated water is almost certainly false, since most produce is grown with waste water (or other non-potable water), and seems to be founded on baseless paranoia.

        I should point out that the issue of whether fluoridation is beneficial or harmful is entirely secondary to the overall question of Mekorot’s (and by extension, the government’s) right to fluoridate water. In this case, the case that the libertarian is subject to a government monopoly is on very shaky ground. The government ensures that populated areas are served by a water network, and that network is naturally governed by the market force of the democratic majority. The governmental decision to fluoridate is in response to customer demand.

        Nonetheless, any individual is free to opt out of usage of the governmental network, and provide one of their own. This is in marked contrast to the inherent inability to opt out of other government-controlled networks, such as car licensing.

        I would argue that a true libertarian would believe that if a market existed for non-fluoridated water, the free market would create such a network that he could join. There’s nothing in the law that prevents that from happening.

      • Did you research both sides of the issue? Or just look at Wikipedia’s declaration of the CDC’s self-serving argument (proclaiming it a “great public health achievement”)? Wikipedia is hardly the lofty apolitical disseminators of knowledge they like to be thought as. One tiny section at the very end on the controversies surrounding the subject, laced with words like “conspiracy” and “communist,” and lacking even the tiniest substance.

        Your snarky reaction dripping with contempt (and factual errors) leads me to confirm my conclusion: SJW.

      • Please feel free to point out my errors — I genuinely want to learn where I have erred. Generic insults will not help to educate me and only serve to weaken the perception of your position.

        And as long as we’re pointing out factual errors, this is about fluoridation of drinking water in Israel, not the US. The vast majority of agricultural irrigation in Israel is waste water — please see here: https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%9E%D7%A9%D7%A7_%D7%94%D7%9E%D7%99%D7%9D_%D7%95%D7%94%D7%A9%D7%A4%D7%9B%D7%99%D7%9D_%D7%91%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C#.D7.98.D7.99.D7.94.D7.95.D7.A8_.D7.A9.D7.A4.D7.9B.D7.99.D7.9D

      • In yet another demonstration of your shallow thinking, for some reason you have not deduced where waste water comes from. Waste from what, exactly? Go one step deeper and think where waste water comes from and whether that place that it comes from is fluoridated.

        As for markets, you seem to willingly say contradictory things in most sentences. Government and customers for example. Government has no customers. Customers voluntarily exchange money for goods and can defect to another supplier at any time. Government has subjects, not customers, who are forced to exchange money for whatever the government decides it wants to give them. This makes us subjects, not customers.

        Nobody has the right to provide alternative water infrastructure. And even if they had the right, competing with an institution that owns 93% of the land supply just because it says so and funds its water infrastructure with tax money is NOT FREE MARKET COMPETITION FOR GOD’S SAKE.

        But worst of all, you want to get me caught up in such a ludicrous discussion of where wastewater comes from and what crops are freaking watered with fluoridated water instead of focusing on the central point that forced mass medication is IMMORAL. It’s a thin line between that and Mengele. How dare I compare Litzman with Mengele blah blah.

        Now I bet you’ll accuse me of not being a wastewater treatment PhD so therefore I have no right to have an opinion on crop irrigation or some stupid sidepoint meant to sidetrack me so you can prove to yourself for meaningless reasons that you are right on some minor point that is totally inconsequential to the basic immorality here.

      • There are valid points to be discussed on all sides of the multiple issues that have been raised here, including responses to what you’ve raised, but I will set them aside (even regarding your dalliance with Godwin’s Law), as I prefer to end my involvement in this conversation.

        I have been repeatedly insulted and branded pejoratively. You may see that as the only appropriate response to statements that you disagree with, but this toxic atmosphere does not represent a style of discourse that I am willing to participate in.

        I leave it to you (as moderator) whether to allow this comment or not, and I’m sure that you will ascribe my departure to the weakness of my position (“how typical of an SJW!”).

        I leave you with these links to consider the best approach to online discussions:

        View at Medium.com

        View at Medium.com

  1. I don’t follow — how has the government monopoly on providing general water supply to your house prevented you from buying unfluoridated bottled water?

    • Richie – you know that final scene in Pulp Fiction when Samuel L. Jackson explains to the two restaurant robbers that he’s trying…real hard…to be the shepherd? Well, I’m trying real hard now to not point out the problems with this follow up comment of yours. See if you can spot them. Here’s a hint. The government monopoly fluoridates all the water that comes through the pipes in my home, and all the water that is used to grow the food that I eat. Not just the water I choose to drink directly from the tap. I use water for a lot of other things, given that I am a human being and all. (In case you forgot, I wash with it, my clothes are washed in it, cook with it.

      Does the government give me the freedom to do all of this with unfluoridated bottled water? Sure. But I’m sure you understand the absurdity of saying I have no right to complain because I can buy bottled water.

      The things I eat are grown with fluoridated water as well. Got it?

      I’m trying real hard to be the shepherd.

  2. Far more damaging is his decision to reverse the one good thing former Health Minister Yael Germain did, which was to stop fluoridating the water. I don’t care what people in charedi areas say about him. If he poisons the water, he’s a rasha, not a tzaddik.

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