DEFAULT Greece Rejects Take it or Leave it Deal

By tomorrow when its June 5 IMF payment comes due, Greece will be in default. That’s it. Game over. Now the dominoes will start to fall.

Watch the bond market.

From the AP:

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — High-ranking members of Greece’s governing radical left Syriza party say they cannot accept a deal proposed by the country’s creditors during a meeting between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the head of the European Union’s executive arm.

Tsipras’ meeting with Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, which ran into the early hours of Thursday, failed to yield a breakthrough in Greece’s protracted negotiations over the release of remaining bailout funds.


One thought on “DEFAULT Greece Rejects Take it or Leave it Deal

  1. I recently wondered if govts or kings and queens, would’ve been acceptable if they would’ve acted like croupiers instead of playing house all the time.
    But oops! That’s just fantasy because they are made of people with principles and ideals and humanism!
    Too late.
    House wins in the end, that is correct. But govts aren’t house no matter how many symbols they hold to attract and/or represent the powers of whatnot and who tells them that they are house instead of someone else, et cetera. That’s their heresy – that they played as House. Even once.

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