Ron Paul wants to be “Friends” with Iran – Still Good for Israel?

This was an email exchange I had with a coworker today. The coworker forwarded me an article from Ynet that quoted Ron Paul as saying that America should be “friends” with Iran. He wrote:

“Do you still think he’s good for Israel?”

I wrote back:

I saw that interview, and yes, absolutely he’s still good for Israel. And for America. Iran is not an American problem. They pose no threat to America and the Iranians certainly can’t attack them across the Atlantic. The big question is does America have the responsibility to be world policeman. If yes, Paul’s crazy. If not, he’s right. I say no, so he’s right. What about WWII – if Congress declares a war, Paul will fight it.

We generally want the US to deal with our problems but this in my opinion is whining which is a desecration of God’s name since the world naturally looks up to us for moral guidance. If we whine it makes God look bad for we are his people. If Jewish history teaches anything, we’re on our own, always have been, always will be.

Iran is our problem, not the world’s problem. We have to deal with it without begging others to help, which always comes at the price of our sovereignty. Paul is a non-interventionist. If we attack, he won’t stop us, condemn us, or help us unilaterally. If congress votes to help us by declaring war, he’ll help us. But it’s not up to him. It’s up to the American Congress.

He can be friends with Iran and I think he should. As for us and what we have to do, we have to attack since they threatened to annihilate us already. And we know to take those threats seriously.


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