The Global Economy is Within 6 Months of Collapse

I’m feeling more comfortable now giving a more exact time frame for when this all goes down. It’ll happen in the next 6 months.

I still may be wrong because I don’t have a direct line to God, but I’m opening myself up to people calling me a stupid alarmist if I am. I’m confident enough now to risk that.

Greece is going to default sometime in May. Varoufakis is now meeting with a sovereign default lawyer. and the Fed is going to raise rates at some point in June. Those two things together are enough to screw with the bond markets which are showing negative yields for the stronger States like Switzerland and Germany. Negative yields mean that people are paying governments for the privilege of lending money to them. German 4-year bonds are yielding -.2%. That means people are giving Germany $100 for the privilege of getting back $99.80 in four years.

People think I’m insane. That’s insane. It’s about to reverse.

Price inflation will follow a bond slaughter, indebted countries will be applying all their tax revenues to debt service, meaning all your taxes go to banks. And of course, precious metals will explode very suddenly.

Let’s give it a 180 day countdown. It’s tax day isn’t it? April 15?

April 15.



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