Three Things I’m Sick of in the Greek Debt Drama: “Experts”, “Save the Country”, and “Talks are Private”

Anyone who reads TJL will know I follow the Greek situation very closely. But there are three things, specifically, that I’m really sick of reading out of the main stream media.

The first is referring to the schmucks involved in negotiating this mess as “experts”. An expert is someone who can demonstrate that he actually knows something with predictive value. Like the guy who discovered General Relativity. Albert Something. Or whatever his name was. He can say that the light of a star next to a solar eclipse would bend a certain amount of degrees which proves that gravity bends light and therefore spacetime and be correct. He’s an expert. QED.

But the pure idiots negotiating a “deal” for a bankrupt government are experts in nothing. Have demonstrated nothing. They are experts in vomiting bullshit that is absolutely nonsensical but sounds like it may mean something profound.

Look, you don’t have to understand General Relativity to understand the concept of the light of a star moving to the left or to the right around a solar eclipse. You can see the before and after pictures and compare them, even if you’re a stupid person. But nobody understands what these negotiations, that are deliberately hidden from view as to their details, because they are inherently nonsense, and there are no experts for God’s sake. There is a congress of average people good at sophistry that are saying nothing and making it sound like general relativity.

Here’s General Relativity: Big things bend space. So if light goes around one of these bends, it will curve, and you’ll see it in a different place. That’s it.

Can ANYONE explain to me what these “experts” are “discussing” for so long that it requires months and months and months of nothing?

No, because of the second thing that pisses me off, “The conversations are private.” My ass they’re private. They’re dealing with public debt, with people’s money they were forced to pay, with future taxes, how much they will be forced to pay in the future, and everything else that has to do with the public’s money, discussed by publicly elected idiots, who ask the public for votes. These conversations should NOT be private. They should be on the air, C-SPAN like, with private backdoor talks absolutely prohibited on pain of a public whipping. Everything these “experts” do should be videotaped and recorded, from when they wake up in the morning to when they go to sleep, and continuing while they snore in their beds. 24-7, recording recording recording. Any minute missed leads to a public whipping by the people who pay their salaries.

“Public” servants, if they are indeed servants and not thieves (they are of course thieves and not servants) should have ZERO right to do ANYTHING private, AT ALL. Not even conversations with their spouses about their sex lives. Yes, the public servants can and should have the option of pushing a button on their mandatory recorders that will alert listeners that they are about to talk about or do something that would normally be considered private like go to the bathroom, warning viewers to stop tuning in to C-SPAN. But this would only be to accommodate the sensibilities of viewers and listeners, so as not to gross them out if they want to tune out, NOT for the “public servants'” rights to have a private life. They have no right to have a private life if they live off of tax money. Zero right, none at all.

But public viewers, who they serve and who pay them for EVERYTHING they do, should still have the right to tune in, to anything whatsoever that they do at any time in any situation with ZERO exceptions.

Third, and the thing that pisses me off the most, is this whole garbage about “saving greece” and “Greece will collapse.” Greece will not collapse. The GOVERNMENT will collapse. They will run out of money. And their only power will be to force the people to accept a new currency which they will have exclusive rights to print, thereby stealing from them even more.

If the government collapses, the Greek people will be free. They won’t all suddenly die. But the government, if it is forced out of the Euro, will then print drachmas and force people to use them. If they refuse, there will be hyperinflation and a black market money. Then the government, which produces zero value, will starve from lack of funds.


One thought on “Three Things I’m Sick of in the Greek Debt Drama: “Experts”, “Save the Country”, and “Talks are Private”

  1. Governments, monarchies.. the monad (armagedonists must look up the monad, because it’s the very popular and very amazing silhouette that everyone gossips about from middle ages).. Built to last in London Tower. I heard there is no longer even a discussion of a referendum or of Brexit. Anyway, who counts the votes in the referendum? The govt. Trust them, that they would not fix it. Trust them, that they would not use force against who displeases them. This is a story about trust not about honesty.
    Their “only” power would be a new currency? Govts have many other powers at hand. Army. Police. Intelligence operations. That’s why the whole world is unfair. Because there was never a time that govt (or a tribal leader in previous times) would be willing to play the economy game for real. Because they never have to. There’s always violence to assure their position. And of course blind people too afraid to leave the cave as Plato would’ve put it – when fear doesn’t save your life.
    And lately I can’t look up news properly because of all the old monarchies stories (Spain, Uk) – they’re having kids, they’re getting married, they are so… so? And many people actually equate king(queen) => freedom (some even go as far as finding redemption just because they have a crowned head at the top).
    Even not a few Americans think so, it’s like a dark spell or something.
    God help us, like seriously, God help us!

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