Not all crashes happened during Shemitah Year

Non Jews are starting to get a little frantic about the end of Shmitah 5775. I’m starting to see it everywhere. I just saw an article about how people in India are even getting a little nervous. Now it’s the “supermoon” final tetrad lunar eclipse of the four blood moons on Succot in 3 weeks or so.

The eclipse will supposedly happen as the moon is at its closest distance to Earth, so it will look abnormally large, and I read that it will be visible from Jerusalem at around 2am.

There’s this kabbalistic Jewish guy at Yearsofawe that seems to think Moshiach (the Messiah) is coming and revealing himself on Hoshana Rabbah, the final day of Succot. He’s really esoteric and reminds me of that episode of Star Trek Voyager when 7 of 9 has an overload of data and weaves all these whacked out conspiracy theories that all sound more or less plausible, but it turns out she’s just nutty.

To reiterate my position, I find all of this somewhat entertaining, which is why I write about it. It would be nice if it all worked out nice and neat, but I’m not willing to bet on it. I’ve already placed my bets for an eventual total collapse of the financial world, but they have no time limit on them. Betting on this would be betting the farm on a very highly leveraged put contract on the entire world that expires on September 28. Or October 5. Or whatever date you think it is.

For the gentiles, let’s clarify a few things. The crash of 1987 did not happen on a Shemitah year. It happened on the 26th of Tishrei of the following year, 26 days after the Shemita of 1987 had already ended. Gold did peak on January 21, 1980, nearly collapsing the dollar, on a Shmitah year. The 1973 stagflation arguably began on a Shmitah year, though was officially recorded as beginning 1 month later.

The liberation of Jerusalem did not happen on a Shmitah year, and neither did Israel’s independence. The crash of 1929 did not happen on a Shemitah year. It happened during Succot of the following year, 20 days into year 1 of the 7 year cycle.

This could be stretched to say that crashes happen somewhere in the end-of-shmitah beginning-of-rishon (year one) around the holidays or thereabouts. But not everything happened on Shemitah.

So if you believe there will be a financial reset, then you’re probably right. But if you’re leveraging everything on a specific date, you’re taking a very big risk with your mind as well as your finances.


4 thoughts on “Not all crashes happened during Shemitah Year

  1. In Christianity it’s talk about a September 21st. Something to be happening about the Church(es) and God at that date (ok some say it’s gonna be the devil not God, maybe that’s what scares them so). As for the world ending the concept is about proving faith in God to God and it has nothing to do with finances as far as I can tell. It’s about soul, conscience and all that stuff. Which is as valid an issue now and any time. The way I see it, regarding finances, if someone notices their soul search and fears are affecting others (finances included) then they should just take time away from the financial world. And all sides would win.
    Or if someone admits they are doing crappy business they should just stop and resist continuing. Like for example – is astrology (or magic) a honest business? (to those who will make decisions based on the Moon or astral bodies)

  2. I must be incurably ethnocentric….I never heard of Shmitah until now. I gather I have been spared a lot of unnecessary worry.

    • Shmitah is the 7th year of the 7 year cycle on the Jewish calendar. Debts are forgiven and the ground lay fallow. People are equating it with a financial reset. After 7 shmitahs is the Yovel year, or Jubilee, where all property reverts to its original tribal owners and all slaves are freed regardless of contract.

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