Is Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Really Good vs Evil?

The quick answer is no. But the point of this post isn’t to answer that question, but to rebut the argument that “Manny Pacquiao is a shithead, too” because of certain things he’s done in the political arena or things he said.

An article was written by somebody named Diana Moskovitz, who certainly sounds like one of those leftist Jews that think anyone who votes against any government subsidy is evil. Jews are so annoying. (I can say that, Diana, because I am a Jew. Otherwise you’d probably send me to jail for hate speech or something.)

She starts out the article with a fair enough point about Floyd Mayweather, who by all indications is a real schmuck.

The many failings of Floyd Mayweather to follow the basic rules on how to be a good human being are well documented. He’s a serial woman beater who once evicted his father and pleaded no contest to threatening his children. His odiousness speaks for itself.

So fine, Mayweather is an asshole. From what I’ve heard, and seen, and how he presents himself and responds to questions, I can’t stand the guy.

Pacquiao is much more mild mannered, sounds more humble, is clearly religious (that’s not inherently a good thing, religious people scare me sometimes) but for a Jesus guy he is careful not to mention “Jesus” when he invokes God, which is often, and that cozy’s me up to him. If he were to mention Jesus all the time I’d definitely get annoyed.

But then Moskovitz tries to argue that Pacquiao is a “shithead” using very bad examples. Here are the worst of her “examples”.

1) He spoke out against gay marriage. That’s equivalent to threatening your children and beating your wife I guess. I spoke out against. I speak out against all state-sanctioned marriage.

2) He was a mostly absent congressman in his home country. This is a crime? To be an absent congressman? To not participate when the rest of them spend their time telling people how much money to give them and how to run their lives? Halevai all congressman should be mostly absent all the time!

3) He did not step in when some guy got fired after he said that Pacquiao’s basketball career was a joke. Lack of evidence is not evidence of a lack. Who knows what Pacquiao did behind closed doors, and even if nothing, it’s not his responsibility to tell a private company what to do. If badmouthing Manny Pacquiao causes that company to lose revenue, then the person who made that comment should be fired for the sake of the company, and the people in it who may lose their jobs because some other guy insulted the most popular and beloved man in the country. What’s the matter, Diana, you have no empathy for the poor Filipino’s who could have lost their jobs had this guy not been fired or insulting Manny Pacquiao’s basketball career? This is beating your wife and threatening your children?

4) Allegedly mauling a fellow politician – I can’t say anything that bad about mauling politicians. It sounds fun to me.

5) He owes tens of millions in back taxes! That’s a crime! He owes taxes! This is equivalent to beating your wife and threatening your children! Tax avoidance is not only not a crime, it is an absolute good.

6) He “he fought against legislation in the Philippines that would mandate sex education, subsidize contraception, and expand family-planning offerings.” He basically voted against government-funded abortions. Or in even less Orwellian language, he voted against forcing other people who believe abortion is murder to fund the abortions of the sexually irresponsible. Orwellianly stated as “expand family-planning offerings”.

My God the bullshit code is getting more complex by the day.

And that’s evil. When some politicians want you to fund someone else’s abortion, if you say not, you’re a child threatener and wife beater.

The only thing Diana Moskovitz had on Pacquiao was that he cheated on his wife. That is a bad thing. But it is NOWHERE NEAR the disgustingness of Floyd Mayweather.


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