State Controlled Medicine Believes My Daughter is Losing Weight Because of a Broken Scale

This post has been corrected from previously wrong details.

A letter my wife got in the mail today has me worried that State medical police are going to be kicking down my door very soon to take away my daughter. I’m not actively worried, but it’s possible.

A few months ago she went in to the “Drop of Milk” appointment, טיפת חלב as it’s called. It’s when the State follows up on your kids to make sure they’re still human and get vaccines.

At the appointment, they weighed her, and found that she miraculously lost 2 kilograms, even though she only weighs 12 kilos. She also shrunk 7 centimeters, somehow, without us noticing at all.

Other friends going to the same place were advised to feed their kids ice cream every day so they could all gain back the weight they lost. Everyone going to this Tipat Chalav were amazingly losing weight. My daughter additionally was shrinking because the nurse put her height in wrong previously.

My wife complains that other parents are getting crazy nutritional advice based on faulty scales. The letter we got barely references faulty scales. It was about how, two years ago, we were advised to go to an urgent appointment with a pediatric specialist because our daughter was supposedly too small.

The letter says the following:

In regards to your complaint, an investigation was made into the care that your daughter was given at the Tipat Chalav in Ginot Shomron. The following is what was found upon completion of the investigation.

The daughter of Mrs. Farber has been cared for since she was born. At 18 months it was found that she had a significant slowdown in her growth rate, from 5th percentile to below all percentiles. The child was then referred to a pediatrician at Maccabi. (Editor’s note: we don’t even go to Maccabi.) The mother was also given nutritional advice for more densely caloric foods and not the foods that she had mentioned in her letter (referring to the nurse prescribing ice cream to babies on the basis of a faulty scale).

Etc. etc.

With regard to the measurement instruments, complaints should be forwarded to the Ministry of Health directly.

We appreciate etc. and we’re dedicated etc. to your etc.


Some bureaucratic nurse you’ve never heard of in some central office in Jerusalem whose job it is to fill out meaningless papers that could easily have been stamped and mailed by robots.

If the State weren’t so incompetent, they’d take Daf away on the pretext of parental negligence.