The Farber Platform, in the Event I run on Feiglin’s List Next Election

If I do run, I figure I may as well make it clear what I stand for and what I will do now as opposed to when everyone is campaigning. Supply and demand. If the supply of campaigning is high and the demand is low because people are annoyed by it, its price (effect on potential voters) is very cheap.

When supply is low, effect is higher. Or something like that.

So, in the event that I run on Moshe Feiglin’s liberty list for the next Knesset elections after these, and the party will have primaries (I assume, do not know for certain) and you become a member of the as-of-yet nameless Liberty Party, here is why you should vote for me when the time comes:

In the event that I become a Knesset Member on Moshe’s list, I promise:

1) Never to take a SINGLE SHEKEL from your stolen tax money in salary, subsidies, or anything else. Not one. Not for travel, expenses, no government car or gasoline, nothing. I will continue doing my current work in the private sector, and any voluntary contributions towards supporting me that come in I will accept. If the Knesset forces a salary on me I will donate the whole thing to Feiglin, or else destroy the money publicly every month, returning the inflation to the people. Whichever I feel like doing at the time.
2) I will vote AGAINST any law that raises taxes, decreases liberty, makes the Israeli government bigger, more powerful, or increases the amount of money that goes to its coffers in any way.
3) I will vote FOR any law that lowers taxes, increases liberty, shrinks the government or its power.
4) I will not be subject to any coalition discipline whatsoever. I will be loyal to no one, not even to Moshe Feiglin in the event  that I disagree with him on any given issue, and I will vote my own conscience every single time without exception regardless of the consequences.
5) I will make quite a show, and I promise my Knesset speeches will be entertaining.

Let’s see what the future holds.