Why Jews should Support Ron Paul

Ron Paul wants to set Israel free of Washington meddling, just like he wants to set America free, too.

For those Paulites finding this blog through a Google alert, this is my first attempt to reach out to all you news-obsessed Paul junkies and say that, yes, I am one of you. I’m probably the only one, however, who lives in what you guys would call the “West Bank”. Hence, a “Settler” of “Samaria,” which is the Jewish term for the upper piece of this land generally thought of as Occupied Palestine. I was born an American Citizen, continue to hold that citizenship, and yes, I am voting by absentee in the Florida primary for Ron Paul.

There are so many reasons why Ron Paul is the absolute best candidate for Israel of any presidential candidate out there. Paul has a serious problem though in presenting his Israel case to the Jews. I will write future posts on how he can win the rest of my stiff-necked people over to his cause, but for now, I will try to explain why Israel needs Ron Paul.

The worst thing Israel can possibly do for itself is to continue to take foreign aid from America. Aside from any other of Paul’s positions, his ending foreign aid would be the best thing for Israel since…I don’t know…sliced pita. There are three reasons for this. The first, and least important, is economic. The second, more important reason is psychological, which perpetuates the middle east conflict. The third, and most important, is moral. Let us deal with the least important first.

Economic: Israel’s annual GDP is over $200 billion. We have a population of about 7 million people. To compare this with the largest Arab country on the planet, Egypt, with a population of 83 million, their GDP, with a population 12x the size of the Jewish State, is less than ours at about $190 billion. They are in recession. We are in a boom. It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic, but Israel is the richest country by far in the region per capita.

The amount of money we get from America is a paltry $3 billion in loan guarantees, 70% of which is not even real money. It’s monopoly money called USAID dollars that can only be spent in America to buy spare F16 parts. The reason America gives us over $2 billion in monopoly money that we can only spend in the US every year is that they want to keep those jobs at Lockheed Martin so Obama can say “look at these unemployment numbers!” (Which stink anyway and are double our own.)

As a result, we can’t develop our own airplanes which we certainly could do if left alone, and they’d be better than anything Lockheed could produce. Then we could export them to America, or better yet, give the Americans some monopoly shekels they could only spend in Israel and secure some more jobs here! (No, I wouldn’t advocate that, but you see my point.)

The point is, accepting American aid which totals a measly 1% of our GDP damages our fighter plane industry. But that is the least of our problems.

More importantly, the psychological issue. Jews are still mentally in exile mode even though we have our own country again. We think we’re dependent on everyone and fear pure independence. 2000 years wondering from slaughter to massacre will do that to a nation. Almost everyone here believes American aid is absolutely essential and it makes us feel weak and pathetic even though we are by far the strongest country in town here in the Middle East.

A Jew who thinks he is weak and pathetic is willing to cower, and a Jew willing to cower gets his brothers and sisters killed. Every time a rocket falls on Sderot or Beer Sheba, we feel we have to cry to America instead of take care of the problem. Every time there is a terrorist attack, we have to call up the White House to see what we’re allowed to do about it.

If you are an American and you’re reading this, imagine that after September 11 you had to ask Israel what you could do about it. It is emasculating and sad, but this is what we do because we feel we need free American airplane parts. We don’t, but we want to feel like we have a father, and we certainly don’t want to be on our own. We take American money not for any real economic need. We take it because we want a cultural father. Read more about this here.

Imagine, for a second, that there were no foreign aid in this region. Foreign aid makes up 80% of the Palestinian Authority’s GDP. 80%. It’s hard to even call that GDP. It’s not product. It’s just stolen American taxpayer money. Palestinians don’t produce anything. It’s hard to produce anything when your entire national aspirations are negative, i.e., get the Jews out.

Without foreign aid, the Palestinans have nothing. What would happen then? They’d just leave, especially if we paid them to do so. We have enough money to pay every Palestinian family $100,000 just to get up and out and move to Dubai who are desperate for people to build their oil-driven skyscrapers. Talk about solving the conflict. All we need is the will to do it. And to get the will, we need independence. And to get independence, we need liberty. To get liberty, we need to stop taking free money from anyone.

If we need weapons, we should buy them or build them. No charity.

Imagine being able to accept or reject a deal based on our own calculations instead of Washington’s. Imagine that the next time Hamas bombs our cities, we can go in and actually finish the job and destroy them, and Ron Paul will get the call on his red phone in the oval office and say to Netanyahu, “Why are you calling me? Do what you want!”

The most important reason to stop taking American aid is that it is simply immoral to do so. America is in so much debt that debt has lost all meaning there. Israel is the only Western country on the planet left that has a balanced budget and isn’t bolted down to a currency union made up of debt drunk PIIGS.

We are the last bastion of fiscal responsibility left on the planet and we’re taking money from American taxpayers?

This is wrong, it’s immoral, and it must stop. Whether we like it or not, the world always looks to us, the Jewish people, for moral guidance. If we don’t provide it, we are hated. It’s as simple as that.

If we are hated, the world loses spiritual direction. When that happens, things get dark and gloomy.

Ron Paul is the only candidate running truly driven by real moral principles. His biggest moral principle is that of liberty given by God and not Government. The concept of God-given liberty is something that the Jewish People brought to the world when we had our little thing called the Exodus from Egypt when God came down, fought the Egyptian government Himself, and told Pharaoh that governments cannot enslave nations. Without the Jewish Exodus, the founding fathers of the great nation of America would have had absolutely nothing to work with.

We brought liberty to the world. Ron Paul understands that well. That’s why he wants us, the Jews, the Israelis, to be free. So lets stop taking their money.

Ron Paul stands for the Jewish value of Liberty. And so should we.


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  1. No, AIPAC should not be dismantled. Don’t let yourself be rushed into conclusions, it’s a tricky way to use your passion and the adversaries will always use it. The AIPAC are your witnesses, it’s true they should not be lobbyists, and the lobby system in itself is about bowing your head too low for the truth to come out right.
    The Constitution is a great act, but it needs only one widening spree. The Declaration of Independance. There it says: “The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.” It should have said : “The history of the present THRONE of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.”
    The makers were ushered into thinking too fast too.
    Words are important. This too is the literal teaching of any true believer in the Holy Bible, Jewish or Christian as well.

  2. Then again like I said I do not understand politics. In my opinion Paul will cross all his promises and do whatever he wants to once he gets elected if ever. There are many economical interests US has in the Middle East (in all honesty technology should evolve so oil should no longer be a coin, without this primitive dependence on Earth’s diminishing resources power will be in the hands of those who will not abuse it not in the hands of those who happen to sit on a bag of oil) and Paul will need to be a dictator and cross many organizations and companies to fulfill those promises and American people will not allow it.
    May God ensure he does what he promised, and if another man wins may God ensure that man does it. May the Sea be split again.

  3. I love your free thinking. Ron Paul does speak of things for America I saw as needed some time ago. But it’s hard for me, being Christian to hear him use my religion to sell his ideas. It’s hard being Christian in general because I love Your people and Jesus and in my heart I know that whatever happened was not a conflict of interests at all and the events blame your people out of sheer harmful will. So I have my own beliefs, very un-orthodox to my own religion that was never supposed to be mixed in politics at all (or have churches, or be anything except a way thinking for those who feel like believing in Love above all). No I do not believe that in esoteric terms the Son of God will forgive a sinner after sinning just like so, directly. I would rather believe the New Testament contains a lot of lies since it has been written and organized by a Greek philosopher Paul based on what Peter said. In my religion faith is a constant effort. Those who claim that they are DONE and full of faith and they will join the army of Heaven are simply heretics.
    My religion is a joke these days, Christian people believe of a mixture of Apocalypse and Maya culture while also advocating blind faith.
    Love is a joke these days it means nothing, science has explained it fully with DNA and psychology and what not.

    We LIVE in an atheist world, by denying God and imagining human knowledge is limitless and so is human power. People laugh at the Pope because he said they have forgotten God.
    I try to make sense to Hinduism and Buddhism and while both contain what I feel are pieces of the truth about God and Goddesses I just cannot find a moral clause that those religions bring and it’s not about incarnation it’s about the lack of humbleness in the face of those forces that humans need in order to avoid disaster.

    Christian people should help the Jewish people not the Muslims. It’s a fact violently proved by mad popes in the Middle Ages when they were fighting against the Turkish Empire. I read the Quar’an with all respect and open-mindness regardless of all past, present and future. There is there a phrase that caught my eyes and I just cannot understand how a Muslim feel entitled to attack anyone in the name of their ideas: “But how can you know the uphill road if you’ve never been there?’ (that meaning the road to spiritual enlightment). How can a human enforce a religion or an idea or a choice on another human and claim to send them to Heaven? Something got lost in translation I really do believe.

    My religion has been used as political tool to rebuild the Roman Empire from its early days but one cannot be Christian and chose to be Roman first. This is what it was good from the Roman Empire: they invented concrete. The end.

    Whenever people want that Empire back they attack Your People. When will Christian stop trying to revenge Jesus or something alike (He did come to suffer, it was His destiny, cheap friendship with Him is not Christianity) and realize that they should take the Jewish side of the conflict not the Roman one ? The Western Europe has all those monuments and gimmicks to sell to tourists for money, it’s enough Roman heritage, it’s enough.
    Clearly the two cuts sword in Jesus’s mouth does not mean a real knife it means a hard painful choice that one needs to do in order to be Christian. Part of that choice is bury the Antiquity once and for all with all its promiscuity and cheap knowledge of the Universe.

    • Why shouldn’t Christians help Muslims? Why only the Jews? What if the Jews are being bad and the Muslims are being good? You should help the good people, obstruct the bad ones, regardless of their national status.

      Everyone’s the same, we all just have different jobs. In any case, thank you for your interestign imput. I usually delete comments about Jesus, but you clearly don’t beleive he was a god, so I published yours.

      • You are very little Rafi, But they do help Muslims, and this is against you. Muslims do recognize Jesus as a God. You should not be in denial of this name, Jesus that is literally the old Christian transcription of Adonai. You should know all about him and all that is being said so you can fend off all the attacks of those who have lost their souls to their self-fulfilling prophecy. You are up against all the other humans and religions are very powerful tools that move masses and when interests are different masses turn into armies. Christianity has stolen your life and Muslims seek to steal your soul too. You need to be more than a Secular Jew scholar to survive.
        Life is not about common sense. Atheists sound seductive because they are eloquent hypocrites with their invented ever loving ever forgiving god. You are up against everyone, the beast won once and now it feasts its energy on past victories. What do they know about Love? The theft was the original sin not the knowledge. Jewish people never fought to rule the world but just to keep their religion alive.

      • You mean why DON’T they help, because according to Christianity one must help and turn the other cheek always – very unreasonable at times but this is what it says?… They don’t help each other because they are both disputing ownership of Gabriel’s sword.
        One sees what one is interested in and both saw the sword and sadly may I add Christianity literally means the chosen ones (Hristu=chosen One, see Holistic religions with “the power of one” etc…) and they could be the second chosen people but even the Vatican’s Council in the 60s, while establishing that the Jewish people are to no longer be held responsible for the death of Christ, claims that the Christian’s are God’s “new people”. Why not the other people???
        So I simply do not trust Jesus the man (because he is called “son of man” many times) trying to be Gabriel’s prophet, while Gabriel and God himself rejected him. No I don’t think God would send His own Son to suffer and still call this Love.

        The modern people raised in Christianity prefer Buddhism and Hinduism because of the eternity they imply. But they are ignorant fools and the Indian and the Tibetan have let them turn their religions into commercial goods, because the end of opportunities is written in Hinduism too, and the end of possibility of redemption is written in Buddhism too. I consider those two religions too complex to offer any actual information, but I can’t deny some of their information and the leaders have completely let go to compromises they make. Definitely most people prefer to know nothing and stay confused so kharmic coma, or inherent sinful nature is a very convincing excuse.

        But you do make a point that US is not helping Israel’s cause and American Christians generally have a violent and dismissive take on Islamism that only promotes extraviolent response, that is if they do have a point at all, mostly they advocate to just “wait for Jesus” so they work Sundays and Holidays too. What does that even mean????
        American Christianity only kept the Jewish names from the Old Testament as link to Judaism, instead of what many European Christians still call “the Jewish-Christian religion”.

  4. The Jews in America want the US to fight Isreals battles. They think the isreali state is a delicate flower that nedds protecting. This way the State of Isreal looks like an innoscent bystander. They Think that if you don’t give money to Isreal then you are not patriotic, this is because a lot of dual citisenship jewish americans are in government. Was always told that the jews always have lots of money. These are the people that are poluting the american public that Isreal is a delicate flower. These are the people that Isreal needs to tell face face, the facts that exist in Isreal.

  5. Hi rafi, I just started reading your blog a week ago and find it very insightful. Our mainstream in usa is so sad i have to find a blog like yours or other independent news outlets to get better perspective on what is happening internationally. I could ask you many questions, but i will keep it short. What do you think are main reasons USA coddles israel at UN? I mean we exercise our veto power even if vote is 13 to 1 condeming israel for an action. Do you think AIPAC has to much lobbying power in washington,dc? IF you haven’t read it already try “Israel lobby and US foreign policy by Johm mearsheimer and stephen walt. It is was very controversial with many jewish lobbying groups here in USA. It is very well documented with about 100 pages aof footnotes. originally it was 43page essay that could a publisher in the UK. It took a few years to get published in states. By the way,RON Paul 2012!

  6. Rafi:

    Here you make an excellent case. I heard about that F16 business, when I researched Israel Aerospace Industries for an earlier article of mine. I heard about the time that IAI had their equivalent of an F16 on the drawing board, and the American Department of State told them, “Lo.” Which I believe is how you pronounce the word “No” in Hebrew.

    I see now that I should have read this article before commenting on the other one (Zionists, what if Ron Paul is right about Iran?). You really *have* thought this out, and thoroughly, too, more than I gave you credit for. *Mazel tov*, as I believe you say. I go further: *Mo’ed tov*. Absolutely excellent.

    If I by some miracle became President, I would be the first to look into the current “foreign aid” situation, and seek to change the game. I’d like to see IAI go ahead with developing its F16 equivalent. I would gladly let the IAF build a war-games squadron and come over here and test their mettle, and their equipment, against America’s best. I’d go further than that: I’d urge every American-registered airline to equip itself with the flak-and-flare antimissile systems that IAI developed for El Al’s fleet after that business when a terrorist tried to shoot down an El Al flight taking off out of Nairobi.

    And from what you’re telling me, Ron Paul would bring about just such an outcome much faster than anyone else now in the race.

    And since this article appeared, Paul went out of his way to say how his policies would benefit Israel. And he made almost the exact same case you made.

  7. You sound like a belligerent fool itching for a fight! You want to send all Palestinians to Dubai, take on Iran, reclaim the Sinai and occupy the suez? Let’s hope you never become prime minister !!!! What makes you think the world looks to you for moral guidance? Are you so full of morals? Believe me, as much as the media and your propaganda machines try to show Israel as the beacon of the high moral ground I can assure you most of the world has woken up to your tirade and sees israel as the aggressor and morally corrupt. You don’t seem to be helping in changing that perception. The Jews may have been saved from pharaoh, however now Israel is the pharaoh enslaving, occupying, killing, robbing and dehumanizing the Palestinian people on a daily basis! You have become your enemy. Have you not learnt anything? Free Palestine!

  8. I have a question……if Isreal is so rich and doesnt need our money from the US, then why is this website asking for money for Isreal? Dont get me wrong, I dont think we should be giving any foriegn aid until we have our own people taken care of, but It seems kinda strange that Isreal is so wealthy that they could pay every palestinian family $100,000 to leave, yet they need American money to build houses for themselves? What right do they have to even ask for $ when people here need houses too!?!

    • Good question Jason. I am opposed to the US government stealing from Americans and giving that money to Israel. If people want to voluntarily donate, this is perfectly fine. If they don’t that’s fine too. Anyone has a right to ask whatever they want. This is part of freedom. People have the right to give or not to give, because they are free as well.

  9. Great article.

    I personally support Newt but agree with every word. It is time we stop taking American aid and it is time to regain our independence as a nation. We left the ghetto, now let us act like it.

    Daniel Cohen
    Jerusalem, Israel

  10. Excellent article. I also see many Jews having a misguided approach to Social Justice due to guilt and misunderstandings of what God really wants of us, etc.

  11. I love your post! As American I am curious on your views on Iran and if what is going on over there is the same or different then the way the US media covers it. Is Ron Paul right about Iran? Or do you (and Israel) view Iran has a major threat that needs to be taken care of. How is what is happening in Egypt going to effect Israel? Foreign policy is the last thing typically Ron Paul supporters can win over their conservative (neo-con) friends with and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Jennifer –

      First of all, thank you for your comment. For info on what i think about Iran, I would refer you to two articles, one by Moshe Feiglin, and one by myself.


      Ron Paul is right about Iran in the sense that Iran is not America’s responsibility. He is wrong though in saying that they wouldn’t use their nuclear weapons. It’s irrelevant though because Iran is Israel’s problem.

      As for Egypt, it is clear by now that the “peace treaty” we have with them will end. This I am very happy about and I’m itching for them to dare and fight us so we can take the Sinai back and this time annex it for good, including the Suez Canal. What’s more important though is that it changes the consciousness here to “we have to make peace” to “we have to be Jews”.

      I don’t believe in peace treaties with anyone. I believe in free trade and travel with everyone, no pieces of paper. If you want to win over your Israel-loving neocon friends, tell them that Israel needs a real friend in the white house, not a bully. We want to be left alone and Ron Paul wants to leave us alone!

      • nice answer Rafi; just i think you are being a bit blind about ”taking over the Sina’i”. The fact that Israel’s ”realities” are so tied to ”Illuminati agendas”, this being one of the main ”real reasons” for all the ”giving aways” that this tiny ”jewish concentration camp” has done. Israel is tied to ”Illuminati interests” so much so, that if you take the models of how German nazi’s managed the camps then, using ”slave workers for the war machines”, you will find TO MANY PARALLELS to what keeps ”israelis in status quo”, not being able to benefit, REALLY, from ”free trade” in most aspects of our lives. AND — add to this that ”free trade” is only a euphemism for ”the prosperity of the giants”, true Darwinism there too. Your words are great to hear, as i find you so right-on in so much. But i do believe you need some details about who are those ruling elites in the world who control ”Israeli” policies on ”living”, through their ”judenreich”, as mr Eliyakim HaEtzni used to say it… maybe he still does, i just have not heard him recently. 🙂

      • Well, leyoleiner, I have to admit i don’t quite understand everything you’re saying here. Too many terms in quotation marks for me. I do overlook some things because, as my brother once told me, I have a “radically strong faith” which sometimes blinds me to some realities. So if you think I’m wrong about some stuff, you’re probably right!

      • You Rafi so innocent it’s a raging paranoia the Christian beast spreads over the world – the Illuminati – Lucipher, Iblis, the shining one, apparently trying to take over the Vatican and making deals with the Jewish. Now every determined idea it’s being called Nazi, this must be a joke right? Everyone should just be forgiving everyone because why not and I agree we should, but I ask you why is it always the killer screaming harder now that forgiveness is straight from heaven, where was their forgiveness long time ago? All psychopaths claim it’s the victims fault because they begged for it or did not fight back. And it’s the victims fault when it does fight back later because they are cowardly and vengeful. I’ve had enough to the great Christian war machine of spinning wheels and stories nobody can check and then supports the atheists because the atheists are surely not playing with magic. The paradox will see its end.

      • Rafi, I agree with most of what you say. I respectfully disagree though on the Iran nuclear issue.

        I believe Ron Paul is right that Iran wouldn’t use nuclear weapons against Israel. And that any allegations that Iran would use nuclear weapons against Israel, is just US war propaganda to justify more wars to feed USA’s military-industrial complex. Let me explain…

        The media portrays Iran’s Ahmadinejad as if he were Hitler, but the fact is, Ahmadinejad NEVER said “wipe Israel off the map”. The mass media mistranslated Ahmadinejad’s words, and put them out of context.

        What Ahmadinejad actually said was “the Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time” (NOT “wipe Israel off the map”). Ahmadinejad later clarified that he was referring to the apartheid regime, and not the state of Israel nor the Jewish people. He also clarified that he WASN’T talking about a military attack – he clarified that the solution was democracy, where the Palestinian people are allowed to participate in a free and fair referendum. He said this in an interview with CBS – but CBS *edited out* that part of what he said, to spin Ahmadinejad’s words out of context.


        You may or may not agree with Ahmadinejad’s solution, but the point is, Ahmadinejad was not advocating any kind of violence or military attack. The media misrepresented and distorted his message.

        Since the 1979 Iranian revolution and the downfall of the US puppet dictator the Shah, Iran has been an Islamic state. Since then, from 1979 to the present, Iran has not invaded anyone. Not once.

        And despite the loony things said by Iranian leaders (e.g. Holocaust denial), Jews are actually well-accepted and live comfortably in peace and harmony in Iran (so much so that they choose to remain in Iran, even though they could emigrate to Israel). Iranian security forces have even come to the aid of the Jews in Iran when necessary.


        As for whether Iran is actually building a nuclear weapon – there has been much hype about the latest IAEA report. But if you read the actual report – here’s a link:

        If you read the actual report, Iran’s so-called “activities relevant to developing a weapon” took place prior to the end of 2003 – and there is no evidence they are still ongoing today. This is consistent with CIA’s intelligence reports that Iran halted its nuclear weapon program back in 2003.

        More importantly, the IAEA report confirms Iran’s non-diversion of nuclear material, and that Iran is only enriching uranium to 20% (a far cry from the 95% to 98% uranium enrichment needed for a nuclear weapon). This means even if Iran had the intention to build a nuclear weapon (which there is no evidence that it does), it does not have the weapons-grade fissile material for the task.

        So the “Iran nuclear threat” has been vastly blown out of proportion. Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons, and USA has thousands – Iran would be bombed back to the stone age if they dare launch a weapon against Israel or USA. Ahmadinejad says loony things, but he would NEVER suicide his own entire nation by launching a nuclear weapon at Israel or USA (even if he had one – which he doesn’t).

        Incidentally, the current Mossad chief agrees with Ron Paul that the “Iranian nuclear threat” has been blown out of proportion. So do the former Mossad chief… Israel’s former armed forces chief of staff… and Israel’s former military intelligence chief… among others in the Israeli government and military.


        So the “Iran nuclear threat” is just a false pretext to sell Americans on yet another unnecessary war (just like how “Iraq’s WMDs” were a false pretext to sell Americans on the Iraq war).

        I don’t want America to get into another unnecessary war… but I don’t want Israel and Iran to get into an unnecessary war either!

    • Thank you Jennifer.

      I think that Iran is the one area that Ron Paul is mistaken. They will give terrorists nuclear materials that will be used against the US. Many Ron Paul supporters will respond that they will not attack the US if the US stops supporting Israel but that is simply false. Part of the Muslim faith is to actively and if necessary, violently, convert “non-believers”- this will stay true with or without Israel.

      Jerusalem, Israel

      • I agree with you here daniel. I want to attack Iran, if not for our own defense, for our own existential legitimacy. Nobody may threaten the Jewish people anymore without being marked as a dead man.

        But Ron Paul is still right on Iran, essentially, that they are not a threat to America. The prospect of a nuke crossing the atlantic is so remote that it is almost preposterous. Iran is our problem. We should deal with it ourselves. Keep America out of this fight. It’s none of their business.

  12. Rafi,

    This is fantastic. So many people miss the point all together. Because Dr. Paul fails to toe the GOP line, “they”, as he so affectionately refers to them, will stop at nothing to discredit him or misrepresent his ideas. He is very dangerous to both the Republican and Democratic parties because he represents reason. He represents self sufficiency. The fact that he counters every argument with logic and not name calling should entice all people to think. Thinking is the key. Most people have forgotten that true liberty lies within each of us. You are right. Israel needs no help from America. Those who call Ron Paul anti-semitic are not able to grasp the concept of real freedom. His argument has nothing to do with Judaism. It has to do with statism. If people would just use their heads and think, they would realize that a small minority of egomanics are manipulating people and information any way that they can to hold onto that mythical power they seem to cherish so much. May God bless the people of the world, regardless of their beliefs.

    • I agree with everything you wrote here except one thing: Paul’s argument has EVERYTHING to do with Judaism. Judaism is the foundation of Liberty in the world, since we were the first nation to ever be set free by God, who took us out of Egypt and gave us our Constitution, the Torah. Ron Paul is a wonderful student of Judaism in that sense.

      You guys have your own Constitution you wrote over there. Hopefully you’ll follow yours, and we’ll follow ours.

      And as long as you stand for Liberty, good bless you.

  13. Rafi,

    Thanks for posting this! I don’t understand much of what I read on these issues, perhaps because I’m reading through many others’ filters. It was nice to view this through the eyes of someone who actually sees these things first-hand.

    In response to the recent decision of the Republican Jewish Coalition, will you be contacting them to express any concerns about excluding Ron Paul from the debate based on his views of foreign aid and Israel?

    Contact info:
    Phone: 202.638.6688
    Fax: 202.638.6694

    Thank you again for posting!

    • Yeah Christina, I guess I’ll call them up and annoy them a bit, but understand that Jews are not really your target audience. Leave them be, they’re stiff necked and scared of being alone, and Ron Paul wants to leave Israel alone. The RJC’s decision doesn’t surprise me one bit. Just keep fighting for freedom. Our victory is inevitable, whether it’s Ron Paul or someone else. Eventually we will win because we stand for truth, and God is truth. It’s only a matter of time and the only question is how much we will have to lose first.

      • Very well put, Rafi. Thanks for your candid response. I look forward to reading the links you have posted above on Iran as well as your future blog posts. Keep up the good work!

        Thank you,

    • Hi Christina,

      I actually contacted them to complain. (And I support Newt- but it was a wrong decision-)

      Jerusalem, Israel

  14. Rafi,

    Thank you for all the great work you do. You are a true hero for being one of the few jewish Ron Paul supporters. How many people in Israel support Ron Paul? Too bad everyone will label him “anti semite” because he opposes giving aid to Israel.

    That being said, does moshe feiglin support the gold standard? Will the gold standard ever come to Israel?

    Am Israel Chai!

    • I’ve never talked to Moshe about the gold standard, but I would assume he supports it. Not too many people in Israel support Ron Paul right now, but that’ll change when he’s president. The Jews are still in a slave mentality as are the Americans. We’ll both need some kind of shock to set our heads straight.

  15. Ron Paul can never win because Newt Gingrich is an insider, he knows how to get all the supports from lobbyist.

    1 lobbyist’s life is worth 1 million people’s life, all he need is 150 lobbyist to be on his side and he’ll win.

  16. Thanks for a sensible article. As a UK citizen and a Ron Paul supporter I also believe that he will be the best US President for the world since he plans on shutting down the US Empire.

    There are many who are misinformed about his beliefs and his positions but you have a clear understanding i believe of what he plans to do and the likely consequences which will be good.

    Personally I do not support the settlements or the occupation and hoped for a long time that Israel would obey the commandment to love your neighbour as yourself. This could have led to peace in 1967 when Israel chased out Jordan and Egypt from Palestine. The course she chose then will only lead to sorrow if she continues on it.

    Have you read the book “The General’s Son” Rafi? Here are a couple of links to a promo video and the blog written by the author, Miko Peled whose father was a general in the IDF.


    Thanks again for a clear sighted article.

    • Hi David –

      Thanks for your comment. I love comments where a reader can disagree on some points while being overall respectful and open. I have not read the book but have no objection to doing so.

      In terms of leaving “the settlements,” we have no right to do so as Israel has a divine obligation towards her land. Whereas you have the right to give Ireland back to the Irish and Scotland back to the Scots (which England took away from them with the Act of Union), I have no right to give God’s land to a people to whom it does not belong.

      If you are quoting the biblical imperative of loving thy neighbor, an imperative which the Jews gave to the world through our Bible, then you must also quote the many more verses which reference Jewish ownership of the land of Israel.

      I do love my neighbor. But they have to go back to their own house first and stop claiming my house as theirs.

  17. Here’s why Jews should not support Ron Paul:

    * Congressman Paul is among the most vocal critics of Israel in Congress, once charging that “Israel created Hamas” on the House floor and that Gaza is “almost like Concentration Camps”.

    * At RonPaulForums.com and DailyPaul.com, criticisms of Israel and the Federal Reserve blame Jews. Ron Paul has never challenged his supporters.

    * The Ron Paul newsletters are anti-Semitic and focus on Jews as a global power elite who are running the show.

    Seems like enough good reasons to me.

    • Aaron –

      I’ve heard all this before and I acknowledge that many Ron Paul supports are bona fide anti semites. See my post on “Is Ron Paul Anti Semitic?” No argument there. As for “vocal critic of Israel” your citing the fact that Israel created Hamas is rather weak. First of all, it’s true. When we invited arafat back here, we created Hamas. It’s our fault, and paul is right about that. His saying that Gaza is almost like a concentration camp, it is. What right do we have to cordon off a strip that we already told the world is not ours? If it’s ours, we should pay them all to leave, and if it isn’t, we shouldn’t be blockading it. So he’s right there too. As for his newsletters…that’s an old one that has been debunked long ago.

      • Rafi-

        First of all, as a Ron Paul supporter, your blog post was very insightful and gave me a different perspective so thank you.

        I also wanted to address what you said about Ron Paul supporters being anti-Semitic and for the most part I can understand what you are saying but there is a lot of us who aren’t, I would even dare say that we are the majority and like the old saying, “A few bad apples spoil the bunch”, those sentiments are drowned out. I also would say we are often called anti-Semitic if we even say, “stop giving foreign-aid to Israel”, so being called anti-Semitic and actually being one are two different things.

        Anyway, I found this blog as someone tweeted this address out and I am so thankful, I have you bookmarked and awaiting more entries. IN PEACE, Mila

      • Hi Mila –

        I agree with you that just because you say “stop giving foreign aid to Israel” does not mean you’re anti semitic. As a matter of fact, I say that myself, and I am a Semite! People like Michael Sheuer though, are really rabidly anti Israel to the point where I suspect they do hate Jews, or at least Jews as a nation if not as individuals. I will continue to update the blog on a regular basis, thanks for tuning in!

        But again, it doesn’t bother me that some Ron Paul supporters are anti Semitic. I’m actually happy to team up with these guys for a common goal!

    • Hey, AJ are you also going to blame a high school superintendent because a school has a group of annoying high school teenagers, too?

      Look, I’m hispanic. Frankly, in my area of south Texas whites are a small minority and have been a minority for hundreds of years. I am not anti-semitic against Jews because to me your all white and look the same. (No offense you’d probably say the same in south Texas.) So i don’t really understand the positions of those who are anti-semetic all.

      That said, I’m also a Ron Paul supporter though. He is the only one who believes in the Constitution that he actually follows its legal guidelines. He understands economics enough to predict this collapse how and when on the house floor before the bubble had a chance to grow. He is NOT against Israel and is the only member of congress who refused to condemn Israel for attacking Iraq’s nuclear site. He is the only one who knows its the free-bees that attract immigrants in obscene amounts. He is the only one against the drug war which is compromising U.S. border security for the cartels and making them less American property and more theirs.

      Pull your head out of your ass before its to late! America in a state of collapse and your hung up on people not even directly associated with Ron Paul but support him. Slave owners also supported George Washington, are you going to throw liberty and the revolution under the bus as a result?

      • Hey Adan –

        Jews aren’t all white. Some of us are black, some Arab, some Indian, some even Hispanic like you. Only the Ashkenazis are white. Though telling someone to pull their head out of their ass doesn’t usually convert people, I’ll let it pass.

  18. Thank you…I hope this will make more people think.I try to explain and it’s like there not listening.They have a fixed mind set no waking them up…God help us …Ron Paul 2012…

    • Wolfinnie –

      The fixed mindset has to do with centuries of persecution. When a Jew hears that someone wants to “cut israel off” he gets scared and defensive. You just have to approach them calmly and with real concern for Israel’s future and they will open up. I will write about this soon.

  19. Samaria is historically Ephraim, right? Just as Judea is Judah?

    Now, 2000 years ago, Jews lived in Judea, Samarians or – I suppose – part Ephraimites part Goyim lived in Samaria, Galileans lived in Galilea.

    The Old Testament only religions (Judaism, Samaritanism) kept separate, but Christians united from both (Acts ch. 8).

    They then fled (in time to avoid obviously Titus) to Pella, which is in the regions of Edom – Moab -Ammon, today known as Jordan.

    When the armies of Kaleef Omar came along to the region, they forced some Christians nomadic tribes but not others to “convert” (apostatise) to Islam – what people do you think _they_ were?

    Hint: some of them did not stay waiting for Omar but had, during Persian occupation, _”reverted” (apostatised) to Judaism_ and then left to Persia to avoid Emperor Heraclius.

    • Samaria is both Efraim and Menashe. I live in a town that is right in between those tribal territories. Judea is Judah territory, along with Benjamin to the east, yes.

      The rest of your comment is quite esoteric, but interesting…

  20. It’s even harder to produce anything when your houses are being demolished and you’re living under an economic blockade. Israel needs to start behaving and stop acting like the victim all the time. Paul won’t coddle them at the UN, either, so maybe Israel will actually have to FEEL some consequences for their intransigence.

    • I hope Paul will get the heck OUT of the UN along with Israel. There’s no reason to be there, so you got my vote there! The rest I’ll leave to the commenters to respond to.

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