CHUTZPAH Osem Says Heinz Isn’t Ketchup, Should be Removed from Israel

Struggling with what to write about this. This is just such plain chutzpah that it’s hard to believe. Osem, the crony government food company in Israel, has had enough of the fact that it has to compete with better tasting ketchup. So they had “lab tests” done on it and they claim it “isn’t ketchup” and then its CEO Nizan Whatever sent a letter to retailers demanding they remove Heinz from the shelves because it “isn’t ketchup״.

As they say, you can’t make this shit up.

The letter states:

The incorrect indication of tomato concentrate in the products severely misleads the Israeli consumer public and is a violation of the provisions of the law to protect consumers. This information has also been sent to the Diplomat company and the authorities. Moreover, under Israeli law, the presence of lower quantities of fortified tomato concentrate prevents the product from being called ketchup and it cannot be sold as such.

I’ve had Osem “ketchup” before and to me it tastes like strawberry sugar paste with a hint of barf. I hate it. I have Heinz in my fridge, and if some government fattened crony has it removed from the shelves in order to “protect me” I’m going to be really pissed off.

It’s because of schmucks like Nizan Goldberg who writes threats like these against the company that INVENTED Ketchup, that I understand why there are anti Semites in the world.

Heinz The Only Ketchup


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