Some Irrelevant Rabbi Says Its OK to Rape Arabs in Wartime, And For Some Reason People Care

As is my wont, when checking the mainstream news, which I only do for safety reasons in case there is an attack or advisory, I only read headlines. Apparently now, some Rabbi guy with a beard who looks very Jewish and who is some sort of next in line head Rabbi Honcho of the government’s army, has said that it’s halachically permissible to rape an Arab woman to keep up soldier morale.

I wonder why people care what some government Rabbi who collects a tax paycheck for doing nothing says about anything. He has no authority even if he becomes “Chief Rabbi” of the army. He’s paid my money to preach about whatever. He would never be able to implement his rape teshuva, so why not just make him chief Rabbi of the world? Why not the solar system? Tell him he has the ability over every planet to preach whatever he wants. He can even paskin to the Oort Cloud as far as I care.

As long as he’s in a position where he can’t do anything or force anything and he’s only נהנה מהגזל then he’s doing less damage that he otherwise would if he were in a position of power. I say take all the Rabbis with state power over people’s lives and make them all Chief Rabbis of the Known Universe. We can divide the universe into however many sections and give each of them quadrillions of miles of space to Rabbinify. Pay them from the tax pile to paskin to space so long as they have no power to do anything or force anything on any human being on this planet and I’m all for it.

Whoever This Rabbi Is for Chief Rabbi of the Omegaquadrant of the Milky Way. Congratulations Rabbi. Keep blithering. If you have to take my money, take it for doing nothing and just saying whatever it is you want to say.